World of Warships – Monday Rules – Tier 6 DD Top EXP Challenge Winner

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Welcome to Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for last week’s challenge is Strikerman1, who managed an AWESOME amount of base EXP in a Farragut. Congrats! So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at the replay and this week’s challenge.

♦No Challenge for this week♦

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

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  1. That was some good gameplay. I figured that the winner would have a cap or
    two in there. They just give stupid amounts of exp right now.

    Quick question though, are you going to make a video over the test sever?
    Seeing as how I missed the stream tonight, I only have the information from
    the forums and its…. worrying….

  2. +IChaseGaming I’m trying to do an armor angling experiment in comparing
    head on angling versus 15-25 deg angling. But I need access to a practice
    room like the one you used in your invisi-firing vid could you let me know
    how you accessed a training/practice room? I have a theory that ships take
    more damage head on than at an angle. I suspect shells are more apt to hit
    the deck when taken from the front. I’d let you know what turns up in the

  3. whats with that FOV ?

  4. Will you make video, about update 0.5.3, because I’m not so sure about many
    things, new perks, abilities, nerfing AA

  5. I have bad new for all CA player a big neft is coming their changing the
    advance fire training to 155mm to 139mm why wargame I was on the public
    test and for fast reload only 139mm and turret traverse to 139mm

  6. another excellent challenge video ty! question – is there a place in the
    detail report that shows base cap related experience?

  7. Brian Lock (神通)

    But why risking got sink by other deatroyer, go to the cap will 100% met
    other DD, just not save to cap unless got whole team backing up you.

  8. Funny because I had a kuma game the other day with 2 assited captures and 3
    full captures and kraken but it didn’t even get over 3000 XP. I got
    something like 2700.
    Odd game this is.

  9. What subject do you tutor?

  10. I like your channel, but your audio comes across so low compared to the

  11. Is it me or is fov set pretty high in this one?

  12. Here is my YouTube video of my 4322 Base XP game with Hatsuharu. Could not
    compete due to this not being latest release. I have the screenshot showing
    the Base XP in the video.

  13. I was trying to turn the video around thinking it’s 360 degree video
    and then I remembered this is youtube

  14. Monday rules on a Tuesday. smh

  15. My highest exp game was 4k, and when I saw that in my record, my first
    thought was “When did that happen?” Must have had a cap happy game and
    didn’t even realize it.

  16. Ha, what class are you in?

  17. got the same base exp in hatsuharu, 4 alone caps 3 cap assist and 3 kills

  18. I like the vid,most of them actually, I’m interested to know what your
    opinion is on the latest update, especially concerning CVs vs AA seeing as
    that is where the biggest changes seem to be. I’m looking at them and
    thinking they don’t want CVs being played.

  19. IJN gunboat challenge? :P

  20. I got goosebumps when you read out the base exp. 4106. I have that *exact*
    number as my highest base exp gain from a Kiev game.

  21. I was thinking, Season 3 of ranked is almost at the end and I have seen
    quite a lot of people asking what should they do in this mod. So, for the
    next challenge, why not introduced a ranked battle one. Like get the most
    kills, or damage or xp

  22. Hi

    Just Hi

    What are you doing here?go up

    I say Go Up!!!!

    GO UP!!!!

    Okay,you beat me……..

  23. “A bit later on”- 80 target hits and a fire later, QQ

  24. I cant play my farragut or any US DD any more since the shell arc/velocity
    nerf. The Russian DDs have replaced them in the gunnery DD role for me

  25. With Hatsu and above IJN DD’s I have more kills with guns than torps.. Not
    damage, but kills..
    Have a bad habit of torping people to under 3k health and not killing them.

  26. wow that’s an amazing game! thanks for the challenge chase I was able to
    finish my farragut and unlock mahan. w00t!

  27. I had a 5K base XP game once. This was from basically resetting the cap for
    7 solid minutes in my DD while desperately dodging and weaving.

    Needless to say just before we won (by capping the enemy base) some random
    on my team was raging at me in chat for not defending the cap and costing
    us the game ^^

  28. I had a 3+k xp (base) mutsuki round with two assists and three full
    caps…but wholy hell that’s a lot of xp

  29. I had a rather good game in my Sims last week, I did good damage, 3 x torp
    hits (the long range ones with only about 6k max damage) and 197 gun hits,5
    x fires, two of which burned for a long time, and also capped one point. I
    earned 3948 xp (again, none premium account). At first I hated the Sims and
    did really badly in it and hardly played it. but then after watch your vids
    and others (Flamu) I realised I was doing it wrong and my win rate in it is
    steadily increasing. It was under 40% at one point, but now with 112 games
    it’s up to 48%. My overall average is 57% so you can see just how badly I
    was doing in it :)

  30. Holy jebus, that xp!
    well played, and I know what I have to do with my DD’s from now on

  31. Huh, that’s the highest base XP game I ever saw. I’d venture to say a lot
    of that comes from playing the objective (base cap, base defense). Awesome
    game though.

  32. Chase could you tell me how you know the exp values im interested

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