World of Warships- More Nonsense From The FDR

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Hey guys, today we have some more silliness and ridiculousness from the FDR, enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. GhostRyder 2029

    Man I remember when I first saw the changes to thunderer and Stalingrad and thought FDR maybe even Austin and Smolensk would get shoved on the chopping block next but I guess not

    • Wargaming loves to nerf ships that are too popular. “balance” the game. FDR is Steel ship so less people have it ( and CV’s are their pet project so … ). This is why Thunderer is now on the shopping block ( now that everybody got it and spend their coal on it ).

    • @Ben Jiro better late than never

    • Simple causes FDR, Austin and Smolensk are all balanced ship. Sure they are toxic but OP? No
      dunno about Stalingrad nerf tho, that’s a pepega

    • Wouldn’t say Austin was OP. If it had smoke, yes, but no it’s very squishy for T10

  2. Steve Martiniussen

    Why do War Gaming appear to be intent on pissing off the player community.

    • Steve Martiniussen

      @The Bradford hahaha

    • @The Bradford Just because not everyone is playing cv doesnt mean that the class is not broken it clearly is but not everyone is a dick and also throws money at wg to get to all the op ships. It is a circle of doom that only wg can fix since thats how humans are always trying to have an advantage other others to prevail.Im recently getting chatbanned all th etime onl ybecause of cv and if i face a fdr it always ends in a rage and me quitting th egame if i am th epicked victim it is frustrating as hell and not fair at all cant deny that.

    • @Franz CVs are not a broken class, there’s 2 OP CVs ands that’s FDR and enterprise, the rest are fine some are in need of buffs such as the British CVs

    • @The Bradford cv need to get buffed haha ur brain needs a buff

    • @Franz British CVs do, that’s why they keep buffing them. Your ability not see anything over ‘waaah CV bad waaah’ shows your level of cognitive ability to think.

  3. FDR is a flying Zao, flying Smolensk and flying Kitakami stack on each other.

    • @Danhvn The problem is she can deal a lot of damages without any risk. The Austin can deal the same amount of damages but with huge amount of risk so almost no one complaining about Austin being OP.

    • @Hieu Gibson uhh
      That’s like any CV, not only FDR.

    • @Danhvn But other CVs can only drop 1-3 drop per squad, and if u group up, u can lower it to 1 drop per squad. FDR can do at least 2 drop even if u group up, and if u caught alone, she can drop again and again until you’re dead.

    • @Hieu Gibson
      Of course, FDR tanks AA the best, doesn’t means she’s the best ship
      And if you’re alone, any other CVs can shit on you even harder cause they are not limited by speed and 25s between strikes unlike FDR

    • @Danhvn Anyway, FDR is the strongest CV in the game and since CVs are the most broken class in the game so i can tell FDR is the most broken ship in the game.

  4. You just witnessed spreadsheets balans, nothing wrong there, the data said it’s okay.

    • Indeed, of all the steel ships, FDR has the lowest winrate
      And she has lower damage than Bourgogne, Shikishima and Slava despite being a damage farming ship.
      Wonder why

    • @Danhvn Damn, comparing ships that take advantage of broadsides to do huge alpha strikes to a carrier that can spot/strike/carry all alone. Talk about comparing apples to oranges. Yeah, THANK GOD it doesn’t do more damages than actual ships that take risks and require a bit more of skill to play. Not even mentionning that Shiki/Slava/Bourgogne have actual weaknesses, while FDR….well, does it? With FDR you can stay near its supposed counter (Halland) and litteraly not give a shit, wow much weakness. Also the FDR has the best WR and damages of all TX carriers.

    • @Project_MATO it carries so well, it has the lowest win rate out of all steel ships

    • @Project_MATO of course she has higher win rate than other CVs, she’s a steel ship after all

  5. Got into a 8 Thunderer 2 FDR 2 Stalingrad game today, decided to call it a day after that match. Thanks WeeGee

  6. Had a game in my kremlin, got focused by an FDR from the start of the game and managed to get 120K AA damage with like 30 plane kills and he still killed me before anyone else shot me

  7. If the cv class is the spawn of satin then the FDR is satin himself

  8. That’s just one of the reasons I don’t hold heals if the game is not truly and unchangeably over. If I’m not spotted and I can heal before another engagement, I will do so, so that when the next one starts, it will either be almost done with it’s cool down or is off cool down altogether.

  9. I just LOL when you did 2x 30K damage on 2 Thunderers lol.

  10. I miss the 457s on conqueror always used them

  11. The fact that Thunderer is getting nerfs gives me hope that FDR will get some as well.

  12. SLM – you should start a segment called ‘ask the players’ where you have a 5 minute discussion with regular players (not other youtuber or career gamers) on their stance on the game – would be cool to hear regular players opinions

    • @Renimus Maximus I personally would prefer a video on Youtube with say a game from them playing in the background discussing their opinion but what ever i suppose 🙂

    • You guys really think “regular” players would have a different opinion on Thunderer or FDR?
      What is a “career” gamer btw. You mean those KOTS Clan players aka those players who really really frigging know this game in all its details?

      I mean, I play CV from time to time. I do it just to get a brake from regular WoWs games. It’s certainly relaxing to just fly around in your planes without feeling any real fear of suddenly getting my ship deleted. Honestly, play german CVs and you stop calling ALL CVs being OP. Sure Immelmann is a bit broken currently but aside from that ship only Richthofen is a real “damage” CV. In all other german CVs you really need to concentrate on what you do and where you fly into, ’cause of this very low German plane health.
      However, even when not doing so well in damage numbers, I still easily can ruin the day of almost any DD in the game just by keeping it spotted. That’s something no other ship class can do in the game and that’s such an overpowered feature….it’s not even funny.
      CVs are terribly broken and there’s tons of reasons why they are BANNED from every competitive tournament aside from those solely controlled by wargaming and they friggin know it. It’s probably just like it’s going to be with Submarines. They spend so many resources into the development of the class, it has to be a monetary success. They are a company and companies do need to earn money and they can’t afford to spend months and months of work hours into which doesn’t print them money. So they somehow need to make the class enjoyable for those who play it. Even if it ruins the game for everyone else. Playing any ship class in a round without a CV is suddenly so much more enjoyable. You immediately get an increased range of tactical movements to pull of. It’s sad…just sad how much a single ship impacts the game.

    • @rantanplan178 yes because a lot of the career gamers who play this game at competitive levels for money or have YouTube channels to where money becomes involve can distort there views

      I.e some YouTube only see ships from a ‘competitive’ point of view for example a lot of them say secondary builds are the not a optimum build and they don’t use them (both post and pre commander rework) but we do because there fun. You see this attitude in flamu videos where he describes ships as either trash or broken OP whereas others who do well in the ‘trash’ ships would beg to differ on his analysis on calling the ship trash.

      I mean no offence to SLM buts he not pro players who knows every Knuck and cranny of this game but we all listen to him and value his opinion so why not some regular players to? He has a good platform and if it’s a good idea why not?

      Everyone has different opinions, for example some pro players call for the complete removal of CVs whereas I enjoy CVs in the game, they were part of WW2 and this is a WW2 naval action game and I like to see them in it and other regular players have different opinions on that too. i mean theres a good perspective, some players view this as a complete PVP whereas other view the more historical experience.

      Same can go for where the game is going with operations, submarines, ranked system extra. Why not hear regular gamers opinions on these things. I mean WG is more likely to build the game for regular players not the pro ones as it’s ‘regulars’ who will make up the majority of WOW revenues

    • @The Bradford Everyone has different opinions yes. Let me ask you a question. If you want to hear an opinion about your medical health, would you rather like to hear the opinion of someone who read a wikipedia article or someone who’s daily job is to work in health care aka a “doctor”?
      I mean, no offense but having an opinion doesn’t automatically qualify a valid judgement. I had an opinion about wargaming after playing the first evening, I had an opinion about wargaming after playing 500 battles and I have one now. I can’t say my opinion differs much from those “pro gamers” and fulltime “youtubers”. Wargaming is a 12v12 arcade team game. It’s by definition a competitive game. Sure people have different perspectives but saying some would play it solely for the “historical experience” is ridiculous. Everything about the game is so far away from actual naval warfare of the time, it’s not even funny. There’s the ships and they look nice and that’s it for the historical atmosphere. I mean, you don’t play a CV to attack ships with rockets, because you enjoy the “historical experience”. That’s so hilarious. I guess I know what you mean however. For a lot of people WoWs is just a little quick game, they like to play for half an hour to relax, to relief some pressure, to have a break from another game, or various other reasons. Not everyone is an “all-in” hurrican league unicum player. Yes, those players may have a different view on the game. You know why though? Because they lack the experience to give a better judgement. I don’t mean to say everyone who thinks CV belong to the game simply lack experience. I think CVs should be part of the game. The point is, the current CV mechanics are just horrible for any other ship class. What do you enjoy about CVs in the game? I am curious. What makes it fun to have a CV in any given round?

      I guess I never said SLM is a super pro player nor do I think he ever considered himself to be on this level. He’s not the only one having this opinion about CVs and especially not FDR. Like…you need to dig really hard to find a player who thinks FDR is a fair and balanced ship, but who knows, maybe I just have found me someone. (let’s not forget it’s mainly about FDR in this video)

      Look, I don’t wanna nor do I can take your opinion away from you or tell you, you are not allowed to have one of your own. I just think the majority of regular players think CVs are broken. It’s really not that hard to get a feel for that. Just play the game on any given day. The amount of collective hate towards CV players is saddening. If this may people think, something’s wrong, then maybe…just maybe something is actually wrong. Just a thought.

    • ​@rantanplan178 Comparing WoW to been a medical professional is a stupid comparison, you don’t need a 7 years of recognised experiences and a degree to have a good understanding of video game. I can to a friend who has 2k battles in wow for help in a game, I don’t need to go to a professional gamer for it.

      I would class myself as a regular player with 5k battles, money invested in the game and good stats, does that not qualify as a valid judgement. In a video game everyone has a valid judgment as this is a game not brain surgery, so don’t try using that analogy. That basically PQ analogy as “everyone do as I say or your dumb” and its arrogant.
      The main reason I play this game and the main reason my friends play this game is because its historical based in WW2, without that naval historical expieracne feeling, we wouldn’t be playing it, so no its not ridiculous – why do you think people keep asking for more historicasl ships compared to paper ones?
      It’s a game its doesn’t need real world physics.

      I enjoy CV and the reason being first – the historical, CVs were part of WW2 and played the main role in the pacific, dive bombing ships and slamming them torpedoes is fun. When I have a none toxic team, I like that team playing aspect of spotting for them, providing allied DDs with additional info, providing fighter cover when I see ships that need it, and that they appreciate it. Adds to that team playing mentaility – I would personally like to see CV become more Team based with say dropping short duration smoke screens, or even water on bbs on fire (both happened historically)

      When playing DD,CA, or DD CVs are no issue to me because I play CVs myself and hence know their weaknesses and drawbacks and hence know how to mitigate there damage compared to gamers who say “ill never play CV”, its like congrats then, you will just continue to call them OP when you have no idea what your talking about. Its simple want to know how to deal with CVs? Play them. Learn their weaknesses and drawbacks, understand the challenges and decision they have to make.

      Even CVs player don’t think the FDR is balanced (neither do i) but here we are, theres plenty of ‘OP’ ships in the game.
      Its important to mention plenty of ‘none CV’ players think CVs are broken, CV players themselves don’t think the CV (tech tree) are broken, however majority agree the FDR is. CVs as a class are not broken, they suffer from a image problem that is all, if they had more tools to be a team player, it would mitigate this.

  13. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    To clarify some things

    1. “You’re complaining about an OP ship while playing an OP ship”
    -Yes, as I mentioned I was playing Thunderer to record B-Roll for the “Thunderer is Getting Nerfed Again” video. Anyone who has watched this channel for any stretch of time should know that I have no love for the Thunderer, and I am certainly not saying she is weak in this video.

    2. “Why didn’t you heal?”
    -I stated in the video that this was a mistake, I should have popped it earlier when I went to form up with the Montana. I was too preoccupied with riding AR. I might have lived for another salvo or two but the FDR could have easily taken me out with his choice of Torpedo Wall or Dresden Strike. I doubt it would have had a major impact on the outcome, but it was a mistake.

    Also to clarify, I am not hating on the FDR player, it’s not his fault the ship is busted. He did his job and his team won. As I have stated before when talking about ships with balancing issues, it is not the players fault the ship has issues.

    • aleksei solntsev

      torpedo wall or Dresden strike 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Jesus people are bitching about how you play? Its you’re channel dude do what you want.

    • Matthew Fanolis

      I have all the British BB’s I rarely play them I play my Massachusetts BB59..

    • Of all the ships you call OP , this is the only one that is truly OP

    • Not to beat a dead horse here, but CVs should be treated like Submarines have been. Special events only. I understand the contributions that Naval Aviation has made to warfare and strategy in the 20th and 21st century, but this game is the last bastion for fans of “what could have been” in terms of naval warfare. I would welcome the removal of CVs from the game. If players are willing to abandon the game because of this they are welcome to go play World of Warplanes or War Thunder. Sorry, not sorry.

  14. FDR to powerful for its own good, Cv’s really do take the fun out of playing.

  15. The FDR is so laughably OP, it makes other OP ships seem balanced.

  16. Demetrio Donmelio

    you know its funny because sometimes i dont even set one fire with my thunderer with all 8 shells hitting, RNG hates me..

  17. CVs drop so many bombs now I can’t tell if he’s dropping them on me or my pc just crashed

  18. One time, I got killed by a single squadron from a FDR in my Yamato. Think about it.

  19. Reinhardt Rossouw

    Panzerknacker shared a video on Youtube, 31 citadel hits. No, it was a Petro…… about OP.

  20. Raphaël Huwyler

    I must say, thanks. You tried to use the correct pronounciation for Henri IV. You have earned my respect as a frenchman.

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