World of Warships – The Last Emperor

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Laid by the Imperial Russian Navy and scrapped by the Communists, the Imperator Nikolai I was the last Imperial Russian battleship be built and it’s here for a VERY limited time as a Premium tier 4 Battleship in World of Warships.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I really appreciate your videos Jingles. For some reason listening to
    someone with a British accent just makes me feel so much smarter. The best
    part is when you give us the historical background. Its become a pleasant
    ritual to sit down with a fresh cup of coffee and enjoy your videos,
    forgetting just for ten minutes that my kids are wrecking the house :)

  2. HighAdmrial Squirrel


  3. Jingles why don’t you make some fallout videos?
    No one ever said the only 3 games you have to post up on youtube are world
    of warship/tanks and warthunder lol.
    (Or are you using skyrim as an escape game..?)

  4. Was his name 10 stone boy-o? I read it as l0st_b0y90… or Lost_Boy90

  5. will you be doing a tank review soon? either some regular tank or some new
    premium tanks like the M4 (un)improved?

  6. Not for sale on NA server, neither are flags. Strange how WG doesn’t like

  7. Figures these russian bias shitbags would bring out ships that never
    existed and make them o/p. russias navy has always been trash for the most

  8. I know it doesn’t really matter, but the USS Wyoming in the second replay
    had disconnected; he wasn’t just AFK. I can tell because his turrets
    weren’t pointing the same way.

  9. Nice looking ship. Too bad my budget can’t accept the damage buying it
    would cause. Thanks for the video Jingles.

  10. Since I’ve had my IN I’ve only ever had 1 turret knocked out. Think your
    making it sound like there glass turrets and that doesn’t seem to be the
    case. Great ship.

  11. jingles whats your opinion of the m4 improved?

  12. Jingles, 10stoneboyo is probably training his DD captain up in it which
    situational awareness is required.

  13. Sean “STJS13” Tan

    Awww….. Jingles WHY do you have to reveal tier 4 Battleship weakness. Now
    our fun days are over :-(

  14. Jingles! Stop telling battleships to turn! I love nuking them!

  15. Ark Beta and I thought the Ichi are limited to max tier 5 matches I
    thought. Oh dear if this one can see tier 6.

  16. When will this be released onto the North American server?

  17. It’s nice to see a video on this from you, Admiral.

  18. what are the signal flags about ?

  19. The last Tsar of Russia was Nicholas II, not Nicholas I Jingles. The ship
    is named after the Tsar who got Russia involved in the Crimean war. Why
    they named a ship after such a disastrous leader idk, but that is the way
    the Russian royals were going.

  20. you need to be very lucky with this ship,just luck of the draw in the two
    battles you’ve seen here’if your team turn and run away your dead,for me it
    was rubbish the worst premium ship ive ever payed for’i would never
    recommend anyone buying it….

  21. Why don’t I see people doing ranging shots any-more?


  23. Geez every1 whining about paris… getting a bit annoying…

  24. 25:30 Again, that ONLY WORKS IF the Destroyer Captain is dumb enough to get
    themselves spotted!

    As that WAS a Japanese DD, it could easily have launched its torps then
    throw the ship into a hard turn a day get away without getting spotted! But
    this IS low tier, so I suppose it isn’t TOO surprising that a DD just kept
    sailing straight towards the enemy forces.

    Also, THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO USN DDs! At least not til tier 7 or 8
    anyway… Or Russian DDs either – them in particular, as even the tier 10
    Khabarovsk can’t launch its torpedoes undetected, at least not without lots
    of concealment skills and equipment! And even then, those torpedoes are so
    damned slow, that unless a ship is sailing towards them, they would HAVE to
    be launched from 8km or less if the target is moving away at all!

  25. EU ship. Not seen on the NA servers, just like the polish ship.

  26. MORE BATTLESHIP VIDEOS! this vid today was amazing

  27. It will be as limited as a KV-5 because WG…

  28. You need to pronounce the E at Karlsruhe not the H. This is not you fancy
    english. :P

  29. Reminds me of an Omaha on steroids

  30. How does the 35 second reload time work out for you? Seems like a bit long
    to wait for guns of that calibre, especially when the other Tier 4s reload
    faster than that with equal or comparable numbers of guns.

  31. Playing Soviet March while watching this video… I know this is the
    Imperial Russian’s ship and I’m not a big fan of Communism, but it sounds
    so cool.

  32. finaly someone spells the name how ut should…thx jingles

  33. I’m sad. I really wanted this ship, It has my name… BUT it is ONLY
    available in EU… and I am NA.

    Why you do this to me Wargaming?

  34. Thank you Jingles, Great Vid as usual..but for me it just not is about pure
    Numbers with russian Ships. On Paper it might look equal to others, but in
    fact i see these getting Cits over and over again. It´s not all about armor
    thickness! Wargaming is not transparent for me. There are no penetration
    values. I feel i get nearly twice as much Cits with the Murmansk compared
    to the Omaha. And that speed loss when turning is a big advantage for me,
    no disadvantage…so much easier to avoid torps that way. On top of that
    you make that dodging sound very easy but there are always 2 players
    involved in torp hits. yes he turned a lot, but i think the DD player was
    not very good at launching…sry. I think this one is just
    OP…sadly…once again…

  35. The Not Quite Last Emperor.

  36. Александр Воробьёв

    Love the desighn of this this ship.

    Secondary armament main purpose in game is against destroyers and cruisers,
    and Ishizuchi 152mm guns with AP have cnance to deal good damage to these

  37. Anyone want to play the “75mm of armor” drinking game?

  38. LOL Jingles is the same as me! EVERY TIME I land a devastating strike that
    kills someone from a LARGE amount of HP, I really can’t help myself. I
    cackle maniacally and immediately type in chat to both teams “BOOM XD”

    Lately this happens most frequently in my Fujin! I just LOVE MY PREMIUM
    TORPEDO DISPENSER! It’s a shame that I usually have that BEAUTIFUL paint
    job covered with Camouflage paint, WG really should have made that paint
    job do the same thing as the regular -3% detectability paint, and just made
    it so that the camouflage bonus couldn’t stack by adding in that pickle
    colored camouflage paint.

    Cause I really do love the paint job on my Fujin, but I REALLY love the
    extra buffer range, that gives me JUST over 1km to launch torpedoes without
    being spotted.

    And that brings me to another point; Jingles, Just how many BB captains do
    you think have the Situational Awareness skill? I know I don’t have it on
    any of my dedicated BB captains.

    And that being the case – and the Fujin being a tier 5 that will tier 3 to
    7, – Imagine ANY tier 3 or 4 BB, he’ll even the New York, just TRYING to
    make their way to somewhere that they can be useful.

    Now when YOU – Jingles, are sailing a BB through open, and to your
    knowledge COMPLETELY EMPTY ocean – do you regularly turn and change speed?
    I know I don’t, those BBs are FAR TOO SLOW to serpentine and change speed
    constantly, if they did they would have to rely on enemies sailing to them.

    NOW – Imagine you JUST cleaned up an entire flank, and to your knowledge
    there are NO SHIPS LEFT on that entire side of the map, so you need to sail
    to the other side of the map ASAP to prevent the other flank from falling
    to enemy forces, so you sail straight in the direction needed.

    Now you DO NOT HAVE Situational Awareness, so you have absolutely no idea
    that an Isokaze/Minekaze/Fujin sees you and is making a course to drop
    torpedoes so that they all slam into your broadside.

    Say I’m in my Fujin and I am doing it. Well I happen to be EXCELLENT at
    doing great torpedo strikes without ever being given spotted, I even launch
    based on the trajectory of the ship, using ONLY narrow spread ( with the
    Iso/Minekaze/Fujin that is the only way to launch IMHO, as the 2 torpedoes
    stay within inches of each other!) – so that at least 4 torpedoes will hit
    you even if you start to turn when you see my torps, except in ANY BB turns
    far too slowly to avoid the 7km 68 knot torps, as by the time you spot
    them, you have EXACTLY 9.1 seconds to dodge!

    And THIS is what I mean when I say that Battleships are simply INCAPABLE OF
    dodging when they have absolutely no clue til they are basically sunk!

    But, on the other hand, I AGREE COMPLETELY – that MANY Battleship captains
    are just, well, not so good. The FEW times I get spotted whilst doing a
    torpedo run on some BBs – maybe about half of the time I drove
    torps when spotted or get spotted right after launching, HALF of the
    battleships I launch at STILL DO NOTHING!

    And that is how I both agree and disagree with your whole “BB players are
    stupid if they can’t dodge” schtick. When I play my BBs, I don’t have
    situational awareness, and even if I did, it would be POINTLESS as BBs are
    spotted by everything before they spot who or what spotted them. So even if
    I had situational awareness the ONLY time it would ever help me against DDs
    like the Minekaze/Fujin is when I know the area is totally clear of any
    other ship.

    And that being the case, UNLESS they are spotted while launching torps,
    saw you in this ship, and I was in my Fujin, you would NOT see death coming
    your way – and would have JUST 9 seconds to turn you fatassed BB to thread
    the eye of the needle, and even if you manage to avoid one set, at least
    one of the other 2 sets would hit you for about 22k damage!

  39. I just want to know when the NA server is going to get the chance to get
    ahold of ships like this one, the Diana, and the Mikasa.

  40. I have the Situation awareness skill on all my BB for the reason that DD
    cant sneak up on me :)

  41. Its pretty easy to citadel carrier with HE, even with low-caliber guns.
    Only problem for BB is long reload so you must think forward what ammo load
    next and annoying fact is, when you shot one turret all of them switch
    ammo, so you cant shoot anything for another 30+ seconds. Most of time you
    stick to AP, unless you know HE target is comming in range. With so long
    reaload, you dont have luxury of wasting time.
    Exactly that replay, there was plenty of other BBs, so switching to HE
    wasnt good idea, imo.

  42. Must be an EU server thing. it’s not on the NA.

  43. jingles play tier v kongo please!!! , i want to see you yelling burning
    love word again

  44. Suicidal_Camo_Eisberg

    I like your skipping of unimportant passages :D

  45. That ship will be Op as fk just Cuz iTS russian

  46. i bet soon they are going to make naval legends video out of it even tho it
    was never build ..

  47. 13:11 In Wot you will alway be top tier in your 1st battle

  48. jingles if u dont know how to name something = do your research :)

  49. Jingles, you didn’t really count when you were talking about the secondary
    armament, did you? The Ishizuchi shoots 114 HE rounds per minute, the
    Imperator only shoots 100. And the Ishizuchi has AP as well. The Arkansas
    Beta shoots 180 so it comes out on top when it comes to HE/ minute. But
    overall the Ishizuchi has the best secondary armament with 114 HE and 107
    AP shots per minute. (221 shots/ min.) You can easily outrun any other BB
    so they don’t even need to be capable of penetrating a BB.

  50. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    “Soviet” sounds more awesome in my opinion.

  51. Teh Emprah!

  52. It seems Jingels hasn’t played during the time 5.1.0 and the hotfix rolled
    out yesterday. AP Shells traveling through water and hitting just short of
    ships couldn’t penetrate any armor. That was absolutely no fun for us BB
    drivers, because that Phoenix did exactly what Cruisers did during that
    time. Driving parallel to a BB and getting hit every 30+ seconds for 3-5k
    damage, so every cruisers would outtrade you for damage with HE. Angeling
    your Cruiser made AP pens through the deck much easier. So count yourself
    lucky Jingles you played the Nikolai only yesterday. :)

  53. You have to figure in RoF for secondaries! Sure the Nikolai has a greater
    chance of fire on hit, but the difference between 5 rounds/min and 8.6 is
    MASSIVE! Also, with 10 guns able to fire on either side of the Arkansas –
    and a greater RoF per gun, it’s secondaries are FAR BETTER! It looks like
    the Nikolai has 5 to 7 at most per side, and with that RoF and the average
    hit rate of secondaries, I would NEVER count on the Imperator Nikolai’s
    secondaries to do anything!

  54. Me: i need to do something while i wait for my pc to download 20 gigabytes,
    il try youtube. 😀 a jingles video

  55. WG tend to put me on the top tier for my first 5-10 games when I just start
    playing a new tank ^^ it’s to the point that I thought it was intentional.

  56. Nice game piece for the Russians. Any word yet on when the French will
    appear? (I’m waiting patiently for the Richelieu, Algerie, and Le
    Terrible.) Thanks for posting the vid. : )

  57. yay won’t be able to get it since the sale ends one day before money would
    come across.

  58. Huh… In real life the Wyoming and Arkansas has 305mm of turret face
    armor, and IIRC it was over 200mm for the sides.

  59. well, I think Jingles has managed not to piont out one very important thing
    of this ship: the turrets have very good fire arc. It can fire all 12 shots
    while the hull remains at good angle. The Arkansas Beta on the other hand
    can only fire like 8 of its guns at the same angle, and to fire all 12, you
    need to be prsenting ur side to the enemy pretty much flat-on.

  60. Jingles, considering the ridiculously low range of 3,5km and the horrendous
    inaccuracy you should not loo kat secondaries in battleships at all… not
    until probably T7 or T8, then they become somewhat useful when you use the
    modules that boost them, ubt down here at T4 they are absolutely useless

  61. I assume everyone has already said but the gun casement armour figure is
    just for secondary armaments

    Just about every battleship in the game SAYS its turret armour is ~100mm
    when in actuality the main armament armour should be more like 400mm

  62. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Play steel oceans you sunnovabitch.

    Or i’ll report you to the BBC where they will try you for not being

  63. The second battle was really impressing

  64. Just a memo about AA, if you didnt know AA is not directional but does
    damage in an aura around your ship so you dont have to “broadside” enemy

  65. A pity this ship isn’t available on the NA server. It looks like it’d be
    alot of fun to play.

  66. Evangeline Anovilis

    “None of the Tier IV battleships are particularly quick…” Jingles, aren’t
    you forgetting about the normal IJN tier IV Myogi with I think 29 knots top
    speed? Admittedly, it has few guns (36 cm though) and as underwhelming
    armour as the Ishizuchi, but it has incredible range and the C hull has
    most likely the best AA of any tier IV battleship (kind of ironic for a
    ship that was known for having no AA at all). Again, the AA isn’t
    exceptional, but if it’s top tier, tier IV biplanes shouldn’t stay above it
    for too long. It always reminds me of a Kongo reduced to tier IV with one
    turret less.

  67. Seriously now take it from someone that plays both cvs and bbs, IJN BBs can
    avoid torps all day, I once avoided 3 torp bomber salvos AND a DD salvo at
    the same time.And when I am on a DD, trying to hit a Myogi or Kongo
    (although they are longer/bigger than the USA) is extremely tough if they
    aint noobs.They are too fast.Tip, if you are in a fast Kongo and there are
    gonna be torps in front of you soon, slow down before you start turning,
    that will #%# his lead.

  68. Mikael Renzo H. Sebastian


  69. About half of this video was a rant at cruiser and battleship drivers, but
    it was funny and educational so nicely done.

  70. Pray, Pray for those who have suffered in Paris, 11.13.15

  71. Premium russian battleship: Best concealment, Near equal best
    Manouvreability, AA doesn’t matter, Equal best secondary, basically equal
    best range, basically equal best main battery….. yeaaa i’m gonna call
    russian bias

  72. actually last tzar was Nikolay II…
    Nikolay I was his grand-granddad and ruled 1825-1855

  73. someone explain to me why he had 1 XP on one of those ships? such game,
    much wow

  74. its that bloody boat game again

  75. I thought Nicholas II was the last tzar

  76. And it is only available in a overpriced bundle on the EU server once

    Oh and btw: don´t use your damage control party for a single fire. Wait
    until you are burning at at least 2 locations and then use it.

  77. I take situation awareness for knowing when there is a pesky DD sneaking up
    on me, It has helped me avoid so many torps.

  78. They are going to have to pull just about every Russian ship out of their

  79. Still hasn’t been on sale on the NA server ;-;

  80. JINGLES what’s your opinion on fallout 4? Are you going to get it/play it
    or no? Thanks so much !

  81. aand it was… a fighter bless his heart

  82. Umm, Jingles?

    Lost Boy 90? 🙂

    Fine fine, I’ll go back to the mines.

  83. +TheMightyJingles Are you going to be installing aslains mod pack on WoWS

  84. 32:00 he got a plane kill

  85. I get up for work earlier than I wanted to and jingles video this makes my

  86. jingles plz stream in YouTube or twitch

  87. Too late for first comment :c
    Hai all 😀
    Hey Jingles :)

  88. Matthew “mdwtheawesome11” Woods

    680 views, I am early!

  89. Jingles when are you gunna do more ISU-152 gameplay

  90. last battleship to be laid down is t4
    well t5-10 will be paper at best more likely wargaming phantasy

  91. 15 battles so far, turret are yet to knocked out.
    Probably luck or that -20% module.

  92. my brain: JUST GO TO BED ITS 1 AM!!!! me: nah my brain: WHY NOT???? YOUVE
    BEEN UP FOR 17 HOURS! me: just 1 more after birth run and 1 more wows video
    I swear (plays planetside 2 till 1 pm then watches a Livestreams)

  93. This ship is just fucking outstanding. I dont regret buying it at all.
    those 12 12 inch guns just wreak and its armor is very good. I have yet to
    lose in a gunnery duel to a myogi or wyoming in this thing

  94. JINGLES! hi 😀 i’m a big fan!

  95. thank you Jingles for giving us something to be happy about in these sad

  96. 6 minutes ago

  97. 13:03 sorry jingles but we want to see some but kicking not your rambles
    ramble as you play/watch the replay

  98. Jingles you fail! The last Tsar of Russia was his son, Nicolas II

  99. I praise you for your great wows content keep it up ???

  100. I swear it feels like being touched by the pope when jingles replies to
    your comment.

  101. Nicholai II was the last tsar.

  102. Jingles you have successfully distracted me from work! Damn you.

  103. Oh, I’ve never been here so early^^

  104. 69th ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    C’mon jingles

  105. new vid nice I guess fallout 4 could wait

  106. WOHOO 57th viewer

  107. GO JINGLES!!
    have a good day everybody!


  109. holy shit I’m early #under301club

  110. damb
    to late

  111. Tonichi “NekoLoliLover” Dinglasan

    2 MINS AGO

  112. first

  113. Liam Guermache (liam456)


  114. wow, 3 seconds!

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