World of Warships – Match Analysis #1 – A Series of Unfortunate Decisions

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This match analysis series will attempt to analyze battles and identify what helps a team win and what costs teams battles. In this first episode, I break down what cost my team a win in an Amagi battle where I manage to do 150k damage, high cal, confederate and manage 5 kills. I hope you enjoy this series and learn something from it as well.

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  1. World of Pubbies . Ignorance is bliss.

  2. I’ll say it: Morons

  3. 15:01 Benson: “gd”
    Did he think he got an enemy from the grave? lol

  4. You reall dont know the RU DDs? Last night i had a fight were i put 22
    203mm HE in shells from my New Orleans is tha even con Tashkent. Well he
    killed me while sailing away with about 20% HP. A low HP Clev dont stand a
    chance in comparision.Really fun when your only have guns as a US CA
    and cant even deal with DDs one on one

  5. It reminded me of about 75% of the games I played last night. My teams
    would be dominating and the next thing I’d hear right before being in the
    center of withering crossfire would be, “… you’re our last hope.” And no,
    I didn’t win any sole survivor medals. aargh.

  6. I see your point but to be fair

    1. you might have to tell them what to do individually if you wanted the
    clev to go into the cap, considering there were not so many ships left
    2. the clev was hit by the tirpitz and got hp down before it engaged the
    kiev. this could be seen in the last direct visual contact with it.

    Never the less I always considered a commander necessary for a good
    tactical to even strategical game play. How to choose that commander is the
    question. Good video.

  7. Great video analysis. One thing though, maybe you could have put more into
    the chat at the beginning. Encourage them to cap etc. Its easy after the
    fact,, but if you had communicated with the team more maybe you could have
    got a better result. I noticed it was not until late in the game that you
    encouraged the caps. You could have asked the DD’s as soon as they went off
    into the wilderness. Rained them in kind of. Just saying, still like the

  8. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    that benson, couldent f*ck up this battle any harder..

  9. That Benson player is so going to get bullied on his server for a big stuff
    up. Ichase should have communicated more, thats my option.

  10. Honestly, I think you’re being a little hard on that Benson captain. First
    of all, while it was a long-range torp shot, it was a good one strictly in
    terms of the target he was aiming at. You can see clearly at 14:00, based
    on the torps’ course relative to the wreck of the NC that these torps did
    have the range, and would likely have hit and killed the NC if the carrier
    hadn’t gotten him first. Yes, he did hit you, which should never happen,
    but it’s hard to fault the guy for failing to anticipate that you were
    going to ram the NC, which was the ONLY reason you would have been on that
    course and ended up in the torpedoes’ path. Your most logical course for
    continuing the gunnery duel with the NC would have kept you clear. And when
    you did start that turn to port, he immediately tried to warn you (twice)
    about the torps.

    That Benson was turning away to go for the B cap (before you ever suggested
    he should), and in looking for the ways he could most contribute to his
    team, he saw what looked like a clear torp shot to help a teammate kill an
    enemy BB. You also mention that he should have held onto his torps to deal
    with the Kiev in the B cap, but at the point he launched his torps, the
    Kiev hadn’t been visible for a full 30 seconds and it’s last known position
    wasn’t in B. He had no way to know the Kiev would be waiting for him, and
    while you could argue that he should have anticipated the Kiev going to B
    based on its last known position, not everyone is that level of an expert.

    Also, as a general thought: if you’re going to make these videos critiquing
    everyone’s movements and tactics in a battle, it might be good for you to
    at least try to tell your teammates where you think they should go. For
    example, you spend most of the video criticizing the destroyers around A
    for not capping B, but you never once mention to them during the game that
    they should do so until AFTER one of them (your friend in the Benson) says
    he’s going to. Likewise with the Cleveland you wanted to follow you into B
    or take it himself; not a word. I know that the tendency in online games is
    to always assume the worst of other people’s willingness and ability to
    follow plans; as a veteran World of Warcraft player, I can sympathize.
    However, I’ve also learned that many players are, in fact, willing to
    follow plans if they know there is one. And I’ve also learned that what may
    seem obvious to me is not necessarily obvious to everyone. Just my two
    cents, still a great video as always.

  11. It just takes one good DD to spoil a game. Not killing them early is a
    mistake. I use DD class most of the time and have solo warrior. Don’t under
    estimate any DD. Sea_Sick

  12. Very unfortunate and salty battle :/ While I do agree with your decision
    not to, at 9:40 you definitely could have made that turn. I don’t think it
    would have accomplished much if you did aha -0m36a

  13. chase I just want to say is that if u want ur team to do something TALK TO
    THEM or do It ur self. there wasn’t a dd in that cap anymore so it would
    have been fine if u went through and capped b and still been able to shoot
    the guys north of A

  14. I think you overestimated the skills of your teammates 🙁 maybe, MAYBE, the
    outcome would’ve been different if you had told them/asked them to go for
    certain caps. But there is no cure for stupidity like that torp spread of
    the DD..

  15. At 9:19 that cleverland was trying to cut of the dd from getting close and
    threatening the cv, i think

  16. to be fair ICHASE’s team mates didn’t do much to help him win the battle,,,
    but I think the reason he show cased this replay is because ICHASE got TEAM
    KILLED and
    like all of us–he was & is pissed about it.
    I think he would have called the Video “”TEAM KILLER”” but probably WAR
    GAMING has a
    prohibition on using these words in Video discriptions
    remember ICHASE is partnered with WAR GAMING

  17. That cleve had two opportunities to cap and elected not to both times.
    Those 3 BBs did very little lollygagging at range never pushing or
    anything. Almost all the ships were on the far side of the map with only
    one cap in hand entire match.
    From the first 5 minutes on it looked like a loss from my view. All the
    advantages and liabilities available were not acted on.
    Far to few people who play don’t have any understanding of what winning
    entails beyond killing off opponents.

  18. yea Chase I feel you. Its so hard to stomach a loss that should have been
    an easy win. Wow life.

  19. I liked your analysis, i think the only criticism I have is that I feel you
    made a mistake taking all of the torpedo damage early from the fubuki. Your
    guilty of the mistake TheMightyJingles points out all the time of sailing
    in straight lines in a bb especially if you know there’s a dd in the area.
    Love your videos keep em coming!

  20. wow that bensson must be the worst DD captain ive ever seen :o

  21. it seems to me I often find my own side my worst enemy. covered a carrier
    with a Cleveland. took out 20 planes and started towards the main battle
    and was torpedoed on purpose by “friendly” DD because he had no idea why I
    hung back. today in Kongo found by moving at 1/4 speed I was lead ship all
    by myself. also find suggested tactics followed, ignored, or bashed.
    frustrating. OCG

  22. Wow, that group was even worse than the one we got stuck with that decided
    to go off into lalaland. I quit playing for the night after our match. That
    night was a really really bad night for world of warships.

  23. Well the problem with a Cleveland against a Kiev it doesn’t work in the at
    10 km or greater clevelands gun arc makes it very hard to hit a ship going
    up to 47 knots.

  24. New Monday rules challenge who can get the most cap and call defense
    ribbons :)

  25. and that’s why I hate ranked so much you get one derp on your team and its

    nice work in the amagi though!

  26. I tend to get one of those fights once a day. There are only two effective
    ways to deal with a team like that. Hang up your Captain’s hat in favor of
    the Commodore hat (Div) or Admiral hat (give individual commands to your
    fleet). Mileage will vary

  27. The first priority of a DD is SPOTTING AND CAPPING!!! And after that DEFEND
    THE CAP OR CAP AGAIN!! I have many game were I ended up first place on XP
    without even a kill or having done a lot of damage, just by capping ;)

  28. iChase, havent you tried the Kiev yet? The Kiev wreck pretty much
    everything if you know how to drive it.I sink any ship in my Kiev,
    Battleships? No problem, just takes a little bit longer.
    The Kiev is so fast and manourereble that if u keep a 10K distans to
    target, they cant touch you meanwhile you set fire after fire on them, u
    just harass them to death. Do check out Flamu´s vids on the Kiev. I got a 6
    kills match an hour ago in my Kiev. So dont assume anything about a Kiev.
    Look at how many kills the Kiev had, The Benson that sunk you were his
    fourth kill.

  29. this is miscommunication at its peak.u should have told your team what to
    do.its respectively your fault
    no disrespect though love your vids but this nah

  30. cleveland can’t kill that kiev. Kiev is faster, more stealthy, better shell
    arc. I know that for sure, I was killed by that one day 🙁 so helpless.

  31. As usual its up to how well your cruisers play.

  32. So you also have Bad matches…good to know

  33. I have to agree with the other commentators: talk to each other! Dont tell
    us what you thought during the battle, tell your teammates! Especially when
    you are sondamn lucky to play with people who all speak the same language!
    And at least from my experience, people in WoWs actually listen to you and
    dont say “shut up noob” right away.

  34. The CV on your team was to far back as well….he needed to push up with
    the team once he seen that the enemy was not going near him….Also the
    flooding damage that killed you….was down to you….You had no need to go
    for the ram you should have seen that the CV had planes on the way to deal
    with the enemy BB that you “tried” to ram.

  35. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    Hey Chase, how did you get that cammo?
    I’ve been seeing it for a while, but haven’t figured it out yet.

  36. +iChaseGaming
    That Cleveland have less than 8k hp at 11:57 and may be even less if that
    Tirpitz managed to get shots out before he gets sunk by you. With the Kiev
    having more than half full hp the cleveland stands little chance. Even if
    the Kiev have low hp it’s still likely for Kiev to win since her 2 forward
    guns can easily deal nearly 4k per volley with HE and couple with
    concealment with rate of fire she can fire out 2 volleys before the
    cleveland realize the Kiev’s position and the finishing 3rd volley before
    the cleveland can even aim. Even more so if the Kiev managed to use AP on
    the first volley and hits the citadel.
    However, I totally agree that the Benson spent too much time trying to torp
    the BBs.

  37. hmm… decision makings… so I had a team, 3 battles in a row, who all
    decided to lemming train one flank and get absolutely murdered and kill
    only 1~2 enemy ships. and it was tier 6, 6, and 7 match… Lesson to not
    play at night.

  38. wtf what a misfortune over all. possibly every thing that could went wrong
    went wrong, omg. still amazing gameplay from you ichase. well done

  39. The Cleveland wasn’t at full HP. It was less than 10%. Just look at the
    health bar at the left side of the screen. ;)

  40. I got taken out by a dd in a clev in the same map same place. Reason: no
    help, alone, asked for spotter aircraft and peep peep faaaaaaaaaaa- rip
    lost the game :(

  41. I would of loved to have seen the score screen :(

  42. 10:45 you would have made that turn. i love my Imagi, but with the gun jibe
    and a new exposed broadside you would have got killed, so it’s not a wise

  43. it must be so nice to be in an english server. in Australia we’re in the
    asian server and it’s just chaos generally

  44. Happened to me too in the Fuso.
    Carried the game and still lost…
    At least i don’t ate a friendly torp!?

  45. iChase, you had this battle analyzed really well, I think you did in the
    match, but why did you not say to that Clevvy that he had to take B? and if
    you had said more and instructed more, it should have gone well, so I think

  46. Great salvos! but if your goal is winning the game instead of making more
    money, the better way is to stay near the caps and provide pressure. This
    applies to B and C in this battle.

  47. Ouch. Yep, I think we’ve all had battles like this before. Which begs the
    question, should Wargaming somehow impliment an Admiral for the battle? I’d
    love to hear your thoughts on this Chase.

  48. Why I stopped playing, too many feking idiots.

  49. Well throughout the whole game I rarely see any communication from you to
    your teammates.

  50. God that teams decision making was agonising to watch ><

  51. You should have popped in chat earlier and given instructions, unless you
    know them assume they have 0 concept of strategy.

  52. Friendly torps are the deadliest one, in my opinion … because you just
    can’t expect them.
    As a DD, I’m usually in front line to fight, and I’ve stopped counting
    friendly cruisers torpedoes which killed me, even if they were out of range
    for ennemy ships …

    Oh, and I think if I can control the engagement with my Kiev, I will kill a
    cleveland all the time, in a one vs one situation : their shells are so
    slow they are easy to avoid. ;)

  53. u know
    the torpedo tier shift for USN DDs shouldn’t have happened after all

    their torpedoes are designed for close combat, not fucking sniping at the
    edge of their range

  54. I think many players doesn’t know/think about cap/points. The only thing on
    their mind in “shot at ships”. I’ve seen some strange things and I’m sure
    you have too. The team needs to have a plan and a commander and how often
    will that happen in this kind of game?

  55. looking at map and drawing conclusions seems so hard to do for players…

    btw why didn’t you tell the Cleveland to cap B or even F3 B to light it up?
    Sometimes it works ;-)

  56. I’m a Kiev captain and my favorite target ia clevelands. their shells are
    so slow

  57. So excuse my ignorance in the game……I’m still learning some of the
    finer points….lol. iChase….Is your whole issue….or your main
    issue….was that the cruiser didn’t get the cap? Also, the DD play, where
    the 2 went into the open water was NOT good…..even I know, on that map at
    least, to try and stay near the islands….;-). In that cruisers defense
    though……I know I have read a lot of info about cruisers staying with
    BB’s to support them. So maybe he thought he was doing what he should be
    doing? Thanks for that comments about the planes going over B and not
    spotting anything in B. That is one of the finer points…..THANKS!

    Awsome job, and good tips and comments.

  58. There is many good DD players,but bunch of them are idiots,hoping from
    distance kill enemy and that is OK but every DD player must watch when he
    fire torps look around before it….i really hate DD American players who
    thinks he is in IJN DD!

  59. That second volly citadel. Feeling sorry for taking half hp of that crusier
    with one random sheel but at the same time man that had to feelt good :D

  60. To be fair chase, a cleveland actually stands no change vs a kiev, this is
    coming from a kiev and cleveland player. Shell arc is so bad on clever,
    kiev so fast!

  61. how did you get your display to show how much damage you did and all the
    enemy ships and stuff

  62. Best Benson NA lol

  63. I feel your pain bro. Happens to me all the time.

  64. I think in war games like these, you need a commander to Organize everyone.
    After all, you can never depend of the Internet for teamwork…

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