World of Warships – Japanese Destroyer Preview

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Destroyers are soon going to be rebalanced, splitting them into Gunboats and Torpedo Boats, and so Wargaming, in typical fashion, gave me 24 hours to look at 10 new ships and get a video up.

Wargaming, y u do dis?

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. first…ten comments.
    yeah. i feel like an idiot.

  2. at the start whats the music in the background?

  3. Holy i’m quick for this one.


  5. I am so disappointed in WG for fucking up Akizuki….that was a class of AA
    Destroyers….they deserve the AA-cooldown instead of this stupid Torpedo

  6. The real kick in the teeth for the t6 torp destroyer grind is that the
    useful torpedoes require you to upgrade the hull first.

    If the t8 gunboat is the only one with a good and unique play style then
    why the heck didn’t they make the whole earlier gunboat line lesser
    versions of it?

  7. Honestly Jingles, being a long time subscriber I have to say, you are
    becoming increasingly blasé lately. You like your american DDs and that’s
    fine, but claiming that mastering jap DDs wouldn’t require honing your
    skills is factually wrong and seems more grounded in your bias than
    anything else.
    Sure, at tier 4 and 5 the Isokaze and Minokaze are OP as hell and leaving a
    battle without 10+ torpedoe hits is a disappointment.
    However at the higher tiers the Japanese destroyers are mostly
    underwhelming. Their heavy relieance on torpedoes and the said skill
    increase in dodging torpedoes by higher tier players leaves them to do
    basically two roles:
    1. Scouting and keeping tabs on the enemy
    2. Use the torpedoes as an area denial weapon
    So they go from offensive ninjas to rather defensive scouts. Due to their
    lack of acceleration, speed and maneuverability they can’t dodge and they
    can’t run. Due to lackluster guns they can’t fight, they lack reload, range
    and turret turning. They are help- and useless when spotted by planes or
    radar crusiers.
    So as a jap DD captain in higher tiers you have to hone the art of not to
    be seen, while getting close and that requires far more situational
    awareness and map awareness than any other DD branch. The skill
    requirements for the captain are very special and leaves you with a very
    specialized skillset. For example on the higher tiers torpedo acceleration
    is a must and you have to sacrifize soemthing for that.
    The jap DD branch is the hardest to master and requires far more skill IMO
    than the other nations’ DD branches. The co called “rebalance” is nothing
    less than a total f***up of an underwhelmingly performing ship line and it
    is a huge blow for all the faithful jap DD captains who spent all that time
    perfecting their skills in making these ships work.

    Subscriber for years and having watched ALL your videos, this has to be my
    first thumbs down and I’m really disappointed.

  8. Sir Orrin Productions

    I’m an American DD Player. I have so much respect for good Japanese
    Destroyer players. I really hope these new ones are good, they deserve it.

  9. FrustratedNameSearch

    What a NERF fest. I am NOT amused at all WG. They have destroyed the Iso
    and Mine Kazi’s, two of my favorite ships.

    Where does this leave the KamiKaze? It is a near clone of the Minekaze’s
    current configuration.

  10. So the only line of ships that was actually different to other nations is
    being forced to be the same as the other nations … but worse.
    If I want to sail a gunboat, why wouldnt I just train up a yank or ruskie
    destroyer? I trained japanese because I wanted to play with torps.

  11. Something tells me the new IJN “gunboats” will hardly be used.

  12. How will this work for me because I have unlocked the Hatsuharu and sold
    the Mutsuki so will the new tier 7 be unlocked for me to purchase now

  13. Well, at least there’s my Poi now…

  14. guys

  15. Well, it looks like they seal clubbed the IJN destroyer class like hell.

  16. im waiting for those obligatory poi comments

  17. More WG BS , gun boats, torpedo boats give me a break. This isn’t about
    learning different play styles this is about the whiners that complain they
    can’t dodge toros. WG loves to nerf shit and cause an imbalance. Instead of
    starting a new line and leaving the old line in place we need a split,,,,
    oh wonderful what will be next ?There goes the fun times in the Minikazi.
    So glad I bought the Fujin time to kick ass and take names !!!

  18. Minekaze and Gunboat are 2 words that don’t belong in the same sentence

  19. half way up the JIN and then this happens cheers wargaming now it is harder
    for me to get my first tier 10.

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