World of Warships – Last Man Standing

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In which Chaosbug45 picks the hardest way possible to finish a match, but because he does we end up with some pretty intense gameplay to watch.

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  1. Finally, my break from the salt mines!

  2. I love these morning cartoons

  3. I saw “Demon” in a Riga and got very excited. Alas, not this demon

  4. Ahh, the daily break from the salt mine..!

  5. Johnny Patterson

    First time back in the office for over a year and a half. Saw a Jingles video so off to the jax for a sit down.

  6. The Azuma plays a dangerous game… I remember doing the same thing to an unfortunate cruiser player, appearing like a noob scrub, making him ignore me and give me broadside eventually.
    To his demise, that was when I shoved AP into the barrel, took careful aim and striked the nastiest single hit kill with a lot of citadels.
    Sometimes if you can get away with it, putting on the noob veil and appearing to be the scrub of no threat, can open up opportunities that they didn’t expect.

    • I use that strategy a lot when playing conqueror, spend most of the time launching high explosive at everyone and as soon as they give broadside use the AP to nuke them

  7. The mod, that calculates the points is really useful for these situations. He probably wasn’t sure, if the points-lead was enough to run away when he capped A. But even then, running and maybe looking for a fight with that Iowa at C would have been my choice. Nice game though, thanks to the player and Jingles.

    • I keep trying to find this mod but never end up finding it, could you point me to where I can get it please?

    • @Sou Vad Just look up ModStation. That is an application by wargaming to manage mods that are allowed and not break the game

    • @Sou Vad In ModStation, the mod you are looking for is in the combat interface section and is called ‘Score Timer’. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Vampire II does not share the same hydro as the Daring. It is a 5km hydro with standard duration and not the 3km found on the Daring. Additionally the Daring has HE too so that’s not something special to the Vampire. You essentially trade 1 torpedo launcher and the heal to get a creeping smoke and longer range hydro.

  9. Sleep: You can watch this when your better rested!

    Me: Silence heretic!

  10. Standard Battleship

    Reminds me of the KV-2, if only because of the amount of times I’ve seen it in replays.

  11. He won the hardest he could without losing. Fantastic.

  12. Vampire has 5km hydro not 3km!! Omg Jingles how many times….

  13. Daring with HE? Jingles doesn’t HMS Daring get HE?

  14. Golden rule of DD gameplay : the enemy team will support their DDs YOUR team however will never make the slightest bit of effort to support their own DDs. Once you learn this simple fact you can then decided if you want to get into a fight with an enemy DD.

    • The Rogue Admiral

      I don’t understand how this is so true. It’s statistically impossible. It’s unfathomable.
      And yet it happens nearly every goddamn time.

    • I chased a dd out of a cap with neptune fire and he wrote this in chat…how come I am being shot by everyone but your dd is fire free?? I dont play dds and it never occurred to me how annoying that would be

    • 2 solutions to this when you just wanna have some fun: long range hydro gunboats (LoYang or a Z with smoke) if you like close range duels or Shima with the 20k torps if you wanna relax outside of everyone’s view range torping campers on the other side of the map 😀

    • @Vladimir Efimov Well, my Shima loves her 12 km torps, there is no need for longer distance slow and visible torps – with 5,6 km concealment I outspot almost anything, with 2,7 air detect it is quite hard to keep airspotted and if you know how to dodge incoming fire at least decently, you can play really nice games. Even in clan battles I got desperately chased by Immelmans torp bombers and shot from 12-14 km from Petro and Stalin occasionaly, resulting in me losing 17k hp (4k remaining) over 10 minutes (without a single torp hit from MI) and enemy team losing the game in the meantime, cause our CV supported other side and enemies got brutally outflanked 😀

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      ​@The Rogue Admiral You remember when this happens, you don’t remember when your team obliterates the enemy DD before you can get off your third salvo.
      It’s a good thing though, playing as if your team never fires at enemy DDs means you’re more careful and less likely to get gunned down in the early game.

  15. I think the final straw for this game on the enemy team was the Midway prioritising a Hizen over the Vampire II remaining on the team, and the Smolensk getting greedy for a cap instead of chasing that Vampire as hard as possible. In both cases its clear your lose condition has to do with the DD getting away and being able to smoke himself.

  16. Sounds like chaosbug needs to do the weekly laundry with how many brown alerts that were raised.

  17. You sure that was a “panic” and not a last second gloat of “im heeere”?

  18. OldSchool Gaming

    “Its a Daring with HE”? I’m pretty sure Daring has HE as well. “Daring with creeping smoke” is a better description.

  19. He played with matches while running with scissors.

  20. That review of the Vampire was just all wrong! Let me tell you Jingles:
    – Daring has HE too
    – The hydro is not the same. The detection of ships and torps 5/3.5 km compared to 3/3km on the Brittish DDs
    – Also: it has shorter reload on the guns
    – It has better torps, but only half the number of them
    – And it gets a speed boost, but no repair party
    – And, on what you said later in the video, the srawling smokes does not have more charges or shorter cooldown then other DDs

    Oh, well, we did not watch Jingles to get accurate information about the game, did we?😂

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