World of Warships – Ranked Destroyer Walkthrough

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Many have asked how I approach different situations, I discuss how I set out in a for ranked play. A couple things that need to be considered; team list, communication, counter plays, and trying to maximize your strengths while minimizing weaknesses. The game is in the and I try to take out the enemies that give me a chance. Belfast will want to use radar against my destroyers, the enemy destroyers will look to counter ours and the is looking to help take out my friendly cruisers. I hope this can help you find a base strategy for your ranked destroyer play. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Destroyer Leningrad Replay


  1. Lol,1 Belfast on your team was vs 1 Belfast that is his clan mate 🙂

  2. I may have a stroke if i keep getting crazy with potato teams in ranked

  3. Sims is my go to Destroyer for ranked. Lovely ship to use.

  4. yeah using ranked as trainingtool….thats what ppl should do woohoo!

  5. I don’t know if you show it at the end, but what Skills are you using?? I mean, it looks like Expert Marksman + Last Stand + Adrenaline rush + BFT +AFT + Concealment Expertise – but I cannot be sure, if you show it at the end – or did in the beginning but I missed it somehow (I will check) I shall delete this comment.

  6. leningrad has pretty good torpedoes Notser

  7. Notser – or to ANYONE else who is skilled with Russian DDs – pareticularly the Leningrad, what should I get as my 4th skill?? I am stuck between either AFT or Concealment – I feel like I do well enough with the Stock range of 11.6, but the torpedoes I rarely land mostly because they are so close to the 7.3km detection range.

    In the Anshan – since I got a free 10 point captain with it, I went Concealment first over AFT, simply because I feel like the Anshan is a HELL of a good hybrid at tier 6, 60 knot 8km torps, with a 6km surface detection using Concealment Expetise – I feel pretty confident in my current Anshan build, but then the Anshan also get 11.9km range stock, and has one less gun…

    UGH IT’S MADDENING I TELL YOU! I will probably go for AFT for Leningrad first, as she is just so incredibly fast that kiting away and Pew-Pewing your way to victory is so incredibly FUN! And I would imagine that with AFT – Leningrad will become MUCH stronger when kiting!

    But I DEFINITELY want Concealment ASAP – 6.6km surface detection – and Leningrad torps DO pack a good punch, dealing 15,100 damage, moving at 60 knots – really similar though slightly easier to spot than Anshan torps, but with more damage and an extra tube per launcher…

    The new Skill tree IS NICE – but it also SUCKS in some ways! Like, for instance, no longer does my Kutuzov/Molotov/Murmansk etc captian Sync AT ALL with the Leningrad, I don’t have even BFT, Expert Marksman or AFT – let alone concealment anymore! As I prioritized IFHE, Superintendent and Demo Expert etc with his currently 14 accrued skill points.

    So I started from a 3 pointer – basically scratch for my Leningrad , now up to 9 points almost 10, and I already had to trade Last Strand for Expert Marksman due to the skill changes and the slow stock traverse that goes down to 20 seconds with EM, same for my Anshan captain – luckily Preventative Maintenance seems to ACTUALLY REALLY HELP! I feel like Preventative Maintenance is HIGHLY undervalued by a lot of players! It really helps PREVENT your steering or engine get knocked out – by what feels like a straight up 30% reduction – unlike how Fire Prevention USED to work!

  8. I Blame the Idiotic BB on your team for that loss.

  9. I seem to have the worst battles on Warriors Path in Ranked. Having to fight Epicenter isn’t fun. I have figured out a good place to put my Belfast to help my team.

  10. Got to rank 1 in Benson last season, not gonna play DDs in S6

  11. So high level ranked is going to be a shitshow of DDs and OP British Cruisers. Does not sound fun.

  12. “Hey notser, can I TK u?” ?

  13. “I believe he was nervous because of ranked.” You sure it wasn’t because he saw u

  14. Even watching you lose is a huge win! What is this Notser voodoo that you do? ?

  15. Your explanations and hints what to do when and why are very useful – and i wish some of the guys i get as team mates would see your videos too.

  16. Notser.. The Best

    Always brutally honest.. ‘Hat Tip’

  17. glad that you included a game where u hump the island. u never dissapoint 😛

  18. Hey Notser– Just a thought/ expansion on the whole teaching idea behind your series… how about featuring your own or contributed videos where the player’s team loses, but the gameplay was exemplary.. or shows “holding the tide”.. or losing well, and not in ill temper? There’s more to learn and ponder in losing than winning.

  19. Whats you module and skill setup on Leningrad? Btw, does the polish dd play in similar way?

  20. I actually remember that match.. “Oh my God he’s right there!” Lol, I’ll try to surprise you like that more!

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