World of Warships – Know Your Ship #43 – Sverdlov Class Cruiser (Mikhail Kutuzov)

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Episode 43 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the Sverdlov class light cruisers of the Soviet Navy. These cruisers were the last gun armed cruisers in the Soviet Navy. These ships served for many years and were the experimental platforms for many advances in technology and strategy. Anyways Captain’s sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the Sverdlov class crusiers.

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  1. Ihave a question: if i have mods installed (Aslain’s Modpack), does it
    matter for sending in replays? cause i’ve read that you need to have the
    same game version and i don’t know if that includes mods.

  2. Interessting video Chase, how about you compare the Sverdlov with other
    cruisers from the cold war era, like tehe dutch De Zeven Provinvien class
    or the british Tiger class?

  3. Chase do you have an email or a way to send you replays because i might
    have just gotten the biggest FU from the game in fail form i need to send
    to you?

  4. Why does WG try insisting HE is faster than AP? Almost never true.

  5. Chyeeah! Back online! It would still be awesome doing an episode on the USS
    Alaska / USS Guam WWII battlecruisers!

  6. i want look at the hole vido but youtube wont let me sorry

  7. I still dont get why ppl call russian bias…

  8. good stuff!!

  9. I remember naval wargaming in the 1980s was about the missiles be flung
    except for two ship types you worried about getting in close. The USA Iowa
    battleships the Severldov class Russians. While not a battleship should the
    Sev’s have ever gotten in close they had 12 x 6 inch guns and gun cruiser
    armor. Meanwhile the NATO ships being missile based tended to have just one
    gun per ship with limited armor. In those wargames the Sev’s were seen as
    gun amphibious assault support ships for the Russians as shells are a much
    lower cost per shot than missiles. Fun facts to consider in the What-If

  10. a review on the Myoko / Mogami / Tone / Takao class perhaps next

  11. Finandi Amartyadeva

    It’s ‘KRI Irian’ in Indonesia, she was our legendary ship…

  12. Nice video as always. Although I’ve pretty much given on on warships, since
    I worked hard to get the Kag, only to have them defang it into uselessness
    3 days after I got it. No the lousy 8km torps don’t make up for it. If I
    wanted a short range torp platform I’d have gone with the USN, and had an
    awesome gun platform to boot. Been thinking about the Russian ships, thanks
    for the efforts….

  13. Nc video,as always! Can u make a video for Indianapolis? She has a great
    story to tell!

  14. Keep them coming. great info

  15. Can’t you do the Clemson, Mahan, and Kagero

  16. Great video! When is the Yorck video coming?

  17. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Hey chase, nice video 🙂 can you do a video about the Kirov class cruisers
    or some italian or french cruiser or destroyer? Algerie, Zara, Capitani
    Romani, Mogador, Fantasque, Colbert, Dardo are a lot of great ships that i
    want to see ingame :)

  18. Keep it up iChase !! nice one like always

  19. AWESOME! Thank you Chase for doing what is perhaps my FAVORITE class of all
    gun based cruisers!

    They really are complex and amazing ships for being made from an early WWII
    Italian design, much was improved, and the amount of technology put into
    these ships for their era, and being gun ships is truly stunning! I mean
    ALL of the guns can be aimed off of any SINGLE turret or/and radar array,
    and is has MANY of each! I think it is pretty amazing that they could
    manage that sort of redundancy and accuracy with the technology available
    to them at the time of construction!

    Also, in WOWS, Mikhail Kutuzov FTW! Though I would NOT go so far as to say
    I prefer her over my Atago, merely that she is easily as good, and
    sometimes just more fun to play!

  20. You do these so well. Your time and effort is appreciated.

  21. Ah, the kutuzov! Now i demand cruise missiles on my kutuzov!

  22. Finally… My country’s biggest ever operated warship… Nice video.

  23. TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity

    Excellent video Once again ichaseGaming!

  24. Interesting, in history book of this side, it was said that Irian was in a
    very bad condition because they couldn’t get any spare parts to maintain
    her. Also that the ship wasn’t even headed to Soviet to be repaired, they
    were heading to Taiwan to be scrapped there, it was said that the ship got
    intercepted by Soviet Navy and they took them back to Soviet instead. There
    surely lots of version here.

  25. Did i see a gun barrel with a cannon on top?!?

  26. UmbaretzChannel

    In you list of conversion you kinda missed one other conversion – Admiral
    Nakhimov conversion to Missile Cruiser with KSS ( OS-24) missile in 1955.
    this one

    Aside that, nice video.

  27. Thank you for the Video iChase :)

  28. did you say 21 thousand range for the dual purpose guns? is that in m or

  29. what do you think of the indianapolis <-------- wow i spelled that right the first time

  30. One of my favourite ships in game. Lovely work as ever Chase


    that was fast

  32. christopher tucker

    thanks chase!

  33. I Show The Know ur warship Vids To my friends and they loved it Keep up the
    good work Ichase:)

  34. KRI IRIAN JAYA Indonesian Cruisers

  35. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    ICase can you please tell me what intro music

  36. Here comes the
    “The last time a came this early, My sister laughed at me.” comments

  37. interesting ship mate, keep the good work keep going mate :)

  38. first

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