World of Warships: Lexington Damage Record – 293k

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An amazing Lexington game sent to me by a viewer. Thank you very much YourNeighbourMrWang and Makise_Kurisu for this replay!

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US aircraft carrier Lexington.


  1. Alexander Ducaneaux

    Sweet CV game ….

  2. ez4ence

  3. This man is good. He doesnt turn back and finishes ship as you said because it take a lot of time, he had planned “running line” before the attack

  4. i have seen many asian cv players do this, where they focus on DPM of the attacks instead of focusing on any ship. So they just go for line attacks like this on several ships and immediately lunch another squad,

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Blame the constant “balancing” patches which force the CV players to go full DPM against several ships instead of focusing on a single target. The total service cost of T8 CV is as expensive as the cost of T9 ships if the battle forces them to sacrifice a lot of planes. My average Lexington costs 140k-160k, and in order to cover the loss I have to score at least 90k dmg (most of them has to be to DD & CL/CA since the economy gain is still based on percentage of the targeted ship’s hp).

  5. I knew you could lob AP bombs into cruiser’s broadsides, but I never thought of doing this in HE bombers on broadside ships. Today I learned.

  6. Ranger’s ship fighters disappeared twice! How did that happen??

  7. REEEEE-Xington !

  8. wow i need some help then i just got the lexington 2 days ago and got 2 plane upgrades and ship upgraded and i only did 23k damage, all my planes got shot down long before i could get to any target. which really aggravated me because i can usually get 40-60k with the other carrier below it, name eludes me i just woke up. I followed your carrier guide a year or 2 ago i haven’t played since and the new changes are annoying perhaps you can help me get better 😛

    • What are your captain skills?

      Do you have both plane armor AND extra plane HP?

    • +dclark142002 my capt is only lvl 13 but i followed a guide based on another video by another guy, but i don’t believe i got either

  9. El psy congroo

  10. Nice video, thanks for sharing it 😀 enjoyable commentary as well

  11. This player must be Chinese……Only Chinese know what this ID means LOL

  12. Today I got my personal record, 200k dmg in a Tier 10 Matchup and 2600++base exp(win). I love the Lexi, it’s even fun in the Tier10 game because you have something to do xD. It is always a challenge when you feel 75% bottom tier. I do not know if I still need the Midway, even though I’m quite often a bottom tier. Because right now I’m so 2700-3700PRs (2300 + overall) and the Midway with perhaps 100-140k avg dmg, you certainly is not a Super Unicum: D.
    edit: I know the guy, I found him a few days ago on wowsnumbers, I just wanted to know who is “all the way up” in the list: D.

  13. Regarding the fighter despawn -> there was an issue until 0.8.2 where you could simply despawn the fighter with your planes on purpose. when you are inside an attack animation while the fighter engages your planes (symbol turns red) you are immune for a short time. The AI thought your planes are dead and despawned. Doesn’t work anymore

    • You are half right. The figthers dont despawn but do only about half damage since they cant damage you for 2 to 3 seconds

  14. How do you cancel when you enter the “aiming” mode for aircraft to begin a strike? I’ve only played about 10 games in CVs.

  15. when he pre drop the dive bombers he doesnt do it for plane preservation. he wanted to catapult his bombers right into the belfast so that he spends as little time as possible in the aa. the issue was when he did it the belfast had already smoked so he aborted

  16. Someone's Youtube Username

    That’s some ruthless abuse of the HE dive bomber bug. Disgusting.

  17. Lex has both HVAR and Tiny Tims as prob munitions on her Corsairs and yes in this voíd is definetly Tims. (the oil pipe sized Rockets kind of give it away)

  18. I see you also discovered that you have to manually move the camera or it’s janky. I learned this lesson for my CV videos.

  19. Honestly, a lot of damage records are like that… it’s not some super-special-über-gangsta-moves taking place, just good, solid play over the course of a game, staying in the fight more or less constantly and “stuff just lining up”. It’s about not missing your chances when they come.

  20. Just a random Horse.

    And yet somehow this class of ships is fine, balanced and worth having in the game… *sigh* Rip DDs , Rip any ship that hasn’t got AA, Rip ships that do have AA and find out it’s next to useless because carriers will have the time and resources to sink you in the end… whilst having their own ship tucked away in cover taking no risks or damage (unless someone decides to throw their game to hunt them down which most likely won’t work.)

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