World of Warships – 10 Destroyers in Ranked o.O

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10 DDs (5 of them Shiratsuyus) in sure is fun! Makes for glorious, engaging !


  1. [Solomon Merry-go-Round intensifies]

  2. Shiratsuyu; ultimate Hybrid DD.

  3. How is your Mom doing? Many prayers.

  4. Chase! Match idea! USS Langley Secondaries only! *Battle of the armed merchantmen!* What do you think?

  5. funny, i’m only getting matches with 6 belfasts in them.

  6. some1 please remake this with the torpedobeats.

  7. what would be really fun is 10 CLs and 2 BBs it would be cit central

  8. the way he uses his camera is making me dizzy

  9. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    what a wonderful meta

  10. Fancy new graphics Chase! (or new to me). They look good nonetheless. 🙂

  11. WTF is up with the aiming?

  12. Angry Joe approves, methinks. He seemed to like destroyers a lot.

  13. excellent point about DD aggressiveness at the end. a lot of dd drivers get trapped in the thought process of dumping torps, smoking and running, not realizing sometimes the best way to escape is absorb a salvo, close to point blank, and kill the guy who’s spotting you. i always look for bigger ships behind islands knowing it’s the easiest kill a DD driver will see most of the time.

  14. Has the flint better arcs then the Atlanta? Because he leads pretty low and not like 15+ far as the Atlanta.

  15. How the song called in the end?

  16. Umm, Flint torpedoes move at 65 knots IIRC, hardly slow… They are the top set available to the Benson.

  17. I have a 14DD game, literally smoke everywhere

  18. LOL – that was funny. My choice in Ranked play has been the Gneisnau and if I saw this match-up I would have sailed to a corner and let the DD’s play 😛

  19. This is WoWS in a nutshell. World of Smoke, Fire, and invisible ships. Can’t wait until subs get into the game. All the BB players can flock to them.

  20. poi poi poi

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