World of Warships – Most popular DD in game?

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Shimakaze is probably the most popular DD in the game to this day. Occasionally WG will release stats on popular and Shima is always at the top.

Popular questions: Why? Is this DD really THAT good? Can you show us some Shima ?

Well, here it is. Shimakaze has the best concealment for tier 10 ship of 5,6km, it’s equipped with 15 hard hitting torps, but they can be seen from far away, guns are also bad.

I personally believe that players think this DD will bring them the best chances of scoring torps simply because there are a lot of them and they ignore the fact that most torps will be avoided due to their bad concealment but as Old Man would say “throw enough sh&t at the wall and some of it is gonna stick”.

Imo there are a lot better DDs in the game at tier 10 that Shima but can Shima work? Ofc it can, anything can work if played properly.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I have been enjoying Orkan lately, quite specialized, but I just love brawling other dd’s for caps

  2. I remember watching this on stream. Told you to torp the CV.

  3. IRL, the Type 93 Long Lance was *less detectable* by lookouts than conventional torpedoes, because the oxygen-enriched air supply left less of a bubble wake. The bubbles were mostly the majority nitrogen component of air, which was not useful for propulsion. Only electric torpedoes eliminated the wake entirely at the time, but had less performance and were intended primarily for attacking merchants.

    • Clayton Whitman

      @TIN LAP YUEN WG uses the excuse that WoWS is an arcade game whenever it suits them, an ignores historical facts in favor of their own inflated egos and opinions.

    • @Clayton Whitman we should buff the yueyang torps so they do 30k damage each.

    • @Clayton Whitman So you’d be fine with all Japanese cruisers and destroyers detonating when hit midships?

    • Yeah, but WG doesn’t give a crap about historical accuracy. An Iowa Class battleship put 7 shells in an japanese destroyer from 30 km. Yet it’s dispersion in game is just a bit better than average. Not to mention the soviet navy existing vs the Italian regina marina.

    • Clayton Whitman

      @dexecuter18 SIGH,… that is not my point, and I never said anything like that. Quit assuming, or putting words in peoples mouths, you will find a lot less stress and BS in life if you get out of that habit. WG uses the arcade excuse to make things that are not even close to historically accurate or proportionate when it suits them, and then goes 180 degrees and says they are trying to be historically accurate when it suits them. Basically they are wishy washy AF (THEY LIE ALL THE TIME TO SUIT THEMSELVES). They have zero integrity left. And it’s pointless to argue or discuss any point with them because they are so arbitrary and make shit up as they go along. THAT is my point. They can’t make any claim to any amount of consistency of historical “closeness” across the board at all anymore.

  4. Let us remember that shima is the most popular for _multiple_ reasons

  5. Torp of the morning to ya. As Always, great vid.

  6. I always knew Flambass was a gentle hearted nice guy – launching salvoes of pre-emptive life rafts just in case – I mean how public spirited in these troubled times can you get? Turns out the Shimakaze can launch lots of life rafts at a time, so all the better! Jolly good thing you happened to be on hand to help out that poor carrier too.

  7. “You can hear him flooding from 14km away”— improved IJN hydro

  8. This is a great show but your enemy team played too much like it was coop…sailing in a straight line, torps are seen and you are capping but enemy CV never sends planes to your way, enemy CV is spotted but doesn’t figure out that it might be the dd that capped and flooded those ships on one flank…typically, if enemy CV detects that one of the dd is a shimakaze, I think it sends a secret thank you upstairs and sends planes right at the start…I have never ever seen this bad an enemy team on the SEA server

    • Avi M SEA server are full of cowardly camping idiots.

    • The first 2 min he was spotted, poped smoke….then 3 enemy ships sailed broadside to a shim smoke screen, never slowing or turning!!! Id pay money for a enemy team like that 😉

  9. Ricky Breckenridge

    Well those 15 life rafts will send you to the bottom. 🤣😂 I still roll in a Kamikaze.

  10. Funny how them ships just kept going straight ! When I play Shima everyone is zigzagging like crazy and as an average potato I struggle to hit anything… Typicaly DD’s also spots torps and warns everyone. I find Playing Shima can be a tad boring , too long of a reload time, fire then most of the time not hitting anything and waiting another 2mins for reload… 💤 lately I prefer the Halland, don’t necessarily do more dmg but hit more torps so at least you get that satisfying tump!

  11. I tend to play my IJN destroyers with torpedo hits being a secondary concern – what those big, powerful, long range torps are for is map control – forcing enemies to turn to give up broadside to my big guns, pushing enemy cruisers away from caps, what have you. Hits can and will come because there are plenty of t8-10 taters, but…I send greater than half my salvos because i just dont want an enemy ship in a place.
    Also, her guns are way underrated. Kite and kill works nicely on enemy DDs who will go all bloodthirsty when they see an IJN DD.

  12. One of the most potato CV captains I have ever seen. Zero situational awareness.

  13. Michael Søndergaard

    fantastic to see another dd in action and one of the favorits of the game.

  14. How do you want your CV today, sir?
    – Well torped, please.

  15. lol when you said you were going to be more careful about hitting a boat with your torps i thought of a story about the danish navy in 1982 shooting down 4 summer houses with a rocket

  16. I need a game with this kind of damage to get my directive mission for 190k damage lmao. I always do consistently high damage but never tooooo high.

  17. Flambass:”i don’t like shima”
    Also Flambass: *plays the most masterful Shima game i’ve ever seen*

  18. I still like the good old fashioned Gearing myself. It just does everything, Torps, Guns, and Capping!! Its alot of fun!

  19. “I feel like I’m carrying 15 lighthouses packed with explosives because everybody can see them coming…” Yet he landed 13 of them and did 225k damage. 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s amusing yet really annoying to watch unicums play ships they don’t like or think underperform and just absolutely wreck face.

  20. Oraciana Knight

    Flambass: *Launched torpedoes*
    My brain: *Press Z out of habit*

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