World of Warships – Khabarovsk 144,000 Mountain Range

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Khabarovsk on Mountain Range moves to attack A point and engage enemy destroyers that try to take the point. We engage some US destroyers, they fall for every setup as we capture A. Enemies try to push the western edge, I engage at range against some battleships. We move to the center of the map to try and hang on against the enemies in the east. Hope you enjoy this game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Soviet Destroyer Khabarovsk Replay


  1. “No Soviet bias at all”. Jesus Christ, 45 knots and 8 guns that fire *that*
    rapidly? The Khabarovsk is absolutely *insane*.

    Great video as always Notser, keep it up :)

  2. FaithfulScrubHD

    What’s with all the did captains that get into a gun fight and think “oh
    hey I think now would be a good time to sail in a perfectly straight line,
    derp” it’s not like they guns turn super slow like a battleships, they can
    actually maneuver while shooting.

  3. Love yours videos Noster! I want to play this game so bad but don’t have
    time. Working every day in resonant. So when I come back from work I just
    sit back enjoy and relax drinking Cuba Libras and watch your awesome game

  4. I’m getting so close to unlocking the Khabarovsk. I have 130k exp in the
    Tashkent and 30k free exp, so I just need to grind out that Udaloi now!

    What order would you upgrade the modules when working through the Udaloi? I
    assume range first, then hull, then guns, then torps last, but maybe it’s
    better to go directly for the hull and guns first before range?

  5. Guillermo Fischer

    i love my Kbob too, almost all my games i finish top of the list. Notser to
    use the torpedos you need to combine them with the smoke. when shooting to
    a bb or ca that are trying to enter the smoke you launch them.

  6. surface detection is almost big as the tashkent!

  7. What editing software do you use? Could you make a vlog once about what
    goes into a video? Thanks, love the vids!

  8. MeKanism Lastname

    PC specs Notser?

  9. “just the tip. that’s all we needed” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

  10. Do you live stream at all? Really love your vids just got into WoWs and
    your videos have helped a lot.

  11. “Just the tip” :D

  12. The question arises.. has Notser “Pulled A Notser” on every WOWS Map yet?

  13. one thing i hate about my khab is the hideous turning radius HORRIBLE. its
    almost as big as a fucking yamato.

    it isn’t realistic at ALL.

  14. can u plays amagi notser ? 🙂
    i almost to get amagi, so i need some playstyle of amagi

  15. I missed island humping in your video’s.

  16. omg 48,7kts? is fastest ship in game?

  17. Those Russian railguns….
    Like they’re twice the size that they really were.

  18. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғυrry

    I really hate this map. I always lose

  19. ‘Just the tip, that’s all we needed’ – Notser 2016

  20. Kalle Blomquist

    Wait… Division with T10 and T8? Notser! I am a little bit disappointed.

  21. Христо Борисов

    The WoWs God!

  22. what a game. that’s what I want to see.

    notser this game shows your skill level compared to the rest of us captains
    out there.

  23. Another excellent gameplay mate, wanted to thank you for the tips in the
    aim video. Now that my aim is improving its fun to fight T6 and 7 ships in
    my Kirov. They always show broadside and underestimate those Soviet 180’s

  24. Another russian ship classified as beast….what a surprise

  25. George Tselepis

    Why do i get this feeling Notser is tired, or overencumbered … dont know
    really… Notser all fine bro?

  26. Hey Notser, i have a challenge for you: Try to do a whole battle in a
    battleship without using the binoculars. :D

  27. as always, good stuff! Keep posting…


  29. what a beast.

  30. with that ninja nerft of Concealment expert i also decided to fully abandon
    it and go AFT+Demo for more inferno and range on my soviet dd. my only
    problem is the tier 8. i’m a bit reluctant to spend dobloon for free exp

  31. “That would easily be a 3k…”

    Isn’t winning base xp just 1.5 times losing xp?

    Meaning that in this case it would have been your premium xp as base xp if
    your team would have won?

  32. Yeah woo ho, im in Notsers video, subscribe to my channel maybe…?

  33. Gareth Fairclough

    @9:16 “Fubukiwuki!”
    Damn it cousin! xD

  34. ever thought of doing a live stream bro? would love that interaction. I’m
    sure your subs would too.

  35. 11:55 RIP the streak

  36. …this thing is a destroyer class? its so massive with four double barrel
    turrets i thought it was a cruiser until you popped smoke. Russian
    Stalinium is Stronk.

    Pick Your Favorite Tier 10 DD .

  38. LimitlessWorld747

    Notser, you gotta help me bro. I got my best game yet last night (311k dmg
    with NC) and i was eager to get the replay running and when i load it up
    the replay is ridiculously choppy, i run max settings at an avg of 45 FPS,
    when recording fraps still showing above 30fps which is fine but it seems
    to be the replay itself jumping around. Any suggestions? I really wanted to
    send this clip in :(

  39. it’s been 2-3 months since notser last hit the island :V

  40. Wouldn’t it be better to fire HE at first, set a fire, switch to AP. And
    then repeat? That works pretty damn well for me in my Khaba
    Great video as always though

  41. I feel like late tier soviet DD’s become much more dominant near the
    mid-end game and keeping your health pool high until then gives you so much
    more flexibility to “battle-control” the whole match when there are fewer
    enemies left. At the beginning, the Shimas and the gearings with better
    detect ability and multiple cruiser fire limit how aggressive you can play.

  42. can you update mikasa video?

  43. Lawrence Morris

    i think this is the first game that ive seen notser play with a division

  44. I love the Khabarovsk. I hate it. Love it when i play with it, and hate it
    when one is shooting at me. There is nooooo escape from a firey death xD

  45. i dont like russians, u really should reduce the ammount of videos
    featuring their ships

  46. Andhika nur Aulia


    Also iirc from iChase vid Fubuki has around 9km stealth-firing capability
    so 10km is not the number Notser. Still you’re holding up so long with that
    amount of HP lol. I won’t be able to concentrate if I were you

  47. Hello everyone


  48. enjoy your vids.

  49. Justin Frankena

    hey notser, im pretty new to your channel but i love the vids! keep them
    going :)

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