World of Warships – Kagero Objective Control

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Kagero on Shatter pushes the western side of the map to control A. Two enemy ships show up, we send torpedoes in hopes that we would get a couple strikes. Once A is secured, the name of the game is to attack any enemies that attempt to assault our bases. The enemy overwhelms the west, forcing our team to fight in the east. After moving to capture B, we send a torpedo attack into the point where 3 enemy ships have converged to recapture B. Finally we pinch a enemy destroyer to take him out for the victory. Hope you enjoy this game and have a great day!

Tier IX Japanese Destroyer Kagero Replay


  1. i got 3777 base exp with Hatsuharu

  2. if u want them to stop picking on little guy u need to stop picking at bb
    first :)

  3. Good game. Keep them coming

  4. there! it’s the 19’th januari and my brithday! 😀 I want a tirpitz movie 😀
    Giiiiive me 🙂 just as you promissied ;)

  5. I struggle with the torp fanning on this ship. I’m trying a narrow wide on
    centre to see if that fills the gaps

  6. Kagero is very situational, this one MM was great only few DDs and no CV so
    you can maximize stealth. Otherwise i’m having a hard time with Kagero :(

  7. when do you think you will get the khabarovsk?

  8. f u google no real name

    great vid as usual!

    you should get that mod that shows damage you have accumulated because we
    keep wondering =D

  9. I actually never see any 100 fps in wows until this video …. How

  10. hey notser, i have a proposition for you, ill give u my account info, and
    ull do the missions for the arpregio event, let meknow what u think

  11. Without Cv:s providing spotting and pushing you out of the cap IJN
    Destroyers are so freaking dangerous. The OP feeling when you never see
    what is killing you.

  12. the way you say “Kagyeeero” always makes me chuckle =)

  13. Slight technical quibble. Umikaze has best possible detection range in game

  14. Hey Notser, again great work man.

  15. Yeah I have a love/hate relationship with IJN DD’s. On my good games I get
    a lot of torp hits and love them, on my bad games it is like they have 6th
    sense and just avoid all my torps and i do almost nothing, just so
    annoying. :)

  16. How far along are you xp wise to the Shimakaze?

  17. I liked Kageros guns, I got so many kills with them! more than Torps >< I really hate her spread as you saw with the Izumo, always a perfect spot to squeeze in.

  18. WOW! The Kagero looks like massive fun!

    I think TODAY WILL FINALLY BE THE DAY! The day where I buy the Umikaze –
    and FINALLY begin the grind on IJN DDs!

    Between my MASSIVE LOVE for the Fujin, how incredibly well I generally do
    with her, and the fact that last night I was sunk by Japanese torpedoes 4
    times because I could NOT get out of the way – by the time I had spotted
    them, it was either too late altogether – or too late to avoid taking at
    least 1 or 2!

    I REALLY wish SOMEONE would update the WOWS wiki! It still shows the OLD
    torpedo detection ranges and reaction times!

    And I REALLY am a Stat-whore, I crave knowledge and incorporate it into my
    game play! Where I USED TO KNOW that if a Kagero launched torpedoes, and
    they were headed in my direction, I KNEW that I would have a minimum of 12
    seconds to respond and avoid!

    But after last night? Well obviously I did not time it as I was getting
    MASSACRED by these torpedoes, but it FELT like I did not have more than 8
    seconds at best!

    That is my best estimate based on how much I could shift my rudder in my
    Atago before taking a blow…

    I think VoulezVous was ahead of the Meta-Game with using Hydro Acoustic on
    all of his heavy cruisers for at least a month now. I will be swapping it
    out on my Atago and Aoba for sure, as my AA defense is quite good on both
    ships, what with both Basic and Advanced Firing Training, giving my 25mm
    type 96s 3.7km range and you 127mm secondaries 6.4km on Atago, and I think
    6k for the Aoba’s 120mm secondaries.

    OH! I almost forgot, Advanced Firing training actually gives the Atago MORE
    surface range than air! That being said, I have actually gotten 2 kills
    from those secondary cannons since getting Advanced! I mean they have a
    great RoF at 13.33, with IIRC a 9% fire chance and 2100 HE damage shells!

    I wonder what the Zao’s 100mm secondaries will be like! They have a base
    RoF of 20, there are 6 of them per side, and again IIRC, they do something
    around 1800 HE damage with 8% fire chance, and with Advanced will have a
    surface range of 6.48km! I bet they will MURDER DDs that stumble too close!

  19. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your great videos!
    I have watched all your gameplays over a period of 1 month and I got my
    awesome gaming PC on Friday. By Sunday I was consistently (with the odd
    failed games of course) top 5 on my team (tier 4 or 5). I haven`t done any
    fps gaming or any gaming at all for more than 10 years. But watching and
    listening to you really prepared me for doing quite good (imo) in a really
    short time. Keep the videos coming and I`ll keep watching!

  20. Not really relevant to this replay (except it’s about DDs), but I recently
    got Nagato, and boy, the incredible accuracy and shell velocity of those
    guns are such a terror to DDs. The guys generally don’t think a BB can hit
    them at 10km, so they don’t even bother to account for them at that range.
    I’ve had my share of tasty crunchy DD kills when they get blown up from
    that range.

  21. Damn islands! It’s a conspiracy !!!

  22. very nice indeed..any pointers for the Kamikaze?

  23. Well to be fair to the bb getting harassed by the dd, its a Izumo and the
    dd is behind him… where’s there’s no gun… If the bb start to maneuver
    to gets its gun on the dd it will get out maneuver out right

  24. DDs are the DEVIL!! If I see one, I will focus on it, unless it is too far
    away. They are probably the one thing that proves how broken some of the
    game mechanics are. Even if you can see where the shots are invisi-firing
    from, you still can’t hit them.

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