World of Warships – The Island

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Tier X Nation Class Ship Replay


  1. Dear Notser, I love you but pls stay away from islands starting today :V

  2. Notser´s ultimate notser.

  3. I’d ask for assistance personally, have someone ram your stern while you
    try to pull away from the island, you will take some minuscule damage but
    you can still get some fighting in. Of course then it becomes a matter of
    whether or not someone actually wants to help

  4. What a carry!

  5. The enemy team might have won if the map had more islands =P

  6. Yeah, Notser’s favorite map has to be Ocean. Only the map borders to run
    into, lol.

  7. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    tip: if you set a waypoint on the map using M, the auto pilot usually is
    able to get you out of situations like this one

  8. Would that be an a “Power Notser”?

  9. can’t you keep the rudder the way it was when you turned in and reversed
    back out?…

  10. Hey Notser, this ranked season, would you try to be rank 1 ?

  11. That Moment when you perfectly parallel park a warship.

  12. Men, to oars!

  13. Wow, you really pulled a Notser this time.

  14. I’ve done the exact same thing.

  15. I can top that. I got stuck in that place in a CV.

  16. You should have named this video, “Parallel Parking with Notser”

  17. Austin Powered it

  18. Perma-Notsered! Revenge of the Island.

  19. Beautiful. But you weren’t getting out of it that way. You have to stop
    your engines before shifting the rudder…

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