World of Warships: Kagero eats 9 torpedos and lives to tell the tale

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HP pool for this module must have been exhausted with the first one


  1. This video makes me happy! Now I know i’m not the most unlucky guy on WoWs

  2. Ja kiedyś na kagero przyjąłem 4 torpedy, tylko że od nieprzyjacielskiego
    shimakaze i przeżyłem. Dopiero piąta torpeda mnie zatopiła. Tak jest, gdy
    kilka torped uderzy w już zniszczony bądź uszkodzony jakiś moduł

  3. OHHH KKKK lol

  4. haha incredible…

  5. #JustShimakazeThings seriously though every time i have been hit with
    friendly torps it was a shima or a cruiser

  6. I wouldn’t exactly call that “living to tell the tale”

    Tunnel visioning intensifies

  7. back when i got my yorck, decided to try it out in co-op. Some gnevny capt
    was sailing really close to my broadside as i was luring bots to follow
    into a healthy spread. i slow down to let the gnevny pass ahead in order to
    fire but he slowed down too (WHY?!) and he ate all of them. he was
    essentially shadowing me. before i could hit enter for “sorry” he starts
    hoot’n and hollering about what a retard i was.

  8. “Off to a great start”….

  9. Scipio Africanus

    He apologized, that’s something you don’t see a lot.

  10. da hell was that about?! no need for that at all.

  11. Dont friendly torps do half damage now? Also that Situation Awareness bug
    is real visible in this clip…

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