World of Warships Konig Review

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Going up the German line we come to the T5 . This is where the German line starts to shine. Please note that IU played this ship prior to release. have not changed at all. In my opinion, this the beginning of German supremacy.


  1. It’s spelled Konig, but it’s pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove.

  2. It’s kinda like this, Zoup.

    “Koh-nig.” Or “Kuhr-nig.” Kinda. Maybe.

  3. I can’t damage anything in Konig. I try brawling playstyle and sniper
    style. I suck both ways. I can land what I think look like perfect citadel
    hits on broadside cruisers and I will do 800-2,000 damage max. Every time.
    I’m baffled.

  4. Upgraded New York with range module has 18KM range, by the way. Also, the
    Kongo has 2.0 RPM fully upgraded.

  5. It is pronounced ” k AA n ih g” (key car no it go). Think of Khann from
    Startrek. The ö is pronounced as a powerful long A.

  6. Mr Red Salamander

    definitely a good ship. It plays much differently to the kaiser as it was
    much easier to get the five cannons to fire on target. Wish i could close
    the distance for the secondaries to activate but they were mostly unused,
    except for when a destroyer or cruiser ventured to close to try to torp.
    Lets just say they regreted there decisions.

  7. My second game in this ship, mind you completely un-upgraded and with a
    3-point captain, I managed to score 115k dmg, and earned confederate, high
    caliber, and dreadnought. My team still lost though.

  8. I feel like the the USN BBs will suffer from power creep at some point ?
    Once more and more lines come in? Same is possible either IJN but they are
    doing fine

  9. Hmmm so it’s like Cone ig as in Cone igs berg (typed as it sounds) Anyone
    care to say different? Ok wait..Some might say Kernig…Just sayin hehe

  10. your bayern is on point but König is a bit off at the end.You say it as
    Könich(in german). thinking off something similar for the ending in english
    i woud go with “chic”.

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