World of Warships – Scharnhorst 180,000 + 8 Kills

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by FlyYuch on Two Brothers moves to the eastern side of the map to engage enemies moving to the capture point. The enemies find early success and FlyYuch must try to fight them back near the base. One by one the enemy shows up and FlyYuch works them down to a point where the game is pretty even. A battle for the east to decide the fight breaks out. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Scharnhorst Replay


  1. Every time I send in a great replay some one else out plays me… I was
    holding out hope that I was be shown… :(

  2. Great replay, also maybe you could make like a mini montage of some sort
    for 2-3 replays per video showing of the best momments in each players

  3. Notser, what do you think about the T10 permanent camos that will come with

  4. can someone tell me how i get crosshairs like this one…

  5. I have a really good Tirpitz match, but sadly its from the previous game

  6. ‫عارف الشمري‬‎

    Good afternoon to everyone I have a question what is best for the game
    graphics card

  7. damn, i have one with 6 kills, slightly more damage. gg wp

  8. Well darn I just sent you a Scharnhorst video I thought was really good but
    I know you don’t like showing the same ship a lot. Either way this was a
    good game too.

  9. Sir Orrin Productions

    181k Damage, 8 kills, all those awards, yea that’s nice.
    The important thing is he got that Konisberg!

  10. hello !!! can anybody explain me how does the heals works? because i don’t
    understand: for a fire a heal can repop all your hp but for a torpedoes it
    doesn’t give you anithing! thx for explaining me ^^

  11. This guy! drives me crazy with him showing his broadside multiple times
    during the engagement, somebody anybody should have punished those mistakes

  12. the crosshair in the video is the one the player uses or yours from your
    own settings?

  13. This ship is cursed for me so far…

  14. Notser can you make a list somewhere maybe on google docs with a list of
    ships you dont want to receive because you posted it recently? This way it
    will save you some time so you dont have to view those replays and it will
    save us some time so we dont submit those ships to you. Thanks :)

  15. That was awesome Fly! Thanks for posting Notser!

  16. Damn lucky guy! I did 203 k in my Montana and only had one kill, damn those
    steal killing bastards! :-p

  17. This Königsberg at the beginning of the match is a good dodger!!! If the
    Scharn had no terrible dispersion he would not have hit him I think.
    Because wide dispersion often helps in hitting good dodgers. Kept on
    watching: I never expected him to go through the channel then. Oh man…

  18. HE on Scharnhorst… meh, useful in some situations, but not as often as
    you think Notser. You may think that her 11″ guns are too small, but even
    against tier 9 battleships AP at superstructures does more consistent
    damage if the enemy isn’t very well angled towards you.

  19. That Konigsberg has one helluva luck

  20. nope the konigsberg is just that good you could see him WASD each time
    someone shot at him

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