World of Warships Match Analysis #2 – Frank Obolobolopoulos’s Kongo Battle

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This match analysis series will attempt to analyze battles and identify what helps a team win and what costs teams battles. In this second episode, I break down Frank_Obolobolopoulous’s battle in a Kongo. I examine the good and the bad in the battle as well as making suggestions on how to improve. I hope you enjoy this series and learn something from it as well.

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  1. true,slow ultra immobile battleships always needs a lot of pre-thinking &
    think & act 15sec. forward,that helps a lot,the more you think forward the
    better you can be in this game.
    if you see torpplanes on your left then imedialty turn left and not when
    the torps are already in the water because then its way to late to react in
    this kind of ship,if you see an enemy ask yourself has he torps and if yes
    how many & which range of torps and im inside this range or not,if you see
    a detroyer on your right also turn right to minimize your siluet of your
    ship to reduce the chance to get hit by his torps,……..ect…

  2. Hope you continue with this series. Very constructive. TY Chase

  3. A battleship who actually pushing ? This is so beautiful .

  4. Ichase I also need you to help me improve my gameplay so I will send you a
    replay soon

  5. ichase what can you say about midway and essex losing their 2 torpedo

  6. hey chase, big fan great vids, help me get a lot better at WoW,, and I’d
    like your opinion on the HMS Hood that if wargaming implements a United
    Kingdom Navy should it be reserved as a premium or part of the tier line?

  7. that was really painful to watch

  8. Hey +iChaseGaming how do I send you replays?

  9. gun positioning is fondamental in battleship meta, i see too often usa BB
    whit tons of gun fire with one or maybe two turrets waiting the other to
    set on target, or worse turn again the ship in the opposite direction

  10. why is he talking so much in the chat. he should be focusing on his own
    gameplay, which is far from flawless

  11. Turns too much. What’s with not repairing torp hits but rather using repair

  12. Mads Hasseris Olesen

    ctrl x, Nice tip

  13. Overall situational awareness and positioning needs work.

    Not pointing the guns were they’re best pointed at is one thing, but I’ve
    also noticed some of the turns he’s been doing to keep track on targets
    presented his flat broadside to the enemy, including the New York when she
    was already within range (provided she had the rangefinder module
    unlocked). It was just at the edge of the range, but still, if that New
    York had her sights on him and her guns loaded at that time, he could’ve
    been punished severely for showing his flat side.

    Additionally, I believe he got too fixated on the Bogue. Considering the
    Königsberg there was running away and your own team’s DDs were going for
    the Bogue too, there was no point in chasing her yourself when you could’ve
    put your guns to work on the B flag instead, which would’ve also put you
    closer to the left flank of your team and potentionally in a position to
    draw aggro for your team (which is one of the biggest strengths for a
    top-tier BBs, you can draw the attention away from your more fragile
    teammates) and possibly help defend your CV in time to save him if the
    Omaha and New York still decided to go for it.

    That’s the .02 Dollars from a random dude on Youtube comments.

  14. Great analysis. Makes me wonder what you’d say about my target selection,
    which is something I’ve had trouble with as a battleship (and I’m not great
    at aiming). I mainly play destroyers, so I tend to be rather aggressive as
    a battleship (which I only really play so far due to ARP Kongo). Got any
    good tips about what targets to aim for?

  15. That auto writing
    how many replays u get in one week

  16. her ichase hol man replay u get in one week

  17. Does WoWs have the accelerating crew training option like in WoT? I cant
    find it.

  18. at 6:50 i believe that the koningsburg was firing ap so he decide to angle

  19. Hey Chase could you a tutorial on good torpedo prediction. I get the basics
    but sometimes I really struggle with getting my torps to connect. I also
    struggle with deciding when to narrow spread and when to do a normal spead.

    PS how do you find your match recordings?

  20. 12:30 that minekaze that didnt shoot at the 261 hp omaha though, wtf?

  21. What I notice in general in lower tier games that there is no team support
    of any kind to protect Battleships against the Carriers, luckily in this
    game the carrier players weren’t that very good, but they were Frank would
    had a very short game indeed…

  22. feeling pretty good about my play as I picked out some of the weaker parts
    of that replay. Chase taught me well :o)

  23. how to do test matches? like against still bots? like you did to explain
    how to torpedo bomb someone, thanks

  24. iChase, I would really like to sail out with you in the future 😀
    you could learn me so, so much, already thx for that!

  25. Great lesson, Keep them coming.

  26. I believe how you pronounce Frank’s name is Obo-lobo-lapou-lous.
    I was cringing at Frank’s choices about half the time… yelling at my
    monitor over the small mistakes lol. Frank must have Luck as one of his

  27. Another Frank lol

  28. Anyone at 2:55 see that Koingsberg Team kill a Minekaze with torps or is it
    just me.

  29. hi chase, I had some older replays in Hosho and Fuso that I find pretty
    nice. How much damage/exp would be allright for those ships to be featured
    in one of your vids?

  30. their hosho is pretty good with auto drops, but auto drops only take you so
    far, and even a soso manual drop player will do better than players that
    just use auto drops ever could

  31. I am an average player by all measures, but it was a bit painful to watch
    this replay (actually I could not go through it all)

  32. torpedo drop nerf sucks.

  33. Frank, your way of thinking in game is weird

  34. That feel when you keep talking in in-game chat all game and not one single
    person says anything ._.

  35. lol, Thanks dude! 🙂
    I honestly didn’t think this would ever come up on your channel! Ty.
    Watching now.
    Heh, I thought the rave party thing at the 10:30 mark was just the beer in
    I appreciate the pointers. So the Ctrl X thing will have a turret turn to
    where your camera is on pressing the combo, then lock there? That’s
    different to what I thought, which was a “lock right now, whichever way the
    turrets are pointing” thing.
    Your pronunciation was not too shabby btw. 😛

  36. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Ist called “KÖNIGSBERG” ” >Ö<" Fucking hyperthatic Frank..

  37. Hey, Chase, guess what- Mikhail Kutuzov will have range increased to 19.1
    km, will fire faster and had better turret traverse speed.

  38. I wonder about one thing. I looked into Franks stats and he played 524
    battles so far. Only 8 of them were in a Battleship, all in the Kongo. Why
    would you send a Replay of a shipclass in, that you only played 8 times so
    far? It seems that its not his prefered class, which also means he cant be
    good at it of course, he barely played it. Think that explains the turret
    thing pretty much. If you’re in a cruiser you dont have to think about such

  39. @2:55 oah team kill – gotta watch where you launch gents

  40. why did you choose this replay? he’s not very good mainly just lucky :)

  41. Also frank learn to use the right mouse button. Keep your turrets facing
    one direction and look around while holing the right mouse button.

  42. If you fly close to islands a US-DD is able to invisa-torp, using the
    island as cover and giving the target NO chance to avoid them. Remedy: Stay
    clear of islands.

  43. Quite a friendly guy, but just…why waste so many flags on a tier five
    ship, especially that repair fee reduced flag, I don’t know is he out of
    credits or what but that flag honestly helps a lot when in high tiers, when
    in low tiers, just save it.

  44. Geez he doesn’t lock the guns with right click while looking
    arround…those rear turrets are just going arround and arround

  45. For the Hosho on the enemy team that you were saying should have manually
    dropped and aimed torps better, he/she is just a Hosho and this could have
    possibly been one of their first games in a carrier, so they could’ve had
    no idea what they were doing in the first place, they’re just like Frank,
    they’re learning 🙂 Great video though, you really do seem to love to give
    back to the community and help out players alot <3

  46. Damn, Frank sure is talkative in chat lol. Solid analysis of his
    performance though, really thorough and accurate

  47. Please talk about patch 0.5.3! Especially about USN CV nerf.

  48. I’m Early! let Me Make A Joke

    Single In Valentine Day

  49. Inb4 cries of BURNING LOVE

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