World of Warships – It’s your turn Monkey

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Do I even need introduce anything here anymore?
Monkey fully embraced my craziness, what can I say xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Was just about to go to sleep…

  2. People have to know that Flambass+Twin Brothers= Mid rush by now right

  3. Placing speshal mascot in top-left instead of bottom right was a nice change I’d love to see more

  4. so 187 planes down on enemy side nice

  5. That Kaga at the end was absolutely infuriating to see happen. Imagine a scenario where they won on points because he was invincible for 30 seconds while you prayed for a fire.

  6. Two brothers and the KIDD that faced the undying carrier.

  7. What can I say flambass sees a crack or hole and he always goes in… deep.

  8. I think the only thing to counter oversaturation is citadels and overpens.

  9. jesus that kaga, working as intended I guess…

  10. MajesticDemonLord

    that Kaga was BS…

  11. love it guys … so thats 2 Speshuuuul guys with Spechuuuuul TakTiks … Sweet .. Flambahugs

  12. What a glorious kill steal.

  13. I think upside down Hans makes more sense

  14. black not popular or fun to play…kek…i got to try the black for a few games on a friend’s account a while back and loved it; the problem is it’s a STEEL ship and it’s not tier 10 so it can’t help with clan battles (which is what most people devote their steel to). if they were to drop more ships of a similar type (although i think “mine layers” was a joke) i would gladly pick it up, be it for coal, free xp, or doubloons.

  15. lol RNG allowed the Kaga to zombie long enough to sink Monkey with secondaries.

  16. It´s not “USS Black”, it´s “USS African American”. Diversity or not, you have to keep the right wording in mind.

    Someone just shoot me.

  17. I thought there used to be a medal for shooting down x number of planes… I thought it was 40 or 50… what happened to that? I shot down 80 the other day in my Baltimore in a match with 2 CVs and 2 beautiful DDs that kept me concealed in smoke… no medal. I was so disappointed.

  18. 188 planes shot down in total, split between two carriers. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. It’s Wargaming “sense,” but still something. I guess.

  19. STORM did it first

  20. that oversaturation example was the best ive seen a long time to show how BULLSHIT this is.

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