World of Warships: Jean Bart At The Front

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A random battle I played in the Jean Bart.


  1. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Holly Cow + Aetam… I enter to this video… and you already have 1 dislike man.
    Have my upvote!

    Btw I think I am the first commenting.

  2. Why would the Monarch rammmm???? SMH!

  3. Good Luck moving and Happy Holidays Aetam.Merry Christmas

  4. Merry Xmas and a pleasant move Aetam! Keep the great work up! Guten Rutsch!

  5. Yep, very well played mate but there’s no legislating for thoughtless players who just want to lose. I mean how frustrating, the Monarch could have kited away to the other cap for a points win, or rounded the island to get the Donskoi broadside, giving your team at least a chance of a win. Anyway well played as always.

  6. Can’t believe the Scharn got wrecked so very quick at the end. Almost bizarre. Some easy missed salvos by you at around 3:32 that could have made difference, but you admit to it. Otherwise good analysis.

    • The Jean Bart got a salvo off before the ram which wrecked the Scharnhorst pretty badly. Unfortunately the Scharn was stuck showing broadside.

      And I always try to acknowledge my own mistakes. The first step to improvement is always admitting one is doing something wrong. 🙂

  7. Your pulling away from the zoomed in view after you fire is not only annoying, it probably contributes to your poor accuracy in general.

    • On the one hand you are right, watching my shells would make it simpler to correct my aim. But spending too much time zoomed in makes it easy to get tunnel vision.
      Basically in my opinion you want to spend as little time as possible zoomed in. But yes in this battle I should have watched my shells more carefully and adjusted my aim accordingly.

    • When unsure of my aim I like to keep a mental note of the shot’s flight time and zoom back in shortly before they arrive to watch where they landed. A sort of “best of both worlds” compromise.

  8. My friend. First of all: this was an amazing battle you played. Let there be no doubt from my part for that. Your vid though is the first I’ve ever seen you making which gives me a feeling of being rushed off. Please bro: no need for that. I’d hate to see you feel like an obligation to spawn replays every other day. I think you have one of the most hardcore fans in this game. So if you say: So long. I am moving and/ or going to celebrate Weinachten” I am pretty sure I’m speaking on behalf of your fanbase: “to hell with our orders.”
    tl;dr You’re doing fine bro. Don’t rush clips please.
    Frohe W’achten Aetam. Thanks and CU in ’19

  9. Ugh, frustrating to do well and watch your team lose. Very well played by you though. Hope moving goes well, it’s never any fun. Merry Christmas.

  10. Why don’t you use the cross hairs with the hash marks ?

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