World of Warships Kaiser Review

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Moving right up the line we have the 4 . This is probably my least favorite of the entire German line, but that’s not to say you won’t enjoy it or have fun.

The ship itself has some unique stats, and HP-wise, it is at the top of the tier.

Take a look, hear what I have to say and see if you can make her work for you. The reward for completing this grind is the meat of the lineup and some all around gems.



  1. Can’t figure out why everyone hates the Kaiser so much. In my first game
    out with it I got 3 kills, next game I got 4 kills. I think it’s pretty

  2. Kaiser has crap turret traverse. good everything else. König is beast as a

  3. Not a good ship. She can take a hit but the damage output isn’t really
    there (except against broadside cruisers). Sluggish torpedo magnet and food
    for DD’s, CV’s, and anyone with a brain.

  4. Mr. Mee-AH-gee does Karate. The Mee-OH-gee is a Battleship.

  5. Thanks for posting these, Zoup.

  6. WaterDogZilla/MuttZilla

    My bad games start when my guns fire with out me hitting button.. It drives
    me nutts.. It usually starts after third game.

  7. Mr Red Salamander

    now the problem withthis video is that he was using the maximum range of
    his cannons. I have found out that German battleship work best at close
    range, where secondaries where able to fire. Germany are the brawler

  8. it is a soul sucking ship

  9. I hate the Kaiser too, crappy gun set up, agonizing traverse, dispersion
    that plays worse than the stats suggest

  10. EU right now, 453 BBs, 11 CAs 6 DDs at tier 3 :P

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