World of Warships – Nagato Fleet Push

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Nagato on Two Brothers pushes the eastern flank with a couple friendly ships. We encounter a couple destroyers and a cruiser, the team continues to push as a unit to the enemy spawn area. Enemy cruisers retreat to defend their spawn area, but our team does a good job working together and taking down the enemy. The enemy battleships are slow to react and must fight a pretty healthy group. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Japanese Battleship Nagato Replay


  1. J-Angelo Vasquez

    How do you see the bullets when traveling without firing again?

  2. stronk team! : )

  3. Tis EcoDragon from yesterday here to sub as promised!!!! hope to battle
    against you again sometime

  4. Great video and just at the right time for me too, I just bought the
    I have researched the propulsion upgrade and B hull but don’t have the
    funds to purchase them yet.
    Its not so easy when your grinding multiple ship lines and classes at the
    same time, the Pepsi Cola and Mutsuki are researched and also waiting for
    credits and I’m a game or two of XP away from researching the North
    Carolina and then have to pony up to buy that.

  5. Nice game, team work is so rare, generally everyone does what that BB up
    north in your game did, run away and hide, so they not only die tired but
    alone as well 🙂
    Fully agree about the UI issues, the zoom on the mini map stops way to
    small, I need ti big so I can glance at it and see whats what, generally I
    have to squint and try to find myself then see where the target is to check
    his angle for best ammo type next time he shows, and its all so small by
    the time I find that all out he’s done a full circle and run away 🙂
    My monitor is 3440 x 1440 and I’d dearly like to be able to increase the UI
    size, especially with all the extra info on the mini map, I like the extra
    info but its now even harder to see what I want at a glance due to its

  6. Very nice job +Notser esp considering one of your Nagatos just went to the
    top corner of the map. Can’t understand those people.

  7. Could you play some German cruisers? I would be the happiest guy in the
    world if you did!

  8. Carry harder bruh 😉 😛 GJ bud, great vid as always!!

  9. lee christmasgaming

    Is there any way that you can angle against torpedoes so that they don’t
    cause has much damage and/or a flood?

  10. Trying to push when the team just run away T10 battles make me want to
    smack the heck out of the team

  11. Good game, keep them coming.

  12. Notser, most of the times torpedoes hitting the bulge don’t cause flooding,
    its a pretty common case for battleships 😉 And you are right about the
    resolution, I tried playing this on my 50 inch TV and it sucks, I cant read
    anything from 4 feet away. So back to small PC monitor with 1080p.

  13. Yesterday our 3-Nagato division had a glorious win vs 2-Iowa divison. Cause
    for some reason, the super duper intelligent matchmaker gave our team 2
    more players… lel

    Matchmaker FTW!

  14. 11:36 lolz

  15. the real star of the battle was that Nagato at A10 with 53 XP

  16. That hinidi is a DPS beast and he just sat way at the back doing nothing.
    Granted there was not a lot of ships to help him but he didnt help them
    either. He might have been this guy I had on my team yesterday on Tears.
    While team was pressing red base he sailed right into the far corner
    avoiding combat and team got wrecked. He started to fight after everyone
    was dead and missed a broad grounded des moines for a full minute at 9 k.

  17. Love your videos Notser!

  18. Can you maybe make a series of game wich didn’t go perfect and explain what
    went wrong? because i’m really struggling with improving in wows ._.

  19. oi notser, if i made an account on na, would u like to teamup with me and
    carry me to rank1?

  20. arigato nagato

  21. so you were playing in 1440? I upgraded to a 3440×1440 monitor. it’s 21:9
    and the first few weeks and still I’m having a hard with aiming. the tick
    marks are way off scale. is this a resolution problem or a aspect ratio
    problem? a good example would be when I am aiming at a fuso from my fuso I
    would put the 7 or 8 mark on the bow, well now it’s the 15 mark or so. I’ve
    changed to the dynamic sites and it’s better but it’s like learning all
    those number over again. I used to have a list in my head of how much to
    lead on what ships. but when 1 tick doesn’t mean 1 sec at 20knts any more
    it gets confusing.

  22. Notser you check out test yet and see all the changes to the Upgrades
    coming? Look forward to your new video covering all the upgrades after it
    goes live of course.

  23. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    The BB that sailed directly to the north-east corner was probably rented
    out to a tourist group for sight seeing trip.

  24. the Nagato can be a frustrating ship to play at times, but man can she dish
    out punishment. Good game.

  25. When I play my ijn battle ship I like to be up in their faces so I use a
    secondary build I work great with my play still

  26. Dick butt Nick butt

    you can scale up the mini map with + – on the keyboard

  27. james wilkinson (wilky1000)

    Can anyone help me please, my WOWS is not working, every time it loads up
    it freezes about 90% up that loading line and I can’t seem to find any
    fixes for it, can anyone give any suggestions on what to do, Thanks

  28. I have to play at 1080 as well. I tried 1440p and 4k, but It was difficult
    to play. They really need to implement at least the UI doubler they have in

  29. Sebastian Kassem

    So your minimap is set as the biggest option? I have it bigger though maybe
    because you screen is huge cause my minimap is bigger than yours (yeah your
    one is really tiny for me )

  30. Thank you for the Nagato game ^_^
    Looking at the enemy Nagato secondaries open up on both side was wonderful.

  31. Sebastian Kassem

    Lol Nagato shooting on Hatsuharu from such a distance… If he would be
    stationary then yes, but if he’s moving… I never waste my salvo on that.

  32. Notser can you do a video about the new upgrade modules?
    (sorry if my english is bad :p)

  33. T9 still playing WoT lol

  34. +Notser just wondering, why did the Japanese go to 410mm guns? They broke
    the Washington Naval treaty of 1923 by going over 406mm, only for 4 extra

  35. I also play with the minimap as large as the client allows it. Wish it
    could be even larger

  36. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I neeed thiiis sooo muuuuch cant wait to have 1

  37. to be honest, to be the new downscaled video’s seems more blurry…

  38. I though I am the only one who can’t get a citadel on close range. I need
    to pray to RNGesus more. I love your vids, Notser!

  39. ah the mighty Nagato, this ship got blown to pieces by a nuke during
    Operation Crossroads in Bikini Atoll. Also the Prinz Eugen, New York BB 34,
    Nevada BB 36, Pennsylvania BB 38, Pensacola CA 24, and Salt Lake City CA 25
    where some of the ships.

  40. Nice played but WTF the friendly Nagato did at the corner of the map

  41. always pursuing destroyer !

  42. General Cartman Lee

    You really wondered about the position of the enemy battleships while all
    BBs of your team were doing the same clockwise lemming train around the
    map? :P

  43. “I’m just sucking real hard on this guy” XD Notser pls

  44. thank you for the video

  45. Loving that friendly BB in A1 in the match -_- xD

  46. How did you manage the ranked grind? Even with the promise of doubloons,
    I’m still finding it had to will myself past rank 14, let alone the higher

  47. If you fire sequentially do BBs fire from front to back and is what ever
    the answer is true of all classes (ex cv)?

  48. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    TnT i’m stuck with kongo

  49. Yea i need to buy that lovely ship back for ranked! Great vidio as always!

  50. i love this ship … its so small for a BB and it just wrecks

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