World Of Warships NEW – THE POLISH LIGHTNING – Błyskawica, Tier VII Polish Destroyer

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World Of Warships NEW – THE POLISH LIGHTNING – Błyskawica, Tier VII Polish Destroyer

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  1. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    19:40 You’re dodging everyithing like a fucking boss. Phly, you are the

  2. That intro makes me smile, every god damn time.

  3. That intro makes me smile, every god damn time.

  4. you pronouce it almost perfectly 🙂 Respect from Poland!!

  5. i really enjoy your world of warships gameplay PHLY , keepem up bro!

  6. “Hey, let’s add some of the great British warships!”
    “No, let’s add Polish boats instead.”

  7. The Bisquick

  8. next time pick a doubloon captain and you get free 3 skillpoints

  9. Hey Phly! Im enjoying your videoes and felt like doing a little research:
    Just stick with HE, in the last game your damage per shot was:

    Average AP damage: 242
    Average HE damage: 311 (without fire) and 344 (with fire)

    Even if you had hit a citadel with the AP, the HE with the fire damage
    would still have proven to be more effective.

  10. More like Pljeskavica!


  12. Kurwa ship!

  13. Błyskawica meaning lightning WHAT A COOL NAME>>>

  14. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Phly play Steel Oceans you shill!

  15. it’s about damn time poland got some love in a war game

  16. Phly can you play the sbc2c on warthunder please.

  17. Lol 7 M-103s


  19. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

    Sees that WoWs has Polish ships
    >It’s Premium
    >Cries in corner ;_;

  20. That name sounds like the character’s name in wolfenstein new order

  21. Greetings from Poland for all :).

  22. It looks like the Yubari.

  23. Poland ❤

  24. How do you play on the EU server if you live in North America?

  25. hey phily for the wow series put in the old theame

  26. Why is the ship not on NA and same with the ruissian BB

  27. Next time you play destroyer when you are going against a battleship say
    “I’m the mosquito AND HERE’S MY TORPEDO”

  28. You have posted this same video just to let you know

  29. Poland had a navy?! Lol they still had horses

  30. Błyskawica. Ł is like, oh god, really hard too explain… hmm like word
    WITH without reading TH ;-)

  31. Fuck these Polish ships and get the German Battleships and Royal Navy lines

  32. when I be on Polish navy in Gdynia have pleasure to visit this ship .

  33. Im going to call it the “Biscuit Wikka” cause even hearing it with the
    translate via google I sound like a dog yawning while chewing on a caramel
    :B Smexy little ship, thats on my shiney-must-have list

  34. Pronunciation in Czech/Slovak/Polish is really misleading because those
    umlauts make a HUGE difference. You weren’t that far off either;

  35. Ha that’s funny: a Polish ship in game

  36. Hey Phily say brzęczyszczykiewicz or stuł z powyłamywanymi nogami XD

  37. Is there a reason most ship are only in the eu?

  38. Zachary Godley-mcavoy

    They have a polish ship but no royal navy this game is broken

  39. They should make some of the French and Italian battleships that where sunk
    early in the war.

  40. Bartek “ChOMiKvonSznicel” D. u press the speaker buttor
    BOOM! you know how to pronounce now

  41. BŁYSKAWICA??XD.Because I am a Pole

  42. hi phly

  43. First polish vehicle in wargaming games! I’m so happy cause i’m from

  44. Greetings from Poland Phly. We have a lot of weird letters like
    ż,ź,ć,ł,ó,ą,ę,ś xD With the name of destroyer your not even close ;D

  45. i don’t get it. i saw this vid yesterday and now it’s just uploaded?

  46. Lol they have our destroyers there? Nice lol. Ł you read like W. C no idea
    because you don’t pronounce it like in English. But rest you’ve read pretty
    well xD

  47. idk y but i like ur wife haha

  48. Fly it means lightning in Polish

  49. Polish language, hard language

  50. Polska pozdrawia

  51. Dont worry Phly. Jingles pronouced it worse. Good video though. Greetings
    from Poland :)

  52. I’be read the comment section and it seems like you have a lot Polish
    viewers. And I count as one of them. Also, Błyskawica was added for Polish
    Independence Day, which was on 11th XI.

  53. This gameplay / video just don’t do the ship any justice you didn’t even
    kill anyone… And check your facts its only 39 knots, Jingles did a much
    better and more informed video, safe to say this isn’t up to your usual

    Also abit disappointed as i thought you would remake the video as you
    removed it from Youtube hours after releasing it yesterday… but no :(

  54. Szymon Patermann (Epix9000)

    can noone on YouTube pronounce this ships name right? lol.

  55. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    Still better pronunciation than Jingles

  56. Your pronunciation of “Błyskawica” is almost correct!

  57. I want the Italian and French navy. D:

  58. i polish and i happy see this amazing ship in this game

  59. Your impulses got the better of you.

  60. so another EU only ship or…?

  61. I was on this ship cause Im from Poland. Now it is in Gdynia after
    modernizations from WW2 times. Better cannons I mean more mm and so other
    stuff, just more powerfull and faster than any destroyer from the WW2.
    Beautifull and amazing ship.

  62. I call it the BlyatKurwa

  63. phyli do you like poland?

  64. Cheers from Poland Phly ;)

  65. blyskawica in my country

  66. in 1939 poland first fight from germany

  67. Phly yuo are of kurwa. Poland can into space.

  68. błyskawica I from Poland i love this ship

  69. I was actually on this, I went inside of it and it was great! The Guns on
    it right now are Russian 100mm Post-War modification, but during the war
    this actually served in British Navy with upgraded British guns.

  70. I’m from Poland 😀 And i’m happy to see you playing polish ship.

  71. polish ships is the Best!!!

  72. Hey! What is the intro-song?
    Sorry for asking, but I did not found the answer anywhere

  73. Another great video, Phly. Love from Poland ^^

  74. wish they would allow the US server to have some of these new premium ships


  76. YES thanks man !

  77. #Fasterthanlight

  78. call it the lightning

  79. okay so with the help of google translate…. don’t judge me,
    Anyhow you’re very close Pronounced Blitz-Ca Vee Ska and it supposedly
    translates for the word Lightning.

  80. 13:35 RIP Headphone users..

  81. Apparently, Błyskawica is Polish for ‘lightning’ and the Ł sounds similar
    to the English “w” – you can hear how to pronounce it here:


  82. błyskawica

  83. The Analytical Towarzysz

    “Bwis Ka Vits A”

  84. ł is spelled with w as in water and tz for the c like in waltz
    and 7x120mm make it sweet gunboat… they are slower firng than US guns but
    with almost twice fire chance
    (5 vs 8%)

  85. soooo funny to see a polish word in english chanell. this how u speak
    błyskawica phly was really bad but never mind. someone from poland?

  86. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    i from poland and see Błyskawica;-)

  87. Did you but this private once?I received like 1-2 days ago a message of
    this video but there was no one

  88. Banter

  89. Your accent is too russian. And next tine just use google translator ;)

  90. Hi phly, Love your videos^^

  91. 4th?
    f yeah
    Love you Phly

  92. On Serbian its Bljeskavica…so its pretty similar.

  93. Ive seen this yesterday?

  94. 5th like:D

  95. do you think there will be a polish tech tree?

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