World of Warships – Map Tactics: Trident

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Learn how to master this Tier VI-VIII , inspired by an Indian Ocean archipelago, in the latest edition “Map Tactics”!

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  1. i am first !!!

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Hello WG we need official training room pls add it already is just change a file from true to false

  3. where is “dasha perova”…..??

  4. ” annoying aviation ” CVs in a nutshell

  5. fuck off…where is Dasha

  6. Trident??? In war robots trident is a heavy missle weapon which highly explosive. I wonder who could took the idea from?

  7. Video verbally states it’s a Tier 5-8 map. Video description and website state 6-8…

  8. Fajna mapa, raz jak na niej grałem to dostałem salwę od pancernika, 3X cytadele i wróciłem do portu. Fajna mapa 🙂

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