World of Warships – Kiev Destroyer Review

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A review of the T7 Russian DD Kiev and a look at its history.

This is where the Russian DD line comes into its own and becomes a force to recon with. More Cruiser than Destroyer.

Also, details about my Xmas premium ship giveaway. Bottom line, as a thank you, I’m giving away a premium ship of choice to a sub as a thank you. If you are a sub, you are automatically entered. My way of showing thanks for everything.


  1. I’m not a DD player, but your review makes the Kiev sound pretty exciting!

  2. Da Comrade. Am subscribe. Channel of Greatness, Indeed!

  3. Care to do a vid on the buffed Mahan? I’m loving it as a moneymaking ship

  4. Got to love those shell arcs. I just got the Mahan, but I kind of want to
    go Russian now.

  5. Good job man !

  6. No, you rock Zoup!

  7. This video has made me rethink working up the Russian tiers. I wasn’t going
    to bother, but this Kiev has rekindled my interest. Thank you!

  8. For the Motherland and Vodka

  9. Kiev, eh? Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Nice review buddy, keep um coming :)

  11. Damn, that thing looks like a ton of fun. Can’t wait.

  12. subscribed 🙂

    Excellent vid, looking forward to the Kiev now. :)

  13. Good review and glad to hear that the grind is worth it. I’m slugging it
    out down-line and need to some motivation with these Russian DD’s.

  14. I stop off here often as it is, may as well hit the subscribe button 😛

    Just got my Kiev last night! Stupid amount of fun, it is. :)

  15. Russian DD line is hard to play and deal damage, but it has one factor that
    most of the other ships don’t bring: fun from dodging shells and picking
    away at enemies while maintaining godly speed.
    The Kiev is where it all starts, and it remains just as awesome up the
    remainder of the tier. In addition to that, the Kiev is one of the few Tier
    7 ships which doesn’t suck.

  16. The free ship contest in December sounds great! I think I would go with an
    Atlanta because I’m heavy into the US line but the Atago sure looks great
    too. Would be hard to decide. Keep up the great content.

  17. zoup. you the man. put alot of other you tubers to shame with the quality
    of your vids.

  18. Thanks for your efforts for the community … and real warship genius! :o)

  19. Awesome video

  20. Awesome

  21. i want this ship so bad im on the ognavoi now

  22. Soviet Navy rulez! Would love a premium ship !

  23. Thanks for the opportunity to win a premium ship!

  24. I don’t know why you think the grind is so bad? I’ve played every russian
    DD up to and including the Ognevoi and I have loved every one of them. At
    first I thought that as long as there was a USN DD line there would be no
    point in grinding a Russian one. Now I think why bother with the USN line
    because the Russian line is superior in most ways, except gun traverse ofc,
    but that can easily be worked around with equipment and style of play. One
    thing is sure though, if I am up against an IJN or USN DD I am fairly
    certain I will win every time. Keep up the good work :)

  25. Harrison Frede (slai47)

    Thank you Zoup for everything you do too. Awesome videos, great time on
    stream and just an amazing dude. Keep it up and I might just have to sub so
    I can win myself ;)

  26. sweet merry Christmas

  27. Thats a good intro to the kiev, and i hope i unlock it soon the russian dd
    line is a different play style then the usn and ijn counterparts.

  28. Good music selection.

  29. I love soviet navy <3

  30. Heres to hoping i win!

  31. Very nice review. You have my sub.

  32. hmm this ship looks fun enough to start playing again. Thanks for the

  33. If only the guns on that line kept up to your manoeuvring.

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