World of Warships – Kicking ass, taking names

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Here is another version of Jean Bart, which had it’s sigma nerfed.
“No matter” Jean said, “just get me close enough”
This thing is very strong.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Wargaming check list :
    – Create a French BB
    – Test her
    – Nerf the sigma

  2. Mmmm… French baguettes being thrown! You made me love the French BB line…. Should I get this or the Bourgogne?

  3. You don’t broadside anybody, not only french BBs, and here you got every BB broadsiding as hell… tier IX ships

  4. HANs! we want HANS!

  5. This is why i love the Richelieu so much, you are never tempted to show broadside with the front turret setup, also the smaller caliber guns are not really a disadvantage, you get way less overpen and for angled ships there is always HE, but well placed AP on angled ships also works still fine you just don’t shoot the hull you go for superstructure and guns

  6. If you get a german BB on 12 km and aim at the middle of the deck(??) you might citadell it. especially the Bismarck and FDG. Because of its turtleback (or as i might Call neck sometimes XD), you get over the belt and enough angle that it penetrate the TB and gets into the citadel 🙂

  7. I swear when people see a streamer in a match they go slack jawed, glassy eyed tarded. Happened to Mejash the other day on stream. Idiots just lining up broadside like that’s the only reason they logged in that day. I can have 30 matches after work today into tonight and not see a fraction of theses broadsides. Must be nice.

    • I see many ships broadside during a battle, the problem is I can’t shoot them all the time because at the same time I’m broadsiding anyone else. That’s the difference between we, mere mortals, and good players like flambass, they know how to move and place themselves correctly, so they can hit others comfortably

    • Viejotrueno  All that Freddy D, Grosse had to do is to show aft and bombard Flambas with HE to do some fires and sail away from him.

  8. I wouldn’t let Flambass breed either ? ?

  9. Flambass must have been all out of bubblegum…

  10. Man you could use some French classes but heck you sound funny so you pass 🙂

  11. I think I know you title reference… But you modified it

  12. So Flambass does a good job listing Brit DD strengths. What are the weaknesses / counters because they are murdering me in Japanese, American and Soviet DDs…

  13. So… Bourgogne or Jean Bart if u need to choose ?

  14. The pen on those shells seems astonishingly good.

  15. “you must find a way” ugandan BB confirmed?

  16. That damage, that tank damage, unbelievable I want this chap

  17. Hey flambass can u pls tell me ur opinion about the amount of players in world of warships. I count together and its only 70000 people playing this game anymore this is a very low number in my opinion so is the game going down 2019 ?

  18. hoi flambass
    doe you have any intell on the bourgondie ?
    date /price ect ect ?

    • +Flambass oke thx
      i am sitting on a mounten of coal & free xp , and the salem and kronstadt are caling my name ,,,,,, but the bourgondie is a must have in my book 😉

  19. This ship is wrong, way too powerful, if they re planning to introduce it like this or with a minor change it is probably going to be a Steel ship because it is in the level of all the other Steel ships, simply OP.

  20. triple Lyon div, synchronized deletions!! Just do It!

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