World of Warships- Meet The Latest Most Busted Ship In Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Gato, the newly released Tier X American Steel submarine, and oh boy. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. 9:51 I know this is WOWs playerbase, but never assume your enemies are stupid, or you’ll end up looking dumb

  2. So essentially, it’s a “Paolo Submilio”

  3. so their weakness is that you need to put SOME thought instead of just shotgunning the enemy team?

  4. Battle Boats with Captain Spud

    This sub is why wg allows you to use your ship right away after this sub sinks it

    • Would actually really help, but they should limit it. If you get sunk by a submarine, you can queue up again instantly. CV, you can queue up after waiting a minute and by a surface ship, you have to wait the whole match. Wouldn’t that be fair?

    • @RjalD what? No? Why? It makes QOL better by doing it in general. Why limit it? If I was low hp, i would purposefully try to int into a sub or cv so that I can play again. Instant re-q is a good idea in general. Subs are just the tipping point to make wg do it.

    • @Boss I’m German, so you probably don’t understand my humor. Giving WG a bad idea was a little bit of irony on my part. Sorry for giving you a heart attack.

    • @RjalD ohh lmao, my bad. At this point it’s impossible to tell. I stg half the player base are actual freaks.

    • Jean-Pierre Weyns

      I think the “battle on” button has to do with WG not been able to fill battles with only players, you see empty spots been filled with bots or MM leave the spots blank with 7vs7 games as result. You can argue that WG “battle on” button is a fix for the players that leaves for sub/cv unbalancing characteristics, so they do not have to fix the sub/cv issue directly 😛

  5. I really enjoyed this video. Something about constantly seeing you die horribly in this sub just makes me want to smile. Thx for the content. 😂😂. Jokes aside, players complaining that shotgunning is an issue and WG introducing a shotgum sub kinda sums up the whole relationship here. I have 2 main issues with subs. Their speed and hydro immunity. Being faster than a DD makes no sense and not being detected by hydro is mad.

    • They didn’t introduce a shotgun sub, many subs have this option, I believe most subs have this option at tier 8 and up besides one tech line. This video did show how insanely hard it is to get that close and survive beyond one or two salvos. Most matches subs are dying early right up there with DDs and overly brave light cruisers. Sad when they can be very effective spotters especially in a match with little to no DD support. GO TEAM!!

    • @Quor 22 Got shotgunned by a sub who had zero problems getting “so close” – I was engaged by a Baltimore and a German BB at the time and he appeared from no where – game over for me and zero risk for him…..I HATE subs.

    • @Jack Aubrey  Sounds like a sub with patience. High five for the sub that killed you. Most of the time they seem to run into the pack to soon or ping to often.

    • @Quor 22 Did we not watch the same video? First 3 min of the video is SeaLord pressing W, heading towards the nearest BB and nuking him for 64k. Only 64k because that is what he had left. BBs also have torpedo protection, at least more than CCs and DDs.

      Let me be clear, there is no ship in the game that can survive stupidity and I am not saying that only idiots play subs. Absolutely not. Everyone is free to play what class they like and regardless of the ship, a good or great player will be able to dumpster you. No issue with that at all because that is how it is supposed to be.

      But if you create a class that can do that to you, make it have serious downsides as well. Am fine with high risk, high rewards play. Make them visible to hydro and slow them down. When I play in DD and I see a radar cruiser, I adapt as needed, go in after they radar or stay clear. Subs can just push through and dive, no issue.

      I want to see that if I am in my Z-52, running engine boost, I can, at some point, catch a submerged sub and depth charge him. Right now, I have a better chance of running down my engine boost before I am on top. God forbid he dives and I lose him when running hydro…

    • @StrongholdR Did we watch the same video? he gets spotted by hydro a bunch of times, he even took the time to make dramatic cut scenes for it.

      So the new sub is a bit fast, but with a small dive time, there is your risk reward. There are going to be tons of players that sail right into a mob of ships way to soon, shotgun, dive, then runout of time before they can get out of range and then just die. So they may take a ship down with them, it’s almost the equivalent of two BBs crashing into each other, just a waste.

  6. Playstile reminds me a lot of the Paolo Emilio, but far easier to use because it doesn’t have to deal with smoke cooldown, can deal with radars and CVs far easier and no smoke to draw the enemy teams attention before nuking them.

  7. This thing drives me insane but it was amusing to see you just destroy ships. Might pick it up myself.

  8. Geoffrey Stevens

    As a fan of the French heavy cruiser Carnot, I hated the ending of this video, Sea Lord! I only played two games today, and decided that was enough after my Tier IX Carnot was nuked in a couple of minutes in a game where both teams had three superships. Yeah, lots of fun WG! I wasn’t even attempting a cap, and hadn’t fired a shot.

  9. Wg: Wants to gaslight us into thinking that shotgunning doesnt happen that often
    Also Wg: Gato goes BRRRRRRR

  10. I was sunk in a full health Tier VIII Brandenburg – never spotted the Gato and it raced diagonally to our side of the C cap. Took all the torps on the bow. The frustrating thing is that there was nothing I could of done differently. I was able to get an air drop that got minimal flooding damage on the Gato and I was back in port. My worst game experiences in WOWS ever. Made me want to uninstall right then and there. And that is the issue with the Gato. Even if the Gato can only do it once per battle that’s one player that might just be so unhappy that he quits playing forever. Are you listening world of warships?

  11. Flamu called The Gato War Gaming’s Middle Finger to it’s player base because everything WG did to NERF submarines, they removed with The Gato.

  12. From experience I would say that Gato plays like a Tier-X version of S-189.

    Great dumbfire torps, very fast, very low detection range, medium long dive time and adept at both hunting surface as well as submerged targets.

    And of course its American so it gets a crapload of tubes, rather than the russian autoloader.

    Oh and the reason why subs go nearly surface speed at periscope depth in this game is because that’s how WeeGee decided to model Snorkels.
    Nevermind the fact this also happens on subs that don’t have Snorkels.

    It is what it is.

  13. for me it is all around a better I 56 ( beside hp and number or front loader) i don t see why you want to shot gun with it still. it torp have no dispersion, you can make long range torp hit . it main weakness beside number or loader an that people will hunt you ( if the game didn t tell what ship are on each side that could be another story), is the change ot plan time to dive, often i will be to slow to dive to approching plane

  14. Oh no, you’re only loading slightly faster than an effective DD torp reload whilst getting about 3 bajillion other perks. Shocking. Edit: Same for Hydros, what makes it worse that subs have to think about not rushing into such a thing? You are undetectable up to 2km if at max depth? How many boons does one class need.

  15. WG has gone insane, they might as well rename this “World of whatever the hell we can imagine that doesn’t resemble reality and pisses off our previous player base”

  16. WG made tier 10 subs immune of the periscope speed penalty, just FYI. Flamu pointed this problem out ages ago, but the sub mafia kept whitewashing it.

  17. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    I know everyone would hate me saying this but I hope we see these in an abundance on EVERY server to FINALLY bring this title to its knees! Reasons? Most players would leave in droves then and only then will WG either give up on this title or sell it to a developer that actually gives a flying f*uck about its customers. Cheers

  18. I’m not sure that shotgunning is the good way to play the Gato unless you are on the side where the reds are completely outnumbered. You have 16 km torps that reload in less than a minute. Just look for a bulk of reds and spam torps from 8-10km. You will never be detected and end up with easy 200k spotting damage. Even if you only score 50-100k yourself, thats a 3000 base xp round with the reworked base xp system and the broken submarine xp

  19. If I remember correctly, Gato has higher torpedo DPM than the Japanese super destroyer, which is a super shimakaze.

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