World of Warships – Mogami 0.5.13 203MM Gun Arc

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0.5.13 brought a improved gun arc for the 203mm varient of the . I show it off on the map Warrior’s Path, we run into a couple enemies on the western flank. Friendlies fight while I look to take the center of the map. A couple destroyers and cruisers are in our way, I make use of the 203mm guns. Hope this can be informative on the changes and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Mogami Replay


  1. What a coincidence, I am close to unlocking the Mogami…..and poof, Notser
    video on the Mogami.

  2. You should try Mogami with 155mm guns and stock hull. There is like 1km
    stealth fire 🙂 I played Mogami with 203mm too, but guys in forum give me
    advice, that I should try 155mm and they are really, really good. Every
    battle like 100k damage, arsonist, witherer ;)

  3. “hey! this is notser” hey notser i’m boaz! sup

  4. Hi Notser, if you read this, could you give some advice on playing the
    Molotov. Just got it and I’m really struggling to properly help my team get
    a win

  5. 155mm anyday. Shell velocity is better.

  6. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    Hey , notser I think 155s are better!

  7. Notser what do you mean by “buffed gun arc”? Because the rework they did
    was that the rear turrets have now some extra rotation degrees. The shell
    arc hasn’t changed I think.

  8. Sir Orrin Productions

    Notser is rank 11 to? Why are we always at the same rank?

  9. The WOWs post said it was alot more degrees than 1-2
    Main turret 1 — +5 degrees for both sides of the ship
    Main turret 2 — +26 degrees for both sides of the ship
    Main turret 3 — +20 degrees for both sides of the ship
    Main turret 4 — +5 degrees for both sides of the ship
    Main turret 5 — +15 degrees for both sides of the ship
    Torpedo Tubes 2 — +10 degrees for one side of the ship

    that’s what the post said.

  10. I tried both builds, I like the 8″ guns more because of the faster turret
    traverse and also the bigger AP damage potential. With the 203s you can do
    over 15k per salvo quite easily if you get the broadside of another
    cruiser, while the 6″ guns bounce a lot even from lower tier opponents. HE
    salvos are quite similar, the 8″ guns fire slower but do more damage and
    have bigger chance of setting fires.

  11. Brian Lock (神通)

    CA wise……
    Japanese rely on Stealth
    USN not so much but still
    German and Ruskie not so much as for stealth buy you nothing, you go long
    range gun anyway

  12. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nah, to be fair, even Takao without heal is stronger than Mogami.

  13. im with you Notser i too miss the old skool 18km Aft/bft stealth 155mm x15
    gun mogami she will never be that OP again.

    oh but its okay WG buffed the range of Mikhail Kutuzov because reasons. >_>

  14. the nerf killed it for me , and it’s still being overlooked every patch as
    if nothing ever happened.

  15. 155mm allows stealthfire over 13,9 km with full concealment build (its only
    valid for A hull thx to WG dont care about fixing it)

  16. I’m using Steering mod. Honestly even with 10.4km stealth you are still
    very stealthy, and since you want to be firing your guns, turning becomes
    more important.

    Acceleration + steering mod for cruisers is a very powerful combination.

  17. 203 mm is a waste of time on this ship .

  18. use 155mm and stealthfire from 13 km :)

  19. Can someone tell me why everybody is thinking the secondary of the germans
    is the best?
    The Yamato is much better in secondary isnt it? I mean same range 653k
    damage per minute and the Große Kurfürst has only 468k damage per minute.
    So where is the differences that makes the german bbs secondary better than
    the japanese?

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