World of Warships – Random Acts of Naval Violence

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Something for the weekend sir? Warships, sir? Oooh! Suits you, sir!

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  1. Arvin Dave Velasco

    wow, did not know that they change the gun layout of the furutaka… miss
    playing WOWS. nice video jingles.. moooooooorrrreeeeee =)

  2. Erik Bergström

    Jingles you old dolt, that New York was firing AP at you, where did you get
    from that it was shooting HE and set you afire? <_< **you** set **it** on fire with your shooting, if anything xD

  3. Jingles, wtf are you on about? The minekaze didn’t have 10km torps? It had
    7km torps. The mutsuki doesn’t even start with 10km torps, it was an

  4. A 41 minute video? Oh oh oh, it’s Christmas again!

  5. just did a 72k dmg and 5 kills round iwth japanese t2 destroyer and lost..
    is this like wot as well?

  6. Hey Jingles, when I was watching your video commemorating the Battle of
    Jutland the other day, I was wondering. If and when Wargaming get around to
    releasing the British Navy proper, how do you think they’ll handle the
    Battlecruiser/Battleship differences that made themselves so loudly known
    at Jutland (and the Denmark strait and so on)? I saw someone’s speculative
    tech tree that had there being a kind of divergence between battlecruisers
    and “dreadnought battleships” that closed back up into regular battleships
    around sorta mid-WW2 times (probably when there weren’t any battlecruisers
    left), but I don’t know if Wargaming would do something like that.
    What are your thoughts on the matter?

  7. TheDamienwashere

    That song near the end sounds like it would be in a porno.

  8. Simon De Meester

    I had a similar game in the mutsuki today, a colorado kept on sailing in
    straight lines, even after I already hit him with 1 salvo, he didn’t last

  9. Sitting here, yelling at my screen watching the Molotov replay “Jingles!

  10. Dr.Froaderick Fronkensteen

    I always start your videos thinking that Ill just watch a few minutes and
    then go play a round. And yet I finish every damn one. Cheers from

  11. Jack Beauregard

    I love it when you show some of your own gameplay Jingles. The videos are
    just better, you kind of explain the whole thinking process behind your
    actions in a way you just cannot for somebody else’s replay. I did enjoy
    this alot and it could have been 2 hours longer I would not mind.

  12. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    About the Cleveland Jingles, the secondaries of the guns (the Mk 32) are
    now 5.0 km in range (which is mostly bad news for Destroyers coming at the
    Cleveland), and her AA Guns HP are increased too ;)

  13. As a fellow slightly better than average player I can confirm, it isn’t
    hard to watch a couple of youtube videos explaining the important mechanics
    and get average.

  14. tbh when jingles said dat he will show a torpedo fail I was expecting dat
    from jingles ( am i the only one?) and then the fail by enemy team LOL

  15. Is there a rule of thumb for the arming distance for torp’s? Curious minds
    would like to know.

  16. LOL at the Hatsuharu fail

  17. LEX Maximaguy87

    jingles you nub!!

  18. Oh my god. The Furry Taco is GOOD now?! My last experience on it was with
    those suck-ass six single turrets with the minute-long rotation and thirty
    second reload time.

    This just seems… wrong. And so, so good.

  19. Your epic furrytaco suicide range music is even more spectacular at 1.5x
    playback speed. 33:38

  20. Hi from New Zealand . Having a great laugh at your take on things. Lotsa
    chuckles ….. keep it up

  21. Nearly every time you said ship, i thought i heard shit o_O
    “I like this shit”
    “Turn the shit around”

  22. You like most of the bad vehicles and ships but not the M3 Lee. Hmm…
    doesn’t make sense.

  23. Jed Fadely (Wraithsong Gaming)

    should have just dropped some torpedoes on that first pass 🙁 dont feel
    bad…i was playing a cruiser and forgot it wasnt a destroyer…i got
    shrekt by a BB when i thought for a second i could just turn out of the
    incoming shells lol.

  24. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    Jingles!!! what heppened to Armored Warfare, you still playing the game?

  25. i have this and its a beast..

  26. Jingles! How dare you?! How can you say the Tog II* is terrible? It’s her
    Majesty’s FINEST armored ship!

  27. Mason Caubarreaux

    How old is this guy? Seriously, can someone please answer. I’m curious.

  28. The Mutsuki is ok, not great. I have torpedo acceleration on mine so I have
    64 knot torpedos with an 8 km range. Makes things interesting.

    The guns are actually ok, they turn somewhat slow (better than minekaze’s
    turrets tho), but you only have two of them, so it’s really weak in that

  29. I’d love to see some Atlanta gameplay.


  31. Actually Jingles, Furutaka’s nickname is the Furry Taco.

  32. This might be one of the best videos from this year, good pace and well
    edited; just a solid 40 min.

  33. Jingles, friends, noob sailors, please heed this PSA: The point of the
    Molotov is the same as high tier German cruisers. Guess what ship it shares
    its AP pen values with? The Dimitriy Donskoi. The tier 9 Russian. Fire AP
    at tier 6 BB’s and laugh.

    You’re welcome.

  34. Hey Jingles – could you also give the gun calibers in a manner us Yanks can
    understand? 5 in. 8in, ect.

  35. In fact AP can set ships on fire, rare event, but it can happen.

  36. Iowegian Immigrant

    Jingles! You keep proclaiming your love for the Svietlana! MAKE A VIDEO ON

  37. Alexander Guttman

    Ooooo… Random Acts of Naval Violence?!

    Yes please!

  38. i wish i knew how to get replays enabled i had a game in the Warspite and
    like 12 torpedos where fired at me and the first 6 i dodge and the out six
    came from a different destroyer behind a island and i died but when i see a
    destroyer i start taking manovers to avoied torpedos

  39. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    if you read this hi jingle’s!!!

  40. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    is your name really Paul Charlton or are u using the name of the actor who
    played the the Geordie from the ginge the Geordie and the geek??????????

  41. I have played almost all ships in WoWs, Mutsuki is still my favoutite ship
    in the game by far

  42. Bullshit….try to play, some real replays……you know…without premium
    scums….btw…you have torps you fuckin; pro….

  43. I think we’ve all had a brain fart like that and forgot to, oh… IDK…
    load ammo into your newly unlocked tank, right?

  44. Sorry Jingles, but the Furious Taco always had 203mms as an upgrade from
    the 200’s. Just replaced each of the 6 rather than planting them in 3
    double turrets. Wouldnt be a Jingles video without you stuffing something
    up :)

  45. Molotov torps are so stealthy that captains forget they have them too.

  46. Jingles: Self proclaimed dumb old duffer.

  47. Thanks RA Jingles- very enjoyable as usual.

  48. So what is the name of that song that played for the Furry Taco?

  49. I’m not good but at the first one I was like “Aren’t torpedoes OP?”

  50. Why in the world did the Hatsu captain even decide to get that close???
    That is NOT how you play that ship.

  51. I am happy with the HMS Campbeltown. I regard her, the Warspite and
    Blyskawica as the core of a future Royal Navy. Yes, I know Blyskawica is
    Polish but she served with the Royal Navy and is a wonderful ship.

  52. ramming is totally op in wows, it needs to be adjusted.

  53. Made me laugh out loud…job done thx jingles

  54. i think your good

  55. +1 great video jingles.

  56. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    1:33 was that a rooster crowing??

  57. Title of the video made me laugh more than it should’ve. Just imagined
    someone physically assaulting their belly button.

  58. Jingles you derp, you set the New York on fire

  59. Theo Wahlenmayer

    at 6:00 I knew you forgot the torps

  60. I would like to take this moment here to say “Thank You” to you Paul. I’ve
    been going through some hard times in the last 2 months and getting ready
    to watch ALL of my family move away and leave me by myself. Your video’s
    are something I can sit down and watch and take some comfort that while I
    may be alone with no family I can always get a cheer up from you.

    Regards. A long time sub and fan.

  61. you know, i always debated whether tier 8 prem ship drivers really were
    just noobs or if it was possible for someone go up the tech tree that far
    and still be a nub. guess the hatsu answers that question.

  62. I am watching you fight the NY and screaming at you to use your torps,
    which you failed to use that close in. Why play ships with torps, if you
    never plan to use them.

  63. How do people not know what to do with the Molotov? It has the best
    anti-cruiser AP firing guns on a cruiser below tier 9. Load AP, kill
    cruisers. When you see a DD, fire AP at it, reload HE, and kill him. When
    you see a Battleship, load AP, aim above the armor belt, and do like 6,000
    damage per salvo to battleships with a cruiser’s AP. Should have used AP
    against that New York. You probably could have citadel penned him at that
    range, with AP, and him hard to port. Turning makes the ship list. In a
    hard to port turn, the armor belt of that New York is out of the water,
    exposing unarmored shots into the citadel.

  64. The Cameltoe!

  65. I find the Mutsuki is best with the captain perk that trades range for

  66. Where is the doctors notice!!! I lost brain cells watching this Jingles!!!

  67. It’s not just about some basic skills, although that’s important as well,
    it’s also about having a halfway decent team.
    I am an average player, but even I manage to be top of my team relatively
    often, and I am usually playing destroyers. Many times that’s not due to
    torpedo hits but spamming HE instead.

  68. The camel toe is back lol

  69. As for the last clip, the torpedo fail. When did they add a minimum
    distance to ship launched torps? Last time I played (which was patches ago)
    only the air launched ones had that.

  70. Axel Lindencrona

    So jingles I was at gekås today and I found a Lego kv2
    So I screamed out KV2 STRONK LEGO TANK and everyone just stared at me

  71. voice for the average joe

  72. Always entertaining 07

  73. Cleveland + AP = Best kept secret in the game. No Citadels against a BB but
    can dish out serious damage in a hurry to one sailing broadside on to a
    smart Cleveland driver that understands this.

  74. DutchGaminGrunt

    jingles for some reason this video gave me really itchy balls

  75. Gotta remember Jingles, it may not be that difficult, but most people these
    days seem to prefer letting their brain shut down because ‘it’s just a

  76. played my Mitsuki on the two brothers map, got three kills, 2 US destroyers
    and an Amagi, funny thing is I killed them all with guns despite putting 18
    torpedoes in the water….

  77. Who else just laughs at Jingles Laughing ??

  78. ERMERGERD, 20 year flashback of playing Spacecrusade when the furrytacho
    section came on. Time to dig out the 500+ from the garage me thinks lmao.

  79. Actually Jingles NO DON”T SHOOT ME! The Furutaka always had the 203mm guns,
    but latest patch made them in three turrets on the top hull wich vastly
    improved their effictiveness

  80. Is there a way to get the tog II? (Sorry, I’m a noob)

  81. Not only does the new C hull of the Furry Taco get the 3×2 configuration
    but they also increased the amount of torpedo tubes on each side from 3 to
    4. She is now my favourite tier 5 cruiser (sorry Konigsberg)

  82. 7:15 screaming Torpedoes! Am I the only one? :P

  83. Dont badmouth Mutsuki! Its a great ship.

  84. That one destroyer captain didn’t know anything about torpedoes!:D

  85. At the end of that Furutaka video, I personally would have inverted the
    turn after that first torp salvo against the New Mex and charged in to
    deliver the second set at point blank.

    Then again, I tend to have a bit of a habit of banzai-charging battleships
    with IJN cruisers.

  86. So now the 12-second turn time on the Mutsuki’s top guns is battleship?

  87. Niklas Lindberg

    Jingles had fun doing videos and his job?! o.O wtf?

  88. Torpedos are so buggy at the moment, I once got destroyed by some that
    travelled through on island. lol

  89. BestViewedWithCable

    Thanks for the extra long video, today.

  90. Poor Mutsuki always getting left behind by all the other ships.

  91. a teir 3 battle….. with carriers……. and teir 4 ships…….

  92. It’s not your fault you forgot about the torps on the Molotov Jingles. GOD

  93. hey jingles, just asking, are we EVER going to get a tank review of the
    centurion Action X? I’m really interested in your opinion on it as I’m
    grinding up that line

  94. 26:30
    That’s not a Myoko… That’s an Aoba.
    That’s not an Aoba… That’s a Myoko.

  95. Hi Jingles 🙂 sent in a bunch of games over the past two years, never been
    featured (Not upset or anything, that’s life isn’t it :P)
    But i did have a great game in the AMX M4 45 with teamwork with a total
    stranger, and best of all I got him to upload the replay too 🙂 So there is
    an email somewhere in your inbox with 2 links to WOTReplays if you’d check
    it out 😉
    Thanks for the great vids!

  96. Håvard Madland

    Hello guys! The boys in my class made a video for a music project, but it
    was soo good we had to put it out on youtube! It is in english and is
    performed by norwegian students. It is 12 minutes long and WILL make you
    laugh. It has been een in Norway, Great Britain and Netherland. Pleas watch
    it and leave a like and comment what u think! Here is the link: If you are afraid of clicking
    the link you can write “Lip Sync – The movie” in the searchbox. Thank you
    for your time! :D

  97. Yes, your Furious Taco with the C-hull has become a serious little Aoba
    now, hasn’t it?

  98. Must be fake video. The Cleveland’s AP couldn’t pierce wet toilet paper at
    anything over point blank range.

  99. 1:14 “Is Jingles going to forget the he has torpedoes again? Nah, he did
    that twice last week.”
    4:15 “Jingles! He’s gonna torp you! Oh wait. American cruiser NM. So why
    aren’t you torping him? Is the embarrassing thing that you didn’t check
    your torpedo range?”
    7:32 “JINGLES! You NOOB!”

  100. TheDemotivator1

    > Jingles, do you just like bad ____s?
    He likes what he plays to have Character. No, not ‘Mongolian finger
    painting shit wiafu boteslut’ character, ’30s ’40s and ’50s style parenting
    character, i.e.: deliberately administered suffering and cruelty so the boy
    can take the piss when it comes about when he’s navigating the real world
    as an adult.

  101. All those long range torpedo hits in jingles’ video seem ridiculous until I
    killed a Nagato and a destroyer I can’t even see with one salvo of
    Furutaka’s torpedo…. Kids these days

  102. You had torpedus jingles….

  103. Samuel Harrison

    HMS Caroline Vlog ?

  104. To be fair, the “top” hull of the Mutsuki is an AA version of her that
    loses 2 main guns. Its optional, not required. The only thing it gains is

  105. Collin Bradford

    loved the sound from a Super Nintendo Racing Game. I don’t remember the
    name of the game anymore however. still own it so i will have to check lol

  106. I like how ships just roll over and die.

  107. vincenzo balsamo

    TOG II’s are boss

  108. Thanks for the video Jingles! NMN_2 on North American server.

  109. I actually like my Mutsuki, once its upgraded its pretty much a typical
    japanese sneaky torpedoboat. And according to the guns, well, japanese DDs
    arent supposed to be gunboats anyway. But you can still wreck other
    japanese DDs with ur guns, because the Mutsuki’s upgraded guns reload
    pretty fast for a IJN DD

  110. ComradePanda(Hawkos)

    I think the Campbeltown is a rough ship to play yet it feels like it has so
    much more character than any other DD. It may not be the best ship but it
    sure is fun.

  111. TheWomblemaster

    wot was the funky tune ?

  112. Well done.

  113. Serious butt clenching time when the 12 barrels of that New Mexico gunned
    for you. You don’t want to be there!

    Anyway, Furutaka: it’s glorious now, maybe even a tad overpowered. Of
    course, it’s balanced by the fact that its armor is still crap, and the
    guns don’t have a particularly good turning time or rate of fire… but I
    love it. Also, you can keep some insane angling while still delivering
    broadsides, it’s incredibly good for that.

  114. @The Mighty Jingles
    Jingles/Jeremy Clarkson:”How hard can it be?”
    Jedi/Richard Hammond:”DON’T SAY THAT!”

  115. First replay and my pernis is already in orbit of Pluto. There you go again
    Jingles! Now ive gotta go find another pernis!

  116. First 20 minutes I thought, you’d become a WG salesman since only showing
    us the latest prem vessels. Second half then told me otherwise, nicely done

  117. war is a violence

  118. what do you use to record?also why no AW?

  119. Yayyy! Jingles is playing World of Warships again! And he’s playing the
    Cleveland again! Happy day!

    And everything you said about the Cleveland is 100 percent spot on.
    Stupidly long shell hang time (although supposedly the hang time was always
    that way, the big change was that WG buffed everyone’s rudder shift time),
    great HE spammer, even better AP god when dealing with other cruisers.

    I managed to outgun a Molotov in a ranked battle today simply by angling
    better than he did and closing to within 10 km where he couldn’t maneuver
    out of the way of my shells. Did all but 2k of his HP in damage to him,
    sank him to win the match. It was quite a fun brawl.

    A long time ago I was surrounded by 3 cruisers, and my friend (who was
    already dead and spectating) told me to look out! Three cruisers
    surrounding you! I laughed and said they were nothing to worry about,
    because one was almost dead and the other two were Nurnbergs. Killed the
    first, citadeled the living shit out of the other two, game over.

  120. I thought you see a scene from bad advice episode 6 torpedo science I
    thought you’re going to see the final scene I’m not going to tell you you
    need to find out

  121. Bryan mcgillicuddy

    You should do random acts of teamwork

  122. Archangel Charlie

    great video 🙂 thanks for the commentary

  123. Freke Addenbrooke

    some one blamed me of hacking once for doing 14k damage in one volley with
    a cleveland.

  124. Holy shit the DD player in me cringed so hard. The angle just got better
    and better!!

  125. Jingles, Total War: Warhammer please:)

  126. mutsuki sucks donkey balls. hatsu is pretty good once upgraded

  127. From when there is minimum arming range on ship torpedoes? I know about
    plane ones. But minimum arming range for DD torpedoes? This is quite new
    for me and I were DD player.

  128. always great to see another Jingles video!

  129. Play with the VK45.03!!! :)

  130. Harry Lightfoot

    Best Pizza I ever had.

  131. + the mighty jingles very honorable

  132. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    Nah, Jingles just likes Mutsuki because of KanColle anime.

  133. Molotov specjalista move , when close Turów Molotov coctails at the enemy
    ship to set them on fire!

  134. Great video and LMAO on that failed torp. we all had to learn that one the
    hard way at least once.

  135. MrTimebomb12Music

    Jingles, you should start a TV show because the length of your episodes are
    just as long as a TV show without the commercials

  136. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    Ooh.. this is new!

  137. Fun fact, Jingles: You won’t read this.

    Another fun fact for when he describes Situation Awareness: Since 0.5.5
    there is now a 3 second delay for the skill. When you are spotted and the
    icon pops up, your opponent can’t actually see you for another 3 seconds.
    However, there is also a 3 second delay for when the icon goes away; your
    opponent can still see you for 3 seconds after the icon disappears.

    This means that a DD moving at speed and dumping smoke will no longer blink
    in and out of visibility. When a smoke puff is generated, you start the 3
    second countdown before going unspotted, but then exit the puff into
    visibility before that’s up.

    Also, remember that shell flight time is still a thing. An Izumo or Yamato
    secondary guns can take around 7 seconds to travel out to 10km. This means
    that you can still see secondary shells coming your way up to around 10
    seconds after the icon disappears.

  138. Oh hail to the might Jingles….
    5 am…coffee in one hand and a Jingles vid to watch,it going to be a good

  139. I like to see you enjoying what you do! Very nice video!

  140. Michel van Briemen

    I’d love to see more of these videos, they’re entertaining and informative
    as always!

  141. A world of warships video from Jingles hip hip hussah !!!

  142. New Mehico 9.2 km away launches torps a grim inevitability indeed…..

  143. Scribe “Jack” Hammar

    “Ferengi Testicles” Got me good.

  144. Lovely video.

  145. Great Video today , got the notification that a new video was uploaded and
    had to watch it. Sure miss these long video’s !!!!

  146. really? I just got the aoba… come on 🙁 now they make the furutaka

  147. For my Mitsuki, I use the commander perk that shortens my range of the
    torps by 20%, but increases the speed by 5 km. They are now faster than
    the Minekazi’s torps, and have a slightly longer range

  148. Whats the song that he uses in the intro?If anyone can tell me that would
    be nice.Cheers

  149. Random acts of squidies

  150. When the music come on at around the 33 min mark. I thought the best
    possible music to play instead of the music that was playing would be the
    mortal kombat movie theme tune

  151. Jingles, if you want to make the Mutsuki better, DON’T upgrade the hull and
    keep the 5 turrets. Sure you still get the battleship rating turn speed but
    you don’t want to get in a knife fight with a Mutsuki anyway.

  152. Michael Haggerty

    Ferengi Testicle…mhmm…not too sure what to make of that. Lmao. xD

  153. Jingles! With the Mutsuki, use the Torpedo Acceleration captain skill. You
    do lose torpedo range (-20%), but you gain torpedo speed (+5 knots). This
    is particularly good with the Japanese destroyers.

    Let’s take a look at the Mutsuki, then. With the second torpedo type, you
    have 59 knots speed with a range of 10 km. With this skill, you end up
    having 64 knots speed with a range of 8 km. This is much nicer!

    Since the unmodified torpedos are slow, you’re not going to be hitting much
    at 10 km range anyways, not to mention that the extra speed will make it
    easier to hit at all ranges. With the Minekaze, you have 7 km range, so
    these 8 km range torpedos in the Mutsuki are a slight upgrade!

    Consider running it like this, I’m sure you’ll find it easier :)

  154. Mutsuki, or as I like to call it, the Poopsuki.

  155. Too bad that WoWs is dying

  156. Ihaveyourusername

    In the Mutsuki you only lose the guns if you take hull C, which gives you a
    slight bit of AA in return. I always found it much easier to keep the guns
    because the AA is not going to get rid of plane squadrons with any sort of
    speed, and you get the kind of firepower that will allow you to take on
    every IJN DD, plus every other DD with lower HP, especially since with your
    better detection you can get a surprise advantage.

  157. ståle starheim

    ohh man i fell asleep while watching this video, then dreamed i was caught
    by a anaconda, only to wake up entangled in my headset cable….

  158. Hey Jingles, did you see this news???

  159. Technically it isn’t the turrets of the Aoba. It is the war time
    configuration of the Furutaka class. The Aoba class started out as Furutaka
    class on the slips but received modifications before launch to make it a
    new class.


  161. Start of the Video: HURRAY!!!! It´s Jingles Time…. and i wonder if he has
    read my comment in last Video. “Cookin´ and shootin´ with the Mighty
    Jingles” ;-)By the way: will there be another “Naval Action” Video in the
    near future? I think many dapper saltminers are in hope of it.

  162. It s not wise to put hull C in Minekaze. Having 4 barrels instead of 2 is
    far better, especially for IJN DDs that use them for defence.

  163. When I saw it was a point blank torp shot, I thought it was gonna be me. At
    one point I lined up at .5km on a battleship in a low tier dd, I’m new just
    remember. I fired my torpedoes, and I missed

  164. The Mutsuki is good, of course it’s not as good as the Minekaze at tier 5,
    but for a one-trick-pony it’s pretty good. Especially as this is a very
    good tick. But if you don’t like the Mutsuki, you will HATE the Hatsuharu
    .. it’s got better guns but still far from good guns, so every thing you
    meet and is not a lower tier Jap DD will still give you trouble, and it has
    worse camo and has the same torp range and not even more of them (though
    more dmg).

    Become good with the Mutsuki, and you will be at least ok with the
    Hatsuharu, but you will excell with the Fubuki! ;)

  165. OK Played my first games yesterday… Love it. but you do make it look
    easy. I was that idiot running into rocks, cutting in front of cannons and
    getting killed by torpedoes tunnel vision. Hope WOW sends you a commission
    cause I’m hooked.

  166. 36:52 0.5 speed. Jingles kept his promise of doing a drunk video!

  167. I love “the Fast Show”, or “Brilliant” as it’s called here across the

  168. Had to watch a advert before the video……… Fucking advertising

  169. You know if I didn’t know any better I would think Jingles likes WoWs, a

  170. Kentucky72edneck2009

    hey jingles, love the vids. How come we dont see more elite dangerous
    gameplay? its a great game imo

  171. Random Acts of Naval Violence? Might as change the name to “Shore Leave
    with The Mighty Jingles”.

  172. average player confirmed

  173. He forgot to use his torpedoes!!!!!!

  174. Lets get jingles to half a million!

  175. i recently got the Mitsuki. i used the captain perk that boosts the speed
    but cuts the range. it still goes 9.1km but it’s CONSIDERABLY faster.

  176. The trick I’ve started using in the Mutsuki that helps is to use the
    captain skill that increases the speed of the torpedoes. The 10km torpedoes
    become 8km torpedoes which still give you a good cushion between your
    surface spotting distance and the torp range, but they are significantly
    faster. It’s the only time I’ve found that skill to be useful.

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  185. Love the Vid. Wows is my favorite game right now, so it’s fairly obvious
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    And you are so right about the Mutsuki. It has got to be my least favorite
    ship in the game thus far. The Mutsuki absolutely stinks and feels like
    such a huge step down from the Minekaze (or the Isokaze, which was great as
    well). And unfortunately the Hatsuharu is not much better than the
    Mutsuki… more of the same pretty much.

    But after the struggle of T6 and T7, I finally got the Fubuki couple of
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  205. The Molotov guns are slightly nerfed versions of the soviet tier 9 Dmitri
    Donskoi weapons. The arcs are super flat and it is devastating to cruisers
    who are side on and the arcs also help nail DDs that others can’t hit. The
    price you pay is it’s similar to a Kirov hull and everything that hits you
    does massive damage. Play it as a second line ship and hope they don’t
    target you although it’s AA got a nice buff with the last patch so it’s not
    entirely hopeless like before. I also find the matchmaking to be very harsh
    on the Molotov, I seem to get into a lot more tier 8 games than with
    something like a Cleveland.

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    While that is by no means good, it’s still a hell of a lot better than any

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    about traverse speed – actually out of all IJN DD guns the upgraded mutsuki
    guns are THE fastest rotating guns second only to USN ones [and literaly
    every other IJN DD turns its guns really slow when compared to mutsuki [and
    then comes russian destroyers that do not seem to rotate their turrets at
    all :P]

    as for hatsuharu torpedo fail – if he got up to hatsuharu and never learn
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    damage if you aim for less armored part like, say, upper hull. And the
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    Still, it’s still lulz to see you topping the team tho!

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    Spammer and complain about it because they are to thick to understand thats
    its a heavy cruiser – and cause of this it got buffed repeatedly. Not that
    i complain, may noobs fail with it for a long, long time. This and the
    Buffs makes sealclubbing even easier for me and my Furu :D

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  226. If you are sailing straight toward an enemy DD, expecting torpedoes, there
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    33:41 Jingles Eurobeats :)

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    be a little bit above my ship but not as far as i can see it in Jingles’
    video here. Is this a mod or am i just that stupid? (I am okay with both)

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    at his broadside, it would be possible to do 5-6k salvos (if you hit the
    upper hull above the torpedo belt), even 152mm guns can do nice AP dmg to
    battleships broadsides, also at the campbeltown replay you should have just
    sit still in the smoke and pummel the st louis with HE from invisibility,
    just a unicum’s advice 🙂 take it or not as you wish :D

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    300m… guess I was lucky then. My 400m strike was my Blys ending the game
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    taco. i have had my best games in that ship and the most damage ever done
    almost 200k and 6 kills if i remember correctly so. i am sad to see the
    Furutaka go..atleast give it a proper burial

  311. Gareth Fairclough

    That torp fail… God.
    I find the torp activation range pretty inconsistent. A while back I was in
    a Konigsberg, fighting a delaying action against an enemy battlegroup. I
    took out a bunch of them (4, to be precise. I’m quite proud of it.), but I
    took a real pasting doing it. That’s when I saw an enemy konig rounding an
    island on full hp at close range. There was no way I could have taken him
    on, I was so low and so close that I went for a ram. I got within 0.1km
    when all of a sudden I see his torp launcher go off and BOOM. I’m dead. The
    torpedoes actually spawned *inside* my ship. I was not happy -.-
    How close was I to that Konig? My wreck kept on going for that little tiny
    bit and actually hit the side of his ship! For no damage….

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  326. hey jingles, what do you think about ASM’s Being added into wows but they
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    can be seen in the air and a destroyers smoke will interrupt them.
    obviously AA will shoot them down but since low tier ships have atrocious
    AA make these only available to tier 7 up.

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    Too soon?

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  329. this also happended to me a lot forgetting bout that i have torpedos so i
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    armour only works until something tier 9 looks at you. No ship misses as
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  376. Last time I came this early i started a family

  377. Jingles, please ignore the bitchy politics and give us more War Thunder
    videos! It’s a great game, enjoy it for what it is. I started watching your
    channel for WT back in the day.

  378. 16th, better make a joke

    The Amx40

  379. HellHawX Omega (Lord Of Hellish Chrome)

    There is a OverWatch Oriented channel named FailCraft where the main guy
    named Hammeh, his voice sounds just like you, Jingles.

  380. Benjamin Winter

    19 th …

  381. Are you planing for doing an epic fail or why you heff to be mad?

  382. not even 301+ views!

  383. Under 500 club :)

  384. magical pineapple

    I think we should have a soviet styled episode

    “Random acts of political dissidence”

  385. I am early lol

  386. when you get here that early that you know you are gonna have to wait way
    longer now between videos… kinda bittersweet

  387. Brandon rideout


  388. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    U going to do a review on the Tiger 3 that just came out?

  389. About time Jingles! You had me worried… <3 u

  390. ken poi Carcedo


  391. i’m fourth

  392. sixth hurray

  393. Hello

  394. 20 seconds ago

  395. yeey fitsz

  396. first!

  397. First

  398. Hai. I seem to be here early lol. Any Chance of Warhammer Wednesdays

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