World of Warships – Ryujo Rampage

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The match goes to shit, the team is crap and everyone is dying around you. No matter. When the Ryujo goes on a rampage no one is safe…

Join me in –



  1. Pretty damned fantastic work ! Great job !

  2. omg. That. Was. Epic.

  3. do you have any Russian ships? I’m up to Svietlana and the L3 destroyer.

  4. Todor Gibson-Ralevic

    GJ Stealth. I reckon if we replayed that game I would have easily killed
    the Farragut. Also, Myoko out out the fire :(

  5. nice dude

  6. I’ve always wondered how aircraft carriers work in this game.

  7. That game was thrilling!

  8. do you play wows with fans?

  9. Insane GuyGamez (Jordan Hughes)

    True that

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