World of Warships – Neptune Race to 200,000

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on Land of Fire by The_Skippr moves to attack C point with a friendly . They encounter a few cruisers and a , with good aim and quick thinking they are successful. The team moves to B point in a effort to engage the enemies who pushed the western flank. The_Skippr aggressively looks to damage the enemy all the way to the western flank. He shows how the Neptune can really dominate the game. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Cruiser Neptune Replay


  1. Those torp launches toward the end were TERRIBLE!!! xD Other than that,
    that was some nice shooting :)

  2. This guy is not good, in my opinion. He wasted so much downtime between his
    salvos and he didn’t even know how to use FREE LOOK by right clicking. So
    whenever he looked around, which he did between every salvo, his guns with
    be traversed onto a wrong bearing and he had to turn them back to his
    target in order to fire.

  3. That guy really needs to think more before launching torpedoes.

  4. What a garbage player that gets lucky.

  5. Sir Orrin Productions

    If your replay wans’t chosen the week you sent it in? cand it still be
    showed later?

  6. How did he set a fire????

  7. Notser you can Change the indicator by pressing X in the replay too ;)

  8. Just unlocked the Neptune yesterday! It’s very much worth the grind. My
    favorites of the line have been Fiji and Neptune so far.

  9. Ahh the mighty Tuna, I love playing the Neptune, but I love shooting them
    even more! Nothing brightens my day more than like deleting a Neptune in
    one salvo from 18km away in my Bismarck!

  10. the blue and white camo on the japanese ships plus the golden sun is just
    Argentinian ship XD

  11. 200 likes and 1 dislike wow nice

  12. How can I put those option on the side?

  13. Kind of sad how I respected your view point when the RN cruiser line came
    out; it really killed my hype for them at the time :/

  14. i got 150k in ranked an thought well most of the replays are like 130 k in
    random battles. then you have a brit getting 204k dmg while only hitting 2
    torps. some luck

  15. Alexander “Alexcalibur” Strafford

    Notser, would you recommend buying the Indianapolis? I’m thinking to start
    working on the US lines, would it be a good captain trainer?

  16. Notser, your Youtube channel has become my favourite in the genre of WOWS.
    The commentary is insightful. It is interesting. It’s delivered in style.
    The intro is fantastic, not robotic at all. You’re doing great. The stream
    is great. Good job and thank you for your service.

  17. I’ve been in a match with that guy in the Nagato. He’s a complete and utter
    idiot. Probably trying to make some cash so he can fail in his t10 CV some

  18. this ship hits like a truck when in a Montana, ask me how I know…

  19. and nowbody shoot in him!!

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