World of Warships: Plans for 2016

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Want a glimpse of what’s to come for World of Warships?

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  1. I think thath the armor inspector is based on the War Thunder one

  2. oh you can see armour yessss

  3. ‘And submarines”There will not be any submarines’lol

  4. When the Nassau Battleships come to WowS this year, Why they don’t make HMS
    Dreadnought to come the game?

  5. WG 2016 Plans:
    Fix the bug: “CVs can be play.”
    Fix the bug: “American ships can be play.”

  6. Why The Fuck There is No Submarine

  7. If you had something in mind, ask/suggest it on the official forum. Simply
    yelling in here won’t be heard by WG. Gather crowd, make polls, then WG
    will see if what you want are the majority wants.

  8. Srsly, saying “we will continue to seek feedback from you and do our best
    to make the game better” while showing a Colorado being torped, you guys in
    WG surely knows how to troll.

  9. 接下來的一年不會令航母玩家失望,因為已經沒有航母了

  10. 水晨凱(Blue nose)


  11. okey no submarine…but japanese destroyer is just like sub…

  12. F*ck Australia! get the British Royal Navy in the game already!
    & cruiser trees for Russia & Soviet? WTF!?

  13. Awesome plans ,2016 is gonna be awesome for World of Warships ,cant wait to
    get my hands on German Battleships too XD

  14. what a impressive plan, cv in pt server like a trash

  15. pls fix the language barrier

  16. great job like fcking up the USN CV, yeah great job wg

  17. Primary WoWS Plan for 2016 : Sell even more shitty and clone premium ships
    to milk money off fanboys and nerd, especially those fag-fans of the IJN.

  18. how about better premium ships?
    for example: a tier 8 premium DD

  19. Australian tree? How about Implementing a full TREE for the Brits, Finish
    the German tree with destroyers and battleships, French Tree, Italian Tree,
    then you can round out the lesser nations like Poland, China, Australia etc

  20. Australian Ships Maybe?

  21. Whats wrong wit the sound?? You Clowns set the music to drown out the voice
    over, Good job!

  22. siwawuth sitlangkonsong

    royal navy, italian navy, french navy

  23. please fix game balance. BB’s are now sitting ducks.
    and please why do we have to pay for repairs on undamaged ships?

  24. ところで旭日旗は?日本人がどれほどこの問題に怒っているか理解してないようですね。

  25. pls add French, Italy, & others European new Tech trees.
    i need Le Terrible (French DD) the fast French DD. TwT

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