World of Warships – Moskva – Soviet Laser

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Meet the Moskva, Soviet tier 10 laser cannon 😀 I talk a bit about the ship, her ideal targets and her pros and cons. Also discussed is the Moskva’s radar and how that might impact gunboat DDs. If you got any questions do leave them in the comments section below. Otherwise, enjoy!

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  1. Do you play World of Tanks as well?

  2. I thought a bit about the german pocket battleships or the US Alaska-class
    in the game. How would they be played? Weak points? Strong sides?

  3. o_o that dispersion is like a BB I swear… sometimes it’s accurate, most
    of the time it’s not. And 6 r/min… that’s amazing for 220mm

    Edit: I’d think a better name for it would be “The Executioner” xD just
    because of its size, caliber guns, and RoF

  4. Man I love your vids! Keep em coming! 😀 (I Also LOVE this game, lol)

  5. A lot of battlecruisers had pretty much battleship belt armour but longer
    in length and a narrower profile for the speed. So will be more than likely
    in the BB lines such is the Amagi and Kongo and such.

  6. This is cool but when are they going to bring out the British line of
    ships? They owned the sea’s for a long time. Oh well keep them coming.

  7. ichase isn’t the reload nerfed ? is this an older replay ?

  8. Seems that Moskva does not fire HEs in most of the cases, even if against
    Does that mean we can give up 4-1 and use these 4 points to 4-2 or 4-3?

  9. Funny the Russians had to get to the 1950s to compete against US/IJN ships
    in the early 1940s.

  10. Yay I’m in the video! (TeslaChicken)

  11. Those fast shell flight times are going to make USN cruisers even more
    irrelevant than before. With a 3 k range advantage and a flight time that
    the USN gets at only half that range they will be lambs at the slaughter.
    Also fast guns like this are the worst enemy of nimble DDs.
    All WG had to do was was cap DDs to 4 per team and the issue is resolved

  12. and another buff to those pesky max-range-torping DDs (= shimakaze). sort

  13. hey chase, what you said about the batlecruisers. The british batlecruiser
    did have more or less cruiser armor, but the german batlecruisers where
    designed to hunt cruisers but als be capeble of fighting alongside th
    battleships in the batle line. the early british BC’s had about 150 mm
    thick armor while the first german batlecruiser(von der tann) had 250mm
    thick armor. and all the later BC’s had the same thickness or thicker armor

    Roeno1997/ Rein(greatings from the Netherlands)

  14. @12:00 you should repair fire before repairing your ship. if you know what
    I mean

  15. Proximity range can be reduced by concealment expertise right? How about
    assurred acquisition by radar, acquisition mod, or hydroaccoustic?

  16. almost each match in tier 8-10 has half of each team filled with DDs, yet
    players are still thinking radar is a bad thing for the game ballance

  17. Umm, Gearing is capable of permanently invisi-firing, just it’s low shell
    velocity limits the range in which that mechanic is actually useful. Lol,
    the Shimakaze if it wants to, can setup just like a Gearing and invisi-fire
    – albeit with less range and much lower DPM, still I think I may actually
    set my Shimakaze up in such a manner once I get one.

    Because the torpedoes will ALWAYS be good. And while you can buff them,
    that still doesn’t get rid of the nearly 2 minutes of down time after
    launching a full spread.

  18. Seriously, worried about a 25 SECOND radar sweep?

    Pick any DD, and I guarantee that for 25 seconds, provided you don’t panic
    and do something REALLY stupid, dodging any and all fire that is likely to
    come, again within 25 SECONDS – will be VERY EASY TO DEAL WITH!

    All Radar means is that when you are lit for those 25 seconds, get ready to
    evade, and of you want to keep your stealth do not shoot past the first 5

  19. 5:43 Ummm, whenever I am THAT broad to, really ANY cruiser in my Kutuzov,
    they usually don’t even have to try to deal over 5k damage….

    This is the third game I have watched total on the Moskva, and in all of
    them IT SEEMS as if the AP just does not penetrate very reliably, or if it
    does, the damage just is not at all reliable…

    I mean comparing what I have seen the Hindenburg, Zao, and Des Moines do
    with their AP, and even HE in the Zao, it just LOOKS like the Moskva
    doesn’t do nearly as well as I would have thought 220mm AP would, and the
    HE, despite being rated at 3100 max damage, seems to do equal or less
    damage than the Des Moines/Baltimore with their 2700 max damage HE.

    Though to be fair: This is early on and still not released. And were you to
    compare the Moskva at this point in time to the Hindenburg when it was just
    as new, the Moskva looks FAR better than the Hindenburg did at first!

  20. why you are trying to shoot the bow of the baltimore and des moines? you
    can’t pen him! just him at this bridge or switch to HE, you are taking fire
    while you are doing nothing.

    and also, you can tank in and get a shot on his boardside

  21. Radar isnt that big of a deal in random games. Flamu who announced the use
    didnt get much response from the team or they didnt understand what he was
    doing. Radar will be much stronger in RB&TB.

    Whining about gunboats are not good any more is also a mistery for me. I
    open fire with them as soon it is not stupid to do so and then Iam open the
    entire time until I decide its time to run.

  22. Ichase where is my replay :/

  23. What the hell is that piece of ship?!

  24. Đức Việt Nguyễn

    the more I watch the more I think Moskva is not OP at all, if not a little
    bit hard to play.

    btw can you do the tier 6 Budyonny next? I heard that it’s quite OP.

  25. This is a medium cruiser apparently

  26. one thing they could put in to counter radar is chaff

  27. It would be neat to see Battlecruiser Lexi and Hood perhaps

  28. hmm Moskva or Zao?

  29. dalirio rodrigues


  30. Can you do a mod pack video? Please please.

    Love the vids keep it up.

  31. gg iChase on that battle. heh imma get moskva. I think the best counter to
    moskva is Des Moines :P

  32. If this is how comrade Stalin interpret a cruiser (moskva size = 4/5 of
    yamato), how big will his fantasy BB look like

  33. Honestly… that shell velocity is just… I don’t know. It seems like the
    USSR cruisers are getting really good stats in the areas where they are
    important. Long range coupled with super high velocity guns, a decent fire
    chance, pretty good AA (and in some cases better AA than USN tier
    equivalent), has torpedoes at most tiers, longest range radar…. I’m not
    saying they are OP, but it certainly seems like they have a lot going for

    As far as radar goes…. I honestly don’t want it added to the game. It
    seems like a hack job attempt to try and reign in DDs at the higher tiers.
    And I do believe it will hurt USN DD’s more than any other nation. IJN DD’s
    can torp from outside the radar range. While this means they will be less
    accurate, they can still do so. USN cannot except for the Gearing.

  34. the moskva fire rate with that shell arc is fucking disgusting

  35. Moskva needs a rate of fire nerf by atleast 15-20%; its arcs are way too
    flat and fast. And return Baltimore/DM New Orleans and Clevelands to their
    160mm barbet/turret armor. 152mm of Barbet/turret armor does very little
    even against 203mm guns let alone this monstrosity.

  36. The moskva was designed to counter the des moines

  37. There’s already battlecruisers in the game with the Kongo and Amagi classes

    If yer talking about ships like the Deutschland and Alaska classes, then
    yes, it would be interesting to see how it would affect gameplay

  38. Moskva designers’ favorite movie was Jaws: You are going to need a bigger

  39. What’s better? Tier 5 USN DD or Tier 5 RN DD?

  40. Fun fact.

    Project 66 Moskva
    Length: 252.5 m
    Beam: 31.6 m

    Length: 256 m
    Beam: 36.9 m

    Soviets considered the Moskva a MEDIUM cruiser.
    (Kirov to Chapayev are considered “LIGHT”)

    The Soviet’s interpretation of a HEAVY cruiser is the Project 82 Stalingrad
    Which 62 cal 12 Inch guns can outrange Yamato’s 18 inch guns by almost 10
    Moskva was ultimately cancelled in favor of Stalingrad because STALIN loved
    big ships.

    36,500 metric tons (35,900 long tons) (standard) 42,300 metric tons (41,600
    long tons) (full load)

    273.6 m (897 ft 8 in)

    32 m (105 ft 0 in)

    9.2 m (30 ft 2 in)

    Installed power:
    280,000 shp (208,796 kW)

    4-shaft TV-4 geared steam turbines 12 water-tube boilers

    35.5 knots (65.7 km/h; 40.9 mph)

    You do not want to know what types of Battleships Stalin wanted in 1950

  41. i don’t think radar will be too bad. It isnt at all tiers is mostly why,,
    and not every ship will have it.

    I use an ‘escort fletcher’. I smoke and use AA to support and scout for my
    allies in channels. Shimas could manage staying way out of the way of radar
    when they are torp boats. It also provides a lot of benefit to the old US
    DD style of play where we avoided any open water and tried to ambush since
    our torps were all so close range. This will be especially frustrating for
    moskvas as they have no shell arc while our shells can take a trip to the
    stratosphere before hitting our target on the other side of an island.
    Finally, it will eliminate that worry of a tier 2 dd being max stealth at
    like 5.5, killing a montana

  42. So Mr Ichase so-called gaming. Any idea when these things release for us

  43. So tell me, what exactly does radar do in this game? i havn’t been keeping
    up with development

  44. invisi-firing is far from dead….. just ask the Benson’s and Fetcher’s i
    have run into in my amagi….

  45. Good ol’ paper ships.

  46. Hey, chase if you respond that would be nice and I want to ask you a couple
    questions, not really like interrogation but just a friendly thing.

  47. Can’t wait to get my own it looks beautiful

  48. are you on the public test server cuz how are you doing playing the ship is
    not out yet

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