World of Warships – Ranked Battles – Epic Carrier Carry!!

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On the first day of Season 6 _Taiho was a man on a mission. But when his team gets squashed in the first few minutes he’s left alone against 5 enemy ships. With no hesitation he set to work dealing with the problem at hand; This is his story…

“I was shaking… I don’t think i can play again today!” – IJN_Taiho (Shortly after the battle)

Music used:
John Williams (Star wars) – March on the Jedi Temple


  1. Amazing game to witness tbh, i was saying in discord i wish i live recorded
    it so this will do fine !

  2. Hadders my man <3

  3. 1 salty carrier player who cant into score like this dislikes this video 😀
    Good shit my man

  4. WG will see this game and proudly postpone the upcoming Carrier UI fix
    commenting “working as intended”…
    Well done IJN_Taiho! ^^

  5. Bloody hell!

    A carrier carry!

  6. An absolute Master class in carrier play and superbly entertaining too. I
    was literally on the edge of my seat. Amazing job IJN_Taiho.

  7. Speechless! Awesome!

  8. Great job, awesome to watch.

  9. @9:45 I don’t think that Taiho is just angling for a better drop. Weaving
    your torp planes like that across an enemy destroyer’s flank is a great way
    to force him to evade. In doing so that dd bleeds off a lot of speed, and
    loses his ability to dodge when the time comes

    Not usually too smart a maneuver against a dd with good anti-air. Great
    against IJN torp boats, though.

  10. holy shit, yall got a sub

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