World of Warships – Scharnhorst Ranked

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Scharnhorst in ranked battles is a interesting battleship, it has torpedoes pretty good agility. I like to take it out and use a secondary build to run over anyone who is isolated or weak. On Fault Line my team heads for A, enemy for B; I decide to engage the enemies around B and punish anyone who shows too much side. The enemy recognizes the move and tries to counter it with pressure. I retreat and reengage on my own terms, the team pushes together to end the fight. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII German Battleship Scharnhorst Replay


  1. I like the way you talk Notser , nice gamdplay btw

  2. I’m surprised how many Colorados I’ve seen in ranked. I took mine for a spin the other day and pretty quickly realized that the German tier 7 BBs are superior by pretty much every measure

  3. Not a fan of this ship for ranked, look at all the shell bounces in the video, even with lucky dispersion you’re doing very little damage compared to other BB’s

  4. Christopher Matarazzo

    so what’s the difference between the scharn and gnesneu?

  5. Title should say Scharnhorst/Graf Spee Ranked 🙂
    Well played Notser!

  6. Meanwhile on Asia, 36 matches played, all but ONE of those has had at least two Belfasts per team, and WAY too many Pensacolas/Shchors’, which, surprise surprise, are the first dead. Meanwhile on the battleship front, the Scharnhorsts are usually the BBs that die first, before any Nagato, Gneisenau or Colorado.


  7. Haha the guy who called you a coward was dead already and got lowest XP. I love when that happens 🙂

  8. I really really really don’t understand/like the modules you’ve chosen. The last two are ok but the first two…

  9. What up with the cool ending? Is it a teaser of some sorts 😀 ?

  10. You have a superior understanding of the human mechanichs of this game, and that is the most brutal cpt skill u may have.

  11. Holy crap, midnight6911 has 13,500 games, a WTR of 1029 and a WR of 51.5. That is beyond pathetic. How in the hell do you have over 10,000 games and suck so badly?!?

  12. Notser, you wouldn’t be Notser if you didn’t notser! But I really do appreciate your channel!!.

  13. You say that the Schors has a difficult time in Ranked, yet i’ve been most successful with it out of all my T7 ships this season, the Akatsuki being a close 2nd, i guess it’s just my play style.

  14. 9:05 THAT ^^^ Is what happens when you are silly/stupid enough to use auxiliary armaments modification 1 OVER main armament modification 1 – which gives your guns 50% extra HP – as well as a reduced chance of magazine damage!

    Well, now we all know, and knowing is the first step. *Notser you are a strange one!*

  15. The Coward Notser? Hmmmmm.

  16. It was a “sidescrape”, aka, a Hemi-Semi-Demi Notser! ?

  17. I always enjoy watching you play this ship. Yeah, any DPM pause or delay against those 8 x 410’s is bad news but you finished her and prevailed. Thanks Notser!

  18. Haven’t tried the Scharnhorst in ranked yet but I’ll give it a go.

  19. im kinda late to the party, but u sir, got a new sub!

  20. Pretty risky tactic…but rank is chaos usually, whatever works

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