World of Warships: Pensacola is Surprisingly Good

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The ship is unexpectedly good. Back in my day she wasn’t, it was truly fun!

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 US heavy cruiser Pensacola.


  1. Pensacola iirc has the most accurate secondaries for cruisers. A secondary build would be pretty funny

  2. I bet you didn’t expect me to play the Pepsi!

  3. One of my favorite ships, I used it in ranked and pissed so many people off. Both when they saw a Pepsi on their team and when the enemy got wrecked by it. Criminally underrated.

    • It was criminally bad for a long time. Seems it’s been buffed recently and is a sleeper pick for ranked. (Edit: I mean clan battles)

  4. Hakunamatata lee

    Pepsi cola, nickname 4 years ago. That was a fun time.

  5. Pepsicola gang rise up, it’s our time to conquer the seven seas!

  6. Pepsicola? Ok now I have to grind that line just to get one.

  7. I once citadeled the Izmail close range with the Pensacola :3

  8. I remember playing this ship before overpen mechanic … god this ship was a nightmare to play lol

  9. Pensacola sucks when uptiered, even one tier up. Of course, that applies to the entirety of Tier 6 cruisers, so it unfairly gets a bad rap.
    It’s blessed with decent AA for the tier and you ignore it’s AP threat at your own peril.
    That said, even in T6-T7 matchmaking you hate life, let alone T8 when the BB gods so much as glance in your direction.

  10. Actually since that armor buff the Pensa is called by Asian server as “Pentalingrad”…. It is truly a hidden gem.

  11. One of wg’s magic. Pensacola has poor amour at her time and in this game she has 25mm bow the same as Nelson

  12. The ship had such bad concealment that every time they made a new one the Russians said “what’s that?”.
    Lol @ the ending. I thought a kraken was incoming but the timer was like, “that’s enough for you”

  13. We are running two of them in clan battles for their 25mm bow.

  14. pepsi was in t7, but they bring it down to t6. it still has t7 guns, t7 aa.

  15. I watched this and then I thought….How many beers did I have?

  16. PENSACOLA was one of my favorite ship… but i had to sell her in order to buy BALTIMORE.
    but i’ll buy her again once i get DES MOINES.

  17. pepsi is OP for its tier, remember this she was basically T7 CA and gone to T6 also having DM shells in t6
    like comparison to IJN zao is arguably has the good to fire

  18. It’s one of my favorites. I have a 90% winrate in 30 games with it and a 2500 PR or so. half of those were before the buff to armor. It’s a really good ship even before the armor buff IMO. Just gotta know how to play it.

  19. ALOT of your games will be T9 show some games vs 457’s lol

  20. I used it when I was still a noob and didn’t watch any videos about the game. I still think of it positively, and I was surprised to see some people say it was one of the worst ships

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