World of Warships – Probably Potato

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When your name is MyTeamIsProbPotato, you know you’re just asking for trouble…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. 1:27 “In the hands of a decently skilled player” That explains why I can’t make this ship work… I mean, I know that it’s a island hugger, but somehow it just doesn’t work for me.

    • Yeah did not get on with the Worcester I much prefer the Des Moine just because it feels a bit punchier for only slighty more reload and 2 less guns.

    • +Basmaster100 Love my mino, best of all the T10 cruisers in my opinion, right capitan skills, legendary smoke, and a few decent spotters, its game on, the rate of fire and its semi armor piercing at <8km range is devastating. But the mino is also ALOT of work, just getting into position is a bastard, its armor is paper thin, you throw crew members who sneeze overboard such its the state of its armor.

      But its the only t10 ship that works for me and in potato games, chipping a grober kurfurst to death from behind islands, 500 hit points at time, is hillarious.

    • +Mark J yeah but you can bowtank almost all cruisers, except Henry, Stalingrad and kronstadt… and all other cruisers keep shooting AP, and I lol hard.. when you get closer they get nervous and most are then giving broadside to either get away or to torp. That’s when I kill them very very quickly..

    • Charles Courtwright

      not a big fan of light cruisers or dd myself, prefer my battleships

    • +Charles Courtwright i love to play all classes except carrier…

  2. Miner 1717 reporting for duty my Gnomelord

  3. Five hundred and sixty first !!!!!

  4. I guess my insomnia has a silver lining. I get to see this video fresh

  5. Also worcester also does not have engine boost consumable 🙂

  6. So Worcester with AR, Legendary mod, Legendary commander. Oh dear god

  7. Once again, the PRAVD clan bringing shame to weebs worldwide.

  8. Jingles you do realize that the bourgogne you were calling potato, is one of the best players on NA and is part of the clan that beat EUs top clan OMNI in King of the seas and won it

    • Does not change fact that he had his potato moment or does it?

    • +Bruno Bortoletto I 2 choices. Stay safer and back and lose for sure by points. Or push into the cap and giving us a chance. I am gonna take the 5% play over the 0% play every time

    • ​+Kebobs I understand that. You did the right think as you mentioned. I never said it was a potato move. But it certainly was a potato moment. Being #1 or #worstcaptainonduty does not make a difference 😀

      Take it easy and have a good one mate

    • He’s the best on NA? If that’s the case, than I understand why EU and RU servers laugh at NA

  9. OH MY GOODNESS for about halfway through the video i thought “my team is potato” was an insult to his team, not his actual name ?

  10. Nice battle, but man oh man I hate the Worcester.

    • nothing satisfies me more than shoving Des Moines AP down these pesky light cruisers’ citadels (well, wiping DDs’ healthbars with HE salvos is a close second)

  11. Agreed, most teams are…..

    ….although you should rather say they aren’t potato, because a potato usually has some consistence……instead I would call most of my teams biscuits, crumbly biscuits!
    As that describes their ability to stand up to an enemy team more precisely..

    *This post may contain traces of irony and sarcasm*

  12. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Oh that friendly Gearing backing out in front of the Yamato 5km away @6:00. What was he thinking? Didn’t even land a torp either….

  13. The “legendary” upgrade for the Shimakaze is TOTAL SHIT … because even though you reduce your reload by 25% … your torp rotation speed decreases by 80% … slower than a dead granny could manage it. The “normal” upgrade in that slot reduces the reload by 15% … and NO reduction in rotation speed.

    • yup they forgot to give worcester the skill to submerge and fire depleted uranium ammo at the keel of the hapless enemy, and shimas upgrade was not given the ability to stop it dead in the water and turn on the KILL ME …illuminated Billboard rotating above with a big fat arrow pointing downwards visible over 20 km.

  14. I hate seeing them on the enemy team. I feel I should just scuttle my DD and take up needlpoint.

  15. Man looking at the chat near the end at all those people absolutely hating that poor bloke in the Salem… Jeez, it’s a game, let the poor guy have fun, it’s not always about winning, some people really need to just chill.

  16. Has anyone noticed that Jingles WoWs videos are becomming a hatefest on the general populace lately? Everyone who does something wrong must be a potato, no matter what the circumstance is, Oh look that DM should have turned his guns! Maybe he had more pressing things? Oh look that Bourgunde is broadside to a worchester what a potato! That salem tries to bowtank a BB! What a potato! Gods…

    • I like Jingles, he makes good content. However, I agree. World of Warship community has become so toxic. It so rare to play a game that the team doesn’t argue and be toxic. I swear its gotten to the point (at least on the NA server) that we fight each other more than the enemy team. Its honestly ruining the game. All this negativity. I can’t go one match that my team lost without somebody say “My team sucks. That’s why I lost” Look we lost, big deal. It happens. Sure there are times that the team was shit, but saying that everytime you lose is just annoying and stupid. Content Creators have been encouraging this type of toxic behavior. I don’t even like using chat anymore, it just turns into a damn fight. I hope Content Creators stop encouraging this behavior and start encouraging better behavior. We as a community need to work on trying to be less toxic. I honestly feel bad for new players especially. Think of it. They are new, so ofc they are potatoes, they will fuck up but instead of the community encouraging them to keep going and help them get better, we call them potatoes that should uninstall the game. Why learn a game if everyone calls you shit.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Does everybody remember the game that Flambass had in the Minotaur where he took on 4 ships straight at the beginning of the game and won? The BB player that rushed Flambass, because of the video Jingles did on it and how he crucified that player, that BB player was getting messages ingame getting the absolute shit abused out of them. It was so bad that BB player hopped on and talked to Flambass while he was streaming. Jingles crucifies players in EVERY video and I’d wager all of them receive monumental backlash. I like Jingles content but the sheer toxicity he spews is astounding.

    • +Isaac Ivers then stop watching? You talk about Flambass like he isn’t the most toxic player in the community….

    • +Vyrus Gamingyou must’ve missed the bit where I said I enjoy the content Jingles provide. Well done.
      The difference between Jingles and Flambass is Flambass is actually good at the game and knows what he’s talking about.
      There’s nothing wrong with calling Jingles out on his bullshit, you don’t like that, then stop reading the comments. You’re acting like there’s something wrong with calling people out on their bullshit

    • ​+Cake Of Truth o.0 really? Cus when I play, that is almost never the case. I admit, I do get annoyed when I lose and voice it, but I only reserve the really toxic stuff for people who legitimately do nothing (sit afk and/or don’t move until they are under attack, or who sit at the back of the map with their BBs), or who torpedo friendlies and do not apologize. I rarely, if ever, see any toxic chat going on in … chat ?‍♂️ Fyi, I play on the NA server.

  17. 1:27 “in the hands of a decently skilled player” that excludes jingels

  18. A lot of people hate the Worcester cause it’s so good, but let me take this time to shit on the BAD Worcester players. (Yes they do exist!) Once you play the Worcester even ONCE, you realize “Damn why do I play anything else?” Like, if you get spotted just pop your radar and you get a free DD kill. Cruisers just can’t compete in a 1v1, and 90% of them will open their broadside to you. BBs, well let’s just say I literally open up my broadside to BBs to get more guns firing and they overpen me 99/100, so not taking too much damage (plus stacking that adrenalin rush!) That is if they can even hit you, which is hard if you just use WASD. And carriers… well usually after melting their bomber squad at like 8.6km, they decide to go drop someone else. All of those are open water fights, so just imagine if you had island cover which you basically always can. So after grinding the Seattle, (which maybe its just me but damn that ship is hot trash), you get to the Worcester and it’s like the power of god in your hand.

    And listen! This is NOT me stroking my ego, literally go buy the Worcester and you might as well start every game with 100k damage it’s an absolute farm. I’m saying all this because when you see an insanely shitty Worcester player, when you know how much of a cakewalk it is, your brain completely shuts down longer than the US government.

    • Even with Worcester broadside it’s very difficult to citadel the ships since it’s so close to the water line… Even if there are bad Worcester players, the ship is still far too powerful… That’s a fact.

    • Nonsense, I eat them for breakfast in my DM. 1-2 AP salvos and their back to the port screen. I cashed in all my Free XP for Worcester when it went live. It’s a good ship I don’t argue that, but DM and Hindenburg just wreck Worcester hard. So not sure what you mean that other Cruisers can’t compete. I still find DM much more consistent and punishing. Easy to carry in DM/Hindenburg. If you can’t compete with a Worcester, I think you have other issues holding you back.

  19. The worchester lacks the following to be loaded with absolutely everything in the game:
    Speed/engine booster
    Torpedo reload booster (see the lack of torpedoes)
    Main battery reload booster
    Scout Plane
    Catapult fighter

    Given it’s potent AA, hydro and radar, it doesn’t really need the planes. That leaves us with:
    Torpedoes and associated reload booster
    Speed/engine booster
    Main battery reload booster

    Yea, it basically has it all.

    • Salt Efan Thankfully it isn’t Russian, or it would have all of them and you’d need _two_ hands just for the consumables in addition to one for WASD and one for the mouse

  20. “That Bourgogne is a bit of a potato”…. Is in o7 and in a Bourgogne…..

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