World of warships – Mogami

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Tryed out a lot of ships I haven’t played in a while and a Mogami was one of them, so here it is.


  1. Waiting to see the Mogami take on its American rival the upcoming USS Helena.
    Same with HMS Minotaur fight against USS Worcester.

  2. Any camo looks better on IJN ships that isn’t a sea cucumber….

  3. I completely agree, heals for T8 CAs. Mainly cos its often against T9/X CAs that have a heal and T9/X BBs that can pen you even when angled.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Yeah, sure
      And then because it’s fair, why don’t you give it to the T7, T6, T5, T4 and after that T3

      Remind me what is supposed to make Royal Navy Cruisers special?

    • You can make T8 heal less powerfull (less time, less heal, only 1-2 usage). It will still have effect in hight tiers battle but in the same time allow in low tiers battle to kill that CA without much problem.

      And as for RN CA … smoke?

    • Yeah it would make them more durable

    • Achim Hanischdörfer has a good point. While tier 8 is being tortured by mm compared to the rest just now as long as +2 mm remains a thing, when top tier tier 8 cruisers would be a bit ott with a heal…especially something like IFHE Mogami155. You just shift the problem down the ladder. Tier 8 cruisers get big boost in concealment from tier 7. Tier 9 gets heal. If it were +1 mm that would work fine imo but WG loves that +2 mm frustration to much to get rid of it.

  4. I’m not long after finally getting Mogami. My biggest gripe with it are those 155’s being back as an option cause IFHE. That Cpt will be going on to Ibuki and then Zao. He lives in the Atago so I have real issue with the thought of re-specing just for 1 set of guns on 1 ship that far up the line. If 8″ Mogami plays anything like Atago that’ll do me 🙂

    As for the idea of RP on tier 8 cruisers, Atago holds her own well up tiered due to heal and concealment and she’s a beast top tier. Tier 6’s v Atago are snack time. Imo the biggest issue lies with the mm. I don’t know if there was a big influx of players reaching tier 10 recently but the last 2 months have been especially evil to tier 8. I think it’s time WG admit defeat on +2mm. We’ve already seen +1mm help the lower tiers out a huge amount and their concerns about excessive que times didn’t come true. They also have enough variety of ships to allow a smaller que pool per tier. Easy to relax the mm rules during quiet times if they are so desperate to keep those que times down at all times. Even makes sense from a business side. +1 accross the board makes all their tier 5 & 6 premiums far more attractive. Just my 2 cents

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