World of Warships – Lazo

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Lazo is a ship I don’t like, because it’s concept is wrong imo. That ofc does not mean that the ship is bad, as I’ll demonstrate here. I just dislike its concept and playstyle.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 190th lol not much of a flex but hey

  2. Reminds me of a slightly less spicy kutuzov. I actually kinda dig this playstyle.

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Stronk Soviet plane does not need fuel for working! Only vodka and capitalist tears

    • makes you wonder, after saying all that about planes. Stop firing, get behind island,, pop plane go back to shooting

  4. like we need more people to stay in the background ? sad WG sad.

  5. Put IFHE on this ship.

  6. 3:57 you mean like BBs are on high tiers? ^^

    • BBs/Henry/Moskva/Range upgrade ibuki with steering gears mod 3 …. Donskoi Saint Louis Charles Martel Algerie Kutuzov Irian and on and on and on.

      But the thing that does it for me : how can you argue that this ship is overpowered when not only the T7 silver ship is practically the same ship, but also the Belfast exists in the same tier.

  7. It’s my birthday! Thanks for the enjoyable video….that I watched at work. 🙂

  8. GG
    Kinda like my lazo till here (unlocked since 3-4days only, few games with… need to judge again on the long term), not a fan of sniping he spammers but such I disliked schorns (no true asset), i like lazo.
    Rate of fire is good and HE is nice…
    and ofc perma spotter planes is an interesting new trick.
    for a t7, it’s a very powerful ship.
    Keep my chapayev also, so chapayev captain got a new ship to command with this lazo. 🙂

    About that, I wish one day WG make an update in ways we can arrange and organise ships in the harbour to be able to customise selections of ships and create folders or subfolders for specific captains… like that, I could arrange my ships and don’t need to take notes (outside game) in all my different captains to know « wich one command wich pairs – or wich trio sometimes – of ships »… that would be helpful.

  9. Bb escort ship?

  10. I suppose this is designed to keep Mongquerors company. Just what the game needs.
    WG’s ship design team is like a health ‘practitioner’ who advises you to have a concrete enema because they genuinely believes it’s good for you.

  11. would be nice if its fighter had this gimmick as well, as t4-7 is pretty much 100% chance for double cv games…

  12. Nice concept : a ship which can fire on the next server. Amazing & fun !

  13. Think I will be glad when I eventually get this ship (I’m close btw). When the CV’s piss me off I will just spam them from max range for revenge lol 😉

  14. with a group of 3 of these ships u kould guard carriers an still be effective on certain maps…

  15. It goes up to 78 seconds action time with the extender. Sweet. 😀

  16. It’s a good fire starting. My first game in this was about the same output in fires/damage. 145K damage and I think that many fires. No kills, though 🙁

  17. might be useful towards the end to stop capping well you run away for the win

  18. I like my Lazo. It´s fun as a ship for having a change from time to time.

  19. Thanks, was debating whether I wanted to use my points to get a Lazo OR 24 days of premium time. lol

  20. More range HE spammers since the rework.
    These ships are supposed to strip AA for CVs to do max damage.
    WG has fetish for CVs and HE.

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