World of Warships: Manfred von Richthofen Overconfidence [WIP]

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Manfred von Richthofen is still a work in progress and thus subject to change.
We get a little overconfident in this match and get punished for it. It’s a great match though.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 German aircraft carrier Manfred von Richthofen.


  1. Joshua Picklesimer

    I think you’re aiming too high with the rockets. Aiming at the water line or a tiny bit below will get more citadels.

    • Yes, but it’s hard to do. If the enemy just turns in a little bit they tend to slide further away. If you aim lower you can miss entirely.

    • Joshua Picklesimer

      @Aerroon Also, I noticed you don’t give enough lead on ships when you’re using the ap bombs. High altitude + floaty bombs, I find that extra lead is needed to hit.

    • @Joshua Picklesimer Yup, it’s true, but you just have to play an enormous amount of games for that to properly sink in.

    • Joshua Picklesimer

      @Aerroon I have over 200 games in Parseval now so I know, but for new players, certainly. However, after watching you play, I have gone back to experimenting with how to drop the ap bombs.

  2. CynicallyObnoxious

    VonRichtoven was the Red Baron guy from WW1 right?

  3. WG: we recognize that the excessive spotting and AP damage CVs dealt last clan battle season was unfun
    Also WG: have another CV line, this time nothing but fast planes for even more spotting and tons of AP damage.

    • at least it doesn’t delete DDs with rockets

    • just some guy Yelling at Clouds

      Now imagine if a French Clemenceau carrier was added to the game. Almost all of French line is made for speed, so would imagine that the planes would be fast as well. Don’t know what its attacks would be like but would imagine that the planes will be fast.

    • @Ryan Li No, but faster planes for more spotting as well as the most difficult to avoid torpedo stirkes yet make German CVs potent against all targets (except CVs, because those are the only ships allowed to have decent AA to actually consistently defend themselves with).

    • @just some guy Yelling at Clouds the ships, not the planes, now imagine the French carrier is super fast does 40knots but the planes are super slow, so you always have to rush into the enemy to get your planes to the frontline 😀

  4. 17:02 our hero gets annoyed by someone shooting at him, yells gibberish at them

    • I wanted to say “Just fyi, shooting at this ship is like shooting at an FDG. You’re probably better off shooting at someone else.” I never got past the “just fyi” bit.

  5. great introduction at the beginning! 😀

  6. For me as a german it is really lovely to hear you pronouncing the Manfred von Richthofen

  7. 7:26 The earlier you throw the AP bombs, the smaller (=better) the eclipse is, right?

  8. Minotaur: doesn’t turn to give broadside to entire enemy team
    Manfred von Richtofen: *I diagnose you with minus 21k*

  9. Huh. When you said overconfidence, I figured you’d positioned too aggressively and got forced into a gunfight you didn’t want. A different kind of overconfidence I guess.

  10. Why are the planes saying TX while they’re the same planes as GZ T8? 😮

  11. If you aim lower with AP rockets, you can get much more damage.

  12. Some tips for you:
    Use your mouse to aim when you’re lined up during your strikes. It reduces the drop accuracy less than key inputs and significantly reduces the negative trajectory of the bomb. Generally, AP bombs need to fall as downward as possible. Key inputs will affect the angle of attack for the bombs more so than mouse aim. AP bombs interact with armor just like shells do, reduce the angling of the deck armor to increase the penetration of the bomb. You can see multiple instances of this mechanic during this game on your Thunderer drops.

    If your goal with your squadron is to attack multiple times/targets in a single sortie, plan your flight route. I can see you are still working on this and it has improved since the rework released. However, there were some scenarios where you commented your plan to attack multiple ships, but your flight path didn’t match. One instance, your desire to strike Yamato in the west then Monty south of him. You hesitated because you didn’t want your exit path to intercept with the Midway AA. This is likely because you were planning an East to West path. You were right not to follow through with that plan.

    You did not notice that you could have taken a South to North route, or better still a north to south route. Fly your squadron northwest till you can draw a line connecting the Yamato and Montana. This would have placed your planes approximately NNE of the Yamato. From there you strike Yamato and continue southwest to the Montana. Why is the north to south route better than the south to north? Yamato was stationary and the lower AA threat. Midway AA was not currently overlapping and it would not be fast enough to intercept your strike route. Striking the lower AA threat first in a multiple strike run is ideal because it conserves squadron HP. Lastly, Montana was actively engaged, maneuvering and the larger AA threat. Striking the stationary first allows more time to prepare your flight route and react to the actions of the mobile follow up target.

    Another instance for flight planning: you commented you wanted to strike both goliath and Smolensk. However, you flew in between both ships. This forced you to make a late route decision. Doing so increased the window for the enemy ships to react to your planes once they were spotted (Smolensk began to slow down in preparation for smoke, goliath placed islands between your squadron and his/her ship and push closer to the cap). If your intention was to strike both, you should have used the concealment and speed of your planes to maneuver to a position to draw your line (this instance east to west or west to east). By utilizing concealment of aircraft to position favorably, you reduce their reaction window and increase your likelihood of a more powerful and successful strike. Personally, I would have done a west to east strike attacking Smolensk once and them goliath. Smolensk is the greater AA threat, but it’s unique in that it has the quicker disengagement tool (smoke). Attacking the Smolensk first creates the best strike scenario where your planes are spotted by the target during the approach. Attacking goliath first generates map presence and awareness of the squadron whereby the Smolensk player can see the squadron earlier than desired and begin their defensive reaction earlier.

    In summary: plan your routes, utilize plane concealment and speed wisely(much like how a DD chooses when to be spotted after or before a torpedo launch), commit to your plans, draw your lines, and commit to your strikes (avoid keyboard adjustments during strikes). Hope that these couple tips help and you keep improving! I can’t wait to get my hands on this ship!

    • Wait what? How would aiming with keys or mouse make a difference in the bomb angling? Shouldn’t it be the same since they both change the plane’s angle by the same amount? But I do agree. I absolutely HATE mouse aim. It’s one of the reasons why I stopped playing CVs for a while. I just hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hat ehat ehat hethaethe ahtehthatheahtehatuioehopguhdilöfsopgjdsiophgio how the mouse and keyboard interact with planes. It just feels absolutely awful.
      Re: planning routes – why? What’s the point if I can’t ever know how they will react? Also, it takes MUCH longer to go from different angles. Flying 90 degrees on a 7 km circle is an extra 11 km distance you have to fly.

    • @Aerroon imo the mouse aim provides less shuttle movement, it’s like using the normal keyboard and the analog keyboard (or yeah, the keyboard movement vs controller movement). But also it will be clumpsy and chunky than the keyboard.

    • @Aerroon yea, using your mouse when aiming gives more accurate and smaller movements to direct the bombs. also try starting the attack earlier so that you have the full time to aim in, when u have like 1-2 seconds left, you can drop, your bombs will be closer and more easily to do citadels and also have a higher chance of hitting. great vid like always

    • @Aerroon this has been true since the start of the cv reeeeeework.
      Keys for big direction changes, mouse for finer control.

      It also impacts torpedo, and rocket aim the same way:
      if you touch a direction key (left/right) during a torpedo or rocket attack run, it rapidly makes your aim less accurate.
      Less so with mouse; but your planes change direction less swiftly (more gentle turn).

      I’m very surprised you didn’t know this..

      You can try it out; I stopped playing this game over a year ago.
      This means in most cases, you should use the mouse for aiming during attack runs, to get tighter drops.

      EDIT to add:
      in terms of target priority:
      you kept swapping between Montana, Yamato, Thunderer.. all 3 BB’s, so I’m not talking about your rocket planes.
      11:36: 3 citadels on Montana.
      WHY go for Yamato now instead of finishing either the Montana, or the Thunderer?
      No, Yoshino..
      At least you finished Yoshino.. so ok. Montana?
      No, you go for 75%? HP thunderer.

      Meanwhile, all the time Montana, Yamato or Thunderer can go dark, gives time for heal to come off cooldown and repair some of the damage they took. (yes, citadel dmg can nearly not be healed.. but the HE spam they were eating, can largely be healed).

      At 14:30, the Montana dies. He lived two minutes too long imo.

      Instead of going to finish the ‘nuisance’ Thunderer, you drop a single torpedo run on Yamato.
      If no one else is shooting the Yamato, it has a lot of HP, and there’s a Midway behind it: ignore it imo.
      OR, go full out, and sink it.
      Not ‘I’ll trickle some damage accross the cruisers and BB’s, but not kill off anything’.
      This could have been a torpedo run on either Goliath or Thunderer.

      The damage you dealt was very high though; somewhat helped by a few light cruisers not reacting to rocket planes (underestimating perhaps?)
      So from a damage perspective, your target selection mostly does make very good sense.
      From a game winning perspective, if two ships can be struck (alone, no support), strike the one you can finish off.

    • @Rith27 They’re not more accurate to me because I literally cannot see where the mouse is aiming towards.
      Auzor, I know they impact aim. I know that mouse aim screws everything up over time and is literally the worst thing about playing CVs. I still don’t see how it would have smaller impact if the change you end up making is the same size.
      Also, about the rest of your comments: the title of the video. The whole point was that victory was close. If other ships on my team want to push them over the edge then great.

  13. There is NO such thing as fair and acceptable, all is fair game for a CV the minotaur didn’t dodge or made any point to evade so he learn the hard way..

  14. Looks like a really fun CV so glad I’m grinding exp on the Parseval. 2/3 of the exp wise done and have plenty of credits! Love that they named the Tier 10 CV after the legendary Red Barron!

  15. Blasphemy! Not a single secondary kill! Come on dude I know you can do better!

  16. Yamato survived. You should always finish targets off. Don’t depend on random teammates. You left low hp ships alive quite often in this game.

    • If I try to finish stuff off I have a shit game. It’s always the case. You can either try to win as hard as you can and have almost only garbage matches or you can play to have fun matches.

  17. I would like to see a secondary build on this and running around the map.

  18. Ahahaha, youtube deletes my own comments under my own videos. I’ve made a comment saying “More?” 3 times now. I even pinned it twice and it just disappeared!

  19. WG is trying really hard to kill their own game. CVs are already an abomination, and now they add one that can blap cruisers for 30k+ damage

  20. Jesus i need a wash after watching this.

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