World of Warships NEW Russian Cruisers!

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The New Russian Cruisers are:
Novik, Bogatyr, Svetlana, Kirov, Budyonny, Schors, Chapaev, Dmitry Donskoy, Moskva

Thanks for watching!


  1. what’s the soundtrack at the beginning?

  2. let’s have a bit of the ol’ Louisiana Bogator!!

  3. Do moskva

  4. i knew it. they have to include inferior russian navy before every other
    major naval power…how old is the game? and we have only 1 british
    battleship and almost every russian ship ever built or planned

  5. Your prononciation was actually surprisingly good. The only ones you’ve
    messed up are tier 7 and tier 3, but then again, English doesn’t really
    have proper letters to transliterate to.
    If you want to try and fix this though, here’s how they’re done:
    Tier 3 is called “Богатырь”, which means something like “mighty warrior”.
    Last syllable, “Ы”, is accented. It makes a peculiar sound, similar to
    involuntary blowout when you’re punched in the bowels. I’m sure you can
    copy-paste the symbol and ask Googleboy to read it for you 😀
    At 8:46 you’ve pretty much got it right!
    Tier 7 is “Щорс” , a WW1 and Russian Civil War veteran. First four letters
    of English transliteration represent “Щ”, which is the same sound as at the
    end of “Borsch”.

  6. brilliantlysplendid

    well it’s not entirely wrong to pronunce Bogatyr like it’s American. It’s
    just another St. Louis

  7. Christopher Reichenabch



  9. Russian carrier? No CV? Well, wargaming be like Kirov reporting let’s make
    a Zeppelin line!

  10. Anyone worked out that Sea-plane yet ? Looks like a cross between a Beriev
    Be-4 and a Be-6. I can’t find one with both the single-engine and that rear
    tail config.

  11. Coup de grâce. You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you
    think it means.

  12. Fark high-tier, do the Kirov!

  13. Whats the music in the background? sounds familiar

  14. RJBud1 a.k.a. Minecrafter725

    I would love to see the T5 Kirov!
    Also my favorite British ship(s) are the Leander class of cruisers.

  15. WTF how can you have it soo fast

  16. MOSKVA!!!!! Phly did it yesterday and I would love to see your input

  17. The float plane you are asking about is most likely Beriev Be-4

  18. In regards to the Royal Navy, unlikely as this explanation is, it could be
    that they still haven’t figured out all of the ships they’re going to use
    initially. My understanding is that the RN has quite a few ships in every
    category to choose from.

  19. do tier 6

  20. When I heard ” Kirov reporting”, I paused the video and laughed for a whole
    minute lol

  21. the tier 4 hybrid cruiser looks op on paper you should take it out for a

  22. The Kirov just looks op. It looks like a tier 7 cruiser!

  23. why dont you just play from tier 2 until tier 10, so that u wont get
    confused about which ship should you play first?

  24. please play the Budyonny, tier 6 is when most ship lines start getting
    really good

  25. GB AAA has sextuple 2pdrs.

  26. at 26:00 that plane looks like a shavrov sh-7 but a little different.

  27. Looks like a new consumable is coming out and at the mid tiers, Russians
    are getting a choice between spotter planes or catapult fighters!? Yes,
    please be more biased towards your own country and continue to nerf ships
    that are already nerfed from their historical standards (looks at
    Kriegsmarine who barely have 75% at best of their historical armor value or
    AA gun caliber mounts).

    To top it all off, it’s another line of theoretical ships and not actual
    vessels that were even produced. They should stop adding prototype
    schematics because the Soviet Union never even had the finances to build a
    strong navy to begin with that wasn’t severely crippled by outdated
    technology until after the war ended. If they want to play this game, then
    they should stop catering to Russian ships.

    Still think it’s a massive mistake to not include the Royal Navy yet when
    they throw in minor nations into the mix or simply make most of the vessels
    that were well known historically premium.

  28. Dmitry Donskoy with all the bells and whistles please.

  29. Hey Baron what do you think about the German Battleships? du you think the
    H-44 should be T10 or should it be a version before that one?

  30. I would love to see the bogatyr

  31. I would love to see the two quad and single twin main gun configuration of
    the HMS King George V when they introduce the Royal Navy. I think it would
    play out very nice and look awesome at the same time.

  32. Please play the tier 8 Chapayev B hull because it has the new radar sweep
    consumable. I would like to see that in action.

  33. Moskva has a 22.5 range with the upgrade module.

  34. lolz the range is better than the dds lol

  35. i play this game just wondering can you help

  36. hey do you need premium to get those ships

  37. Baron? I have the client version of world of warships, and do you need
    premium to play the USSR cruisers? Why i ask, it’s because the cruiser are
    coming soon on my tech tree. Please Baron i need your wisdom

  38. A good number of these Russian cruisers are paper designs. The last Russian
    BB launched was the the Imparator Nikolai, and the last ones laid down were
    the Soivet Class ships never launched:D

  39. You asked for favorite Brit ships, I’m hoping one day to get my hands on a
    Tribal class destroyer, they are an all time classic. HMS Zulu!!!

  40. 27:00 lol flying plane is stronk

  41. Isn’t Moskva the name of the river going through Moscow?
    I don’t have any preference for you to play russian cruisers, do as you

  42. Take out the Kirov Comrade Baron!

  43. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    hey baron in the tier III the 152 are the SU-100Y guns :D

  44. Kirov! And then Budyuii… Budu… Bu… Tier 6.

  45. baron i would like to see the tier 5,9,10 ships

  46. Nearly 44 minutes of ship porn, love it!

  47. Play T5 :D

  48. Tier V, Kirov please!

  49. Please play with the tier 5 Kirov

  50. You bust a nut way too much often. Are you a Putin’s stooge?

  51. play the tier 8, would love to see those 152 mm of another tier 8 in action

  52. T6 cruiser Will be the best in the Hole Game… You Can sell your Cleveland

  53. moskva plz

  54. The planes you were wondering about are called Beriev Be-4; however, they
    did not have twin tails until they were made with twin props in later
    version of the plane (Be-6).

  55. Kirov or gulag!

  56. Kirov

  57. Play Kirov, tier V is pretty good tier to play.

  58. the tier X ship the Moskva is a project 82 BC.. she should have 305 MM guns

  59. Bartul Javorčić

    play the kirov pls

  60. Christopher Drummond

    only on computer Playland did Russia ever have anything that good

  61. Play with moskva plssssss

  62. George Song (Steward of Gondor)

    Pls Chapayev

  63. kirov reporting!i wanna see it! Or Moskva plz.

  64. I’d like to see PT-76 Cruiser gameplay.

  65. Chapayev or Dimitri!

  66. Russia had the 4th largest Navy going into WW2, Germany had 5th largest

  67. VOTE T5, that’s when these ships get fun. oh yea, time for this ol chap to
    subscribe again.

  68. How do you zoom in on a ship?

  69. Andrew Wagenknecht


  70. Oh, I’m crying red right now :’) 

  71. MOSKVA!!! :D

  72. Wargaming, where’s the Italian Battleship Rome

  73. Baron, Play the Kirov T5. I want to see the 180mm guns in action! o7

  74. kirov please

  75. Baron !!! whenever you use the Bogatyr you have to spell it “BEAUXGATOR”
    from now on lol

  76. moskva

  77. Michelle Eggleston

    Kirov please!

  78. We want the Royal Navy then the French Navy and then Italian Navy before we
    get nations like Russian and China who’s navies did little to nothing in
    the First or Second World wars… Can’t believe they still have none of
    these navies in the game!

  79. I get that the Maskva is supposed to be the sniper/ mini-BB Tier X, but
    22km max range is unacceptable for a cruiser. Some high tier BB’s don’t
    even have that much range. Combine that with those big ass cruiser guns
    with high rpm for annoying as hell across the map fire spam and who’s to
    say that WG hasn’t done it again and made the Russian’s OP. And honestly,
    as a fan of Kreigsmarine, I feel insulted that they gave themselves the
    biggest cruiser guns. That title should’ve been for the Germans with the

  80. The Radar on top looks cool! plus the radar consumables!!!!!

  81. a Kirov video post edited with the actual kirov sound effects from ra2
    would smash balls!

  82. I’ve seen a couple videos of the tier X already and tbh it’s pretty boring.
    Pretty basic ship, and at tier X the gameplay isn’t very entertaining.

  83. Please take out the Kirov!

    IMO it looks like the most unique ship of the line, stat-wise (and visually
    if you count those turrets), and it combines some of the strengths of both
    the Furutaka and the Konigsberg. Plus, it’s one of the real ships in the

  84. Cant wait till these OP things come out I don’t care who is shooting me I’m
    going to target these just to punish the players playing them.

  85. Honestly quite sad how Wargaming care so much more for money and the
    childish views of some of its player base than they do for acknowledging
    history 🙁 It’d have been nice if they prioritised navies that were the
    most significant first

  86. I swear to God, Baron, if you don’t start including the names of the great
    music you use at the beginning of these videos then Imma kick you in tha

  87. Which ship should I buy next, Baltimore, Ibuki or North Carolina?


  89. Kirov


  91. hey baron I did play mowas but a demo when I try to capture a German tank I
    just got counterattacked by them like they wanted to protect their tanks of
    course vs NPCs

  92. i want the tier 9 dimitri something cause it looks sexeeh

  93. The plane on top the Shchors should be the Beriev B-4, exclusive to the
    Black Sea Fleet. But the tail is from a Be-6

  94. SOVIET cruisers!

  95. Socialist lighthouse!

  96. such beautifull ships…such boring gameplay at tier I-III

  97. Luis Fernando Arispe

    Baron. Do the Kirov please.

  98. Don’t bogatyr muy peanut butter m&ms…

  99. Let us bring the Glorious Kirov from the Air to the seas

  100. bière petzouille

    the bogatyr looks like a mini omaha

  101. Svetlana baby battleship

  102. Zachary Godley-mcavoy

    So they add one of the smallest navy’s of ww2 to the game but they do not
    add the royal navy one of the biggest in both wars wargaming pls stop with
    the Russian shit i really don’t think Russians really care about having
    Russian ships. Ok rant over where the Hood where the Hood where the Hood

  103. *_Novik_***

  104. Moskva pls

  105. ธรรมรงค์ สีเดชา

    I want to see KIROV.

  106. Don’t worry Baron, we Russians like Italians and visa versa. We make great
    cars together

  107. That C&C reference.
    You can get all 17 games for only $20 on Amazon right now!
    Just do it. You won’t regret it.

  108. Paragonnova (RR Moderator)

    Can I ask why the tech tree has “Soon” plastered all over the Russian

  109. R.I.P. Westwood.

  110. Moscow i want to see that cruiser in action destroying capitalist ships

    “для матери России товарищи !”

  111. Those are Beriev floatplanes/seaplanes. I can’t tell the exact model of the
    one used on the Shchors, but it looks like Beriev Be-4. Just a guess, not
    100% sure tho. +BaronVonGamez

  112. Barren I just learned about Moscow, Russia. No one has ever successfully
    Defeated Russia because of the Weather Up North

  113. Play the T5 Kirov!

  114. A return of the Aoba brothers 🙂 Here I would like to see the Budyonny!

  115. Soviet ШТРАФБАТ


  116. Shadow Fire Gaming

    Bogatyr first!!!

  117. play the german Bismarck please

  118. play the tier 9 with the slickbee ;)

  119. These ships look badass, any reason why history has not made them famous?

  120. kirov

  121. kirov

  122. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  123. Денис Евдокимов

    I’m from Russia
    You have a very funny pronunciation of names)

  124. luv ur wow content Baron..plz keep up the ship play!!

  125. But wow need to put canadian ship there were cruser so ya

  126. 29:40 I think its the tier 1 soviet attacker in war thunder with floats

  127. tier X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. 26:00 this plane is definitely the IL-2, Stronk soviet engineering. fueled
    by the pure soviet vodka and armed with the 152mm hands of stalin howitzer.

  129. When u said FUCK YOU looses 1 million subs

  130. fuckin communists, they terk er jerbs

  131. I love these Mig-21 Float planes XD they are better than the Me-262 sea
    plane on the Tirpitz


    Oh boy oh boy, its here.

  133. Where the hood at? WHERE THE F*CKING HOOD AT???

  134. everyone should #CykaBlyat this video!

  135. USA tier 5 is the Omaha.
    USSR tier 5 is the Kirov.

  136. kriov reporting!

  137. Hashtag Cyka Blyat XD

  138. The moskva pls

  139. One day they might add the british navy

  140. In the far distance, you can hear the roars of Stalin’s cruisers making
    their way into World of Warships..

  141. Shaunjr Grossnickle

    when does this pacth go LIVE I wanna have em

  142. Kirov. Please.

  143. moskkva

  144. One freakin word :OP

  145. i dont believe it translates to Moscow,i KNOW it translates to Moscow

  146. World of Warships Ship Request Series HYPE!!!!
    Which of the new Russian Cruisers do you want to see next? Place your vote!

    The New Russian Cruisers are:
    Novik, Bogatyr, Svetlana, Kirov, Budyonny, Schors, Chapaev, Dmitry Donskoy,

  147. second:P

  148. First :P

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