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  1. I agree completely this is a ridiculous, they have pushed BBs to being campers and in my view reduced the skill level in the game. Why push in now when you cant tank and have to deal with CV that don’t require skill to attack you.

  2. welcome to… World of Camping

  3. they NEVER learn. they rushed this with no thought

  4. WG should have tested this on the PTS for over a year, just like they have with the submarines. Instead of that, they just rushed it out. They could have also just added new skills to the old skills tree WITHOUT messing with the skills we already had. Just like they did with the CV skills they added in. Every time the do a “re-work” of something in the game, they just end up breaking something that wasn’t broken to start with.

  5. Get burn to death by a single Z in a whole match while I struggle to repair and survive without doing anything to help my team. They should give more defensive choice than attack skill.

    • I got Burned down to Death in GK all games that I play, What Should I do now, where is the good secondary/survivable build on these poor ships while Thunderers/Conquerors can simply use the dead eye skill and have fun from 24km…. fun times indeed.

    • I did try Odin for sec gun but it pretty joke in this patch.

  6. I have to disagree with your your reasoning to leave ‘dead eye’ out (obviously I agree with you on what it causes though, and that it is not a good thing). I think it is by far OP as hell, and you should NOT skip it, or you will shoot your own leg. let me explain…
    Dead eye is active as long as there is no visible ship within your normal concealment range, so it is active even if there is DD within 6 km of you as long as he is not spotted. Montana with dead eye skill can still push up to 14 km before a spotted ship will cause the dead eye to drop. Kremlin can benefit from it up to 13.4 km range. You can get close to caps as BB with dead eye, as long as you make sure most cruisers and BB’s are further than your concealment range. My 4 point skill point choices would be dead eye, concealment expert and fire prevention expert. I see more value in having less fire chance and 1 fire less on massive superstructure.
    That being said, I agree with most other things, They completely gimped cruiser class, and gave them concealment build which makes them have concealment range of 18 – 20 km, why this isn’t say nerf for dead eye, beats me. I fail to see WG’s ultimate wisdom.
    Thank you for the video.

    • I think you are right in that regard… but atleast he is trying… to have fun in this game .. which i dont see because of WG completely ignoring player’s feedback.. and introducing things that will ultimately be a shiny cashgrab

    • I appreciate your concerns.. the problem is WG don’t….

  7. I agree 100% on all of this. Really makes me made that I have to grind my 19 pt Captains to 21 pt to get the same effect. But will you? CAs that could use secondary build (3×3 brawl), can no longer build their ship the same way. BB’s…………. might as well not even use secondary build. Man…….. I can wait for the Subs………..

  8. time to quit wows, clan brawls gonna be the big shit this time

  9. ngl im okay with this as a cruiser man. The overmatch bbs sit so far back that i get to actually push in lol

  10. I have uninstalled it. Yesterday. I am so ungry.

  11. Wowwii another rant game is still the same nothing has changed….

  12. Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

    Pretty much every game I’ve had since the Rework has been a disaster.

  13. Steve Martiniussen

    I wouldn’t spend too much time making vids of this game. It’s going to die and we on the forums are doing our best to kill it

  14. I wonder, if the bizarre concept of a “brawling” battleship (and it truly is bizarre considering the era of ships we have in game) had never been introduced, if people would still be complaining about Dead Eye. The reactions to the skill do not match what the skill actually does, a situational 10% improvement to accuracy is not that impressive. Rounds splashing 270m from your point of aim are no more dangerous than those splashing 300m. The rounds that sigma brought to within 50m of your aim (the ones that matter) are now brought within 45m.

  15. What to do for Kremlin and GK ships now?
    Because I am gonna Unlock Kremlin.

  16. You sound like a desi, yes?

  17. Oh my man when you got to the Top Grade Gunner.
    You really dont get the new meta for cruisers do ya?
    Read the secondary effect. The reload boost. Everybody picks that skill. Why?
    Anytime an enemy ship is spotted in your detection range. 10% buff to your reload.
    SO what people are doing now.
    Is remove concealment expert. Remove concealment module. Pick the HE shell skill to increase their detect range 15%.
    And have a detect range of 20km.
    Because that way. They are certain that the reload skill will be active all game because there will 100% be someone detected around you inside 20km.
    You slap on the reload module. Adrenaline rush. You try to stay at 40-50% HP.
    And in total.
    At 50% HP.
    Is 30% increased reload speed from all the buffs. 10% from adrenaline. 12% from the module and 8% from Expert Gunner.
    It is especially broken on french ships with the reload boost consumable.
    And people stay at extreme ranges like this and sling HE at each other with super fast firing guns.
    That’s the new cruiser meta my man.
    That skill is not bad at all. It is CRAZY BROKEN actually. But only when you dump all the concealment crap.
    That’s the new cruiser gameplay WG has created.
    Extreme range HE sniping. That is the only viable build at the moment.
    You need to retrain that captain because you picked all the wrong skills.
    And in lieu of the conceal module you use rudder module because dodging is now your only survivability option.

    • Yes I agree, They came up with another out of balance builds, that promotes kiting at longer ranges/Sniping and that poor GK even trying to push is just gonna get melted or you never push at all and use Dead eye with GK as well….. nice

  18. thumbs up.

  19. as flamu said , outnumbered doesnt even fuckin work … does nothing

  20. maybe their servers are getting so overloaded that they just want to reduce the length of every game ……take away survivability , make some HE spamming BBs ………..problem solved

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