World of Warships- Karma Is A B*tch

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Hey guys! Today we have a replay from Bob featuring the Tier IX Premium Pan-European DD Jager! Enjoy!

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Dammit. Missed it b y THAT much

  2. Sealord really wants this T9 DD to be a T10

  3. Where is the D cap?

  4. I find team chat in WoWS to be the funniest thing since the 1st season of SNL. Yes, I’m old enough that I watch it live…👴
    And it’s “always” the living guy’s fault why the dead guy died!..LMAO

  5. Just got this one from a super container… I’ve never gotten anything significant from a super container…

  6. @TheGuardianofAzarath

    I once got the jager’s torps down to a 30-ish second reload i think? 44 torp hits in arms race with a maxed out reload buff, with jersey at the helm

  7. I have seen HOPAS clan members being toxic in battle chat a lot. Nice to see a little karma in return!

  8. I am youtube famous….lol! Thanks @Sea Lord for posting. I love the Jager and its 26 (yes, 26!) continuous damage AA skills, haha. Obviously it was fully built into the torps (speed, flood, reload). That was a fun as hell game even with the wonky matchmaking.

    Oh, and this was 13.1 so the Balao could have absolutely destroyed me with a shotgun.


  9. Karma is a Dame 😂

  10. Fun little ship.

  11. I see the Fun Police get policed, I hit Like.

  12. If you play on the Asia server before around midday Sydney time, you’ll get nothing but these matches.

    • Preach. And the worst part, our chat is unintelligible due to the diverse language range here. Rarely get any funny banter

  13. @patrickprafke4894

    From somebody who has never been above 2,000 free xp. I call HAX on that one.

    • Then you REALLY would call hax on my 3232 base XP game i had earlier to day in a brawl.

    • @papaversomniferum2365

      @@GroceryGetterST Do not compare brawls do randoms, i am a freakin gangsta doin drive-byes on brawls and quite mediocre at randoms.

    • @patrickprafke4894

      @@GroceryGetterST I do not call HAX as a bad thing. Just gelly because I can’t get anywhere near that.

  14. @carstenhansen5757

    I’m guessing the CV, tried to get another flag, and hoped he could get any opponents before he reached it. Just a thought.

  15. It’s hard for me to find matches when I use the eagle. It’s usually 7v7.

  16. 12:50, “thats my discord, not yours”, i was so fast that i paused and checked mine, after i resume i realize it was not mine xD

  17. @papaversomniferum2365

    It sounds fun when you’re trying to pronounce Jerzy Świtski and it goes like “Jersey Swirl-ski” xD

  18. Gota love how the freaking Sub can go almost as fast as the DD, LOL Ridiculous ! How in the world does a WW2 sub go 26 knots under water ! Over Powered

  19. @craigalexander966

    Had one of these yesterday in a t9 BB 8v8 super CV 2 subs it was rough.

  20. @stevepeterson6070

    Wow, you said DDs do not have to worry about subs anymore, they can just rush in and kill em. Or, the sub can just surface parascope depth and detect-kill the DD by simply spotting him. DDs do not rush something that can massively outspot them until end game.

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