World Of Warships – NEW ORLEANS CLUTCH SAVE (WOWS Gameplay)

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World Of Warships – NEW ORLEANS CLUTCH SAVE (WOWS Gameplay)


  1. Phly do the tier 10 japanese carrier hakuryu C’mon doods make this happen

  2. Play the Hurricane Mk IV, the British Fridge Launcher!

  3. Mig-21 pls

  4. Mahan boat

    better be careful…

  6. Play the buffed Mikhail Kutuzov!! Its awesome!!

  7. Martijn Huis in t veld

    do the langly good luck 🙂 let us see that happen!!!!

  8. pls Ply play the Shimakaze!!!

  9. You should try the uss enterprise…. Hang on the most famous aircraft
    carrier of ww2 isnt in the game? What 2 heck? Why you do dis wargaming

  10. Dat oneshot though.

  11. Atlanta please! Most entertain ship to watch in the game.

  12. I just realised what the NO is; its the NC in cruiser form! same turret
    layout, and same massive fuking citadels that the enemy can seem to hit at
    any angle!

  13. Phly you are awesome

  14. #PhlyDaily Fubuki

  15. Jayden Tate-Anderson

    New York class!

  16. USS Missouri

  17. Still in love with that intro <3

  18. Rikugun Chūjō Karen-chan 陸軍 中将

    BRING HONOUR TO THE EMPEROR! Take the Zao-class! one of the best Cruiser!

  19. Colorado the new and improved

  20. You have to look at the warship, hear the warships, you have to taste the
    warship, you have to beee the warshipppp


  22. “ok im done being the enemies cum rag…”
    -PhlyDaily 2016

  23. OMG, Thanks for the new WOWS video, i love em’

  24. Let’s see some battleship gameplay your choice!!

  25. what mod gives u that HUD on the side with all the ships?

  26. phly! please use the premium cammo for the new Orleans it’s really pretty
    and does the same thing as the striped cammo

  27. Awesome replay Phly! Yes you scallywag! Very entertaining.

  28. AMAGI!!!! My next IJN BB, I know u like IJN BBs yo.

  29. I would love to see a Tier 9 cruiser shootout – US Navy vs. Imperial
    Japanese Navy vs Kreigsmarine

  30. yes my favorite ship

  31. please play the Tirpitz

  32. Sure, there were like 9 battleships for them to shoot at, but they were
    cowering in the back, most likely out of range, like usual…

  33. Shimakaze next

  34. I think its time we see the YAMATO!!! (who wouldn’t love it :D)

  35. chief simmons Simmons


  36. A Game of Thrones

    Ship: Iowa-class battleship

    Out of the mothball fleet and back on the ocean. USS Iowa gets to live to
    the fullest once again. But something isn’t right. The Montana-class has
    been made and the Yamato-class have been raised from the ocean depths! Help
    Iowa get back into battle and take back her throne as Queen of the

    Tier 10 battles aren’t necessary, but I think it would be a nice challenge.

  37. Ranger class be the air Ranger !!!!!!!

  38. Phly… do a New York

  39. MIDWAY!!! offensive loadout!!

  40. can u plz do more Montana gamplay

  41. I love this game! Please play it more!!

  42. Play as the Bogue, or any other aircraft carrier! :D

  43. May be getting a model battleship tomorrow, it’ll be an American one i
    guarantee that, but i can’t confirm exactly what class it’ll be but we will
    have to just wait and see.

  44. more world of warships video plz there the best out of all your videos

  45. How bout we bring out the benson?

  46. Phly use the Fuso
    Baron use the New Mexico
    SLick use the Warspite

  47. Yampamoodle “JohnnySins” 10

    Yamato pls

  48. more carrier gameplay plz

  49. A World of Warships gameplay with Phly is a good way to end the day.
    Thanks, Phly, I can rest satisfied with this fix ;-).

  50. Oh man, you honestly deserved to eat some torps at the end there. 🙂 It was
    abundantly clear the enemy Fubuki had to be in the cap circle with you, but
    you had no idea, and you made yourself a perfect target coming to a
    complete stop by that island. I was just thinking “oh man, that Fubuki
    driver has got to be salivating over how easy a target he’s got” when the
    torpedo alarm went off. Luckily, he apparently thought you were going to
    keep backing up and missed you by a mile.

    Still, with the help of a little luck, you definitely saved that game. If
    you hadn’t turned around when you did, or landed that great shot to finish
    off the first DD, they would have capped out first.

  51. Nice Video Phly I hope to get better in Warships been working on it but it
    is a huge change in play stile for me from Mechwarrior keep up the great

  52. Yes Merica!

  53. What happened to Sail Them All Phly????

  54. Atlanta plz. Been sooooooo long since u’ve taken her out

  55. This game should follow Navyfields example when it comes to the aircraft
    carrier. Y’all should look up Navyfields harbor assaults and carrier
    gameplay to see what i means.

  56. I think for the next ship Phly takes out should be his choice(like this

  57. dont click on the myspace link

  58. Phly, a low tier American ship below tier 6. I’m moving up in tier but not
    quickly. Any American ships below 6. keep up with the WOW Gameplay. :)

  59. Please the Zao

  60. hold ur guns in position while u look around! you spend so much time

  61. AP pensacola play using the map.

  62. The Cleveland or I go over their and bust yo a**

  63. Pensacola! because i’m stationed there rn

  64. Mogami 155mm plz, really want to see how a pro do that in patch 1.5.3
    Or Nagato in secondary build:)

  65. Hey, are you going to do a video on the Nashorn?

  66. Mogami next

  67. Love your reactions HAHA :D

  68. Plz for the love of mo fo jesus phly plz use the ranger cuz why not ?

  69. How can i see enemy HP , name AND ship name?

  70. thank you for the wows phlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, war thunder sucks

  71. Just going to say it, you say “alright guys” a lot, and gets a little
    irritating in transitions

  72. Sailing broadside to a battleship…that’s a paddlin’! 😀
    -The Might Jingles

  73. Please play the russian destroyer the Kiev

  74. Please take out the Mighty Mighty North Carolina! I’m working my way to it
    and i would like to see what I’m going to be getting my hands on

  75. USS Ronald Reagan

  76. Blyschawicha *dont know how to spell it so yah….

  77. love the intro

  78. Shimakaze .. Torps everywhere

  79. USS South Carolina guys! Let’s do this!

  80. essex you have played for a long time nog carriers

  81. Yamato loaded out with all the secondary upgrades and just go at em :)

  82. Nice video

  83. Karlsruhe für Deutschland

  84. how about the north Carolina

  85. Γιάννης Δαδάρος (John Twisted)

    Take the Colorado for a spin!!!!

  86. please play the furutaka

  87. Cold u take out the carrier ranger plz? 😉

  88. Your cruiser game is strong Phly, therefore it’s Baltimore-time.

  89. Admiral Hipper pz! Or Roon !,, more wow video !!!! Yes !,,

  90. Mahan :-)

  91. Lets see ply pull off another 8 kills with the kuma!

  92. Shimakaze next!

  93. Hey guys how can we send videos of War Thunder to Phly ?

  94. Take the Furutaka out for a spin! We must let this message reach out to

  95. Play Mogami with 155mm, it was nerfed last patch

  96. Derpingames NOT FUNCTIONING

    Get those guns ablazing and take out the Gearing! Support if you like 2.5
    second reload!

  97. Your ally lounched those torpedus XD

  98. Too few WoWS uploads Phly. I need an ongoing reason to watch that epic
    intro!! Love your stuff

  99. I bet u do better then me i killed 16 tanks in War Thunder in one round

  100. Bismarck for da father land

  101. please play new mex

  102. Bring us more wows videos pls!?✌

  103. Who made this intro?

  104. TX Zao as DD and torp a Yamatoe abd kill him
    take this as a chalange kek

  105. Pls take out the New York

  106. No problem phly our bofors will do the job!

  107. NC, Iowa, montana??? ore tier 10 vs tier 10 bb :)

  108. Please do more WOW

  109. Will there be the division gameplay when it comes out? Ps keep up the good

  110. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    the downside of this plane 😀 you so funny phly thanks !!

  111. It might not be often that we get a new warships video… But damn is it a
    wonderful day when I pops into latest subscription video list. Thank you

  112. finally! about time!

  113. Izumo pls !! vote for izumo !! or north carolina !!

  114. this was your old intro right

    i love it

  115. i dont hate you, but i like to punish. play the ognevoi ;)

  116. I cannot shazam the intro music bc of my damn mic and link is not working

  117. Pls take out the Jagdtiger

  118. I live in Louisiana. New or-lens(like your lens for you glasses)

  119. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    That was the best cap save ever! One point left on it! Okay. I want you to
    take out the First Japanese Aircraft carrier, forget its name, but I want
    you to kill atleast two ships using only un-upgraded planes.

  120. Tier 9 German CA (technically a baby BB) Roooooooooooooooooooon!

  121. Challenge: Drive the Mogami, taking out 2 warships and ramming a
    battleship, sinking her!

  122. Thank you

  123. can you play some more steel ocean

  124. North Carolina. a good battleship for tier 8

  125. U have THE BEST wows intro @PhlyDaily

  126. you better give us some of that Iowa or Montana Stuff

  127. Let’s get the thumbs up for the USS Iowa, tier 9 beast of the seas!!

  128. Can i tell you something phly?

    You are awesome af

  129. Essex plz

  130. Karlsruhe!Let him suffer

  131. is the new orleans the northampton class?

  132. My Grandfather served on the USS New Orleans and USS Mobil during WWII

  133. yes been waitting

  134. I really want to see Iowa class 🙂 It would be a lot of damage :D

  135. Try out the Hindenburger with the second best AA guns and arty :D

  136. 12:50 oh my lanta!!!

  137. steel ocean pls!

  138. great video Phly. one comment—since the WoWs was changed so much with
    patch 0.5.3 can u please
    say at the beginning of your videos if this replay was recorded before or
    after the patch 0.5.3 took effect. thanks

  139. Phlyyy fucking missed your WOWS vids man :P

  140. Sail out Mogami, or Stalin eat your childrens!

  141. hey phly, just wondering. do you still do fan made movies ?

  142. Wow that enemy Myoko captain is going to get cursed on the chat! I wish I
    could see how they yell to him/her…. What was he/she thinking leaving the
    cap like that?

  143. Phly, I personally love you.

  144. How about taking the Konigsberg out in the seas for a couple of games ( ͡~
    ͜ʖ ͡°)

  145. Play the Admiral Hipper

  146. Take out the Atago because of PanPakaPan!
    The Mikahil Kutuzov because of mother Russia
    Montana the citadel city
    Lo Yang/Anshan, because those their country is important in the navy right?

    Your pick!

  147. Let the wrath of the fatherland smite our foes! how about a Russian
    destroyer game. Maybe Tashkent or just a tier of your choice?

  148. Low tier Japanese Destroyer pls. Wanna see some torpedo fun.

  149. Ranger carrier Pls

  150. The German Machine Gun, the Cruiser That Could, the Dresden.

  151. great vid once again, i’ve got to a point where im constantly refreshing my
    youtube hoping a new video has been uploaded

  152. i m the number 34


    I live near Orleans … the old one in France

  154. If in doubt, America. Just America the problem

  155. Martín Hernández Bárcena

    Pls let the German engineering be proud of you! Take out the Admiral Hipper
    Tier 8 beast and kick some ass with it! ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  156. the Ranger

  157. BTW, link to intro music not working. Would love to hear more music from
    whoever this is.

  158. Phly please make more World of warships videos. I Love It! :)

  159. Enterprise make it happen bros !! :D

  160. BRAZILLLLL!!!!!

  161. Iowa or I’ll eat off one of my toes!

  162. What if there is like a modern WoWS with missile destroyers and jet

  163. I wasn’t expecting a Jingles reference from another YouTuber. As for a
    ship, I haven’t seen a St. Louis game in a while.

  164. Play the Tier X German Cruiser Hindenburg.

  165. try a jap bb lowest tier possible please

  166. HMS Warspite we need more British ships in this game!

  167. Uss Colorado (USS Smoke weed everyday)

  168. It’s about time

  169. I’d like to see you take out the Aoba japanese tier VI cruiser. :)

  170. How ’bout we give the American teir 8 destroyer, the Benson a pop :D

  171. Show the power of The Big 7. Take out Colorado or Nagato!

  172. Take the ship from my home state the beautiful North Carolina

  173. where is “Sail them all” ? :(

  174. YES I DID 100TH VIEW

  175. do more troll thunder!!! super runny
    love your videos!!!

  176. Still one of the best intros

  177. Pls more

  178. yea finaly a wows

  179. Dominik Kęskrawiec

    Poland my friend I from Poland


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