World of Warships – Let it rain !

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Oh yeah…more of “those kind of divisions” are here and this time we let it rain all the way baby xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. hey hey, whatcha think, should i change my concealment build for aa build now that my ship gets spotted by planes everytime?

  2. I have few videos left from before 0.8.0 patch that were too good to ditch and this is definitely one of them.
    Will I show you 1 more of prepatch gameplay or switch to 0.8.0. tomorrow I’m not sure but I do have A LOT to show already in 0.8.0 patch 😉

  3. Videos from the past when WOWS was fun to play…

    • Haven’t had a chance to play since the CV patch…is the game really that bad now?

    • +J Bazinga Its not only about CV. They changed statistics of ships. Game is totally unbalanced. I am very dissapointed and wish I didnt buy any premium ships from WG.

  4. WARNING!! lots of ships were harm in the making of this video ADULTS ONLY

  5. Ahh, back when WoWS was fun to play. Back when there wasn’t some developer that said “hey, I know better than the entire playerbase! They’ll absolutely love my new code! And those who dont, well, they’re just stupid!”

  6. I have seen a division even worse than you’ve managed – Black, Worcester and Missouri.

    They lost XD

  7. Show us how all game play has been turned upside down by New update and not just 1 brilliant game. Show us what majority of player base is suffering from since update

  8. Never underestimate a teams willingness to be ass.

  9. I believe it would be a good idea to make another survey now that the update is live, since people now have the experience of the CV rework.

    • Konahrik Dezwahrel

      But they don’t. Thus far people have only experienced the mess that is patch week, which is obviously going to have a negative effect on the experience. (And we haven’t even hit the weekend yet, either.)

      I’d say wait another week or two for everything to calm down, between the hype and the incredibly predictable “duuhh tis game is ded now!1!!1” crowd, it’ll be at least that long before enough people are willing to give an open, honest opinion for it to be worth the time or effort, especially for such a massive change.

  10. @Flambass you do realize you don’t have to physical count the number of ship you do damage to, its listed at the top of the middle column on detailed report screen.  Just add warships destroyed to warships damaged to get total ships damaged. Btw really enjoy your content and your enthusiasm seasoned with a few grains of salt.  😉

  11. > just got cured of cancer
    > doctor said i’m able to leave the hospital this afternoon
    > had to wait in the reception area
    > got bored, watched flams new vid
    > went straight back to bed

  12. Still not nearly as cancer as just having 2 Belfasts…

  13. the announcer from 10:35 – 10:50 ” Torpedos.. torpedos…torpedos…torpedos…”

  14. Only nurnberg get away untouched by you… By dying so fast, that you can’t even blink.

  15. If the matchmaker spreads out the talent, why are you surprised every time the rest of your team has none?

  16. Flambass a question: did you really send your results about CVs gameplay to WOW? Because I think the majority of people are very upset ^^ and I believe it will be better to get old version with CV with adjustment.

  17. PEGI 18? really? because it’s HE rape?

  18. Awesome video, as always. Sorry I haven’t watched/commented in about a month, but my computer died….. 🙁

  19. Pegi 18?!? this is the worst porn rating ever… the Child abuse on stream was just in like Flint.. horrible.

  20. TheWildcard4542000

    You both should feel VERY dirty for that lol…

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