World of warships – Scharnhorst

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A lot of ppl have been asking me to play this ship and show what it can do and I have to admit I haven’t been playing it recently.


  1. f irst

  2. Best music like always =)

  3. Good old Sharny

    • Flambass o7 you seemed to enjoy the Asashio quite a ton even tho it can only target BBs, do you still think its an amazing buy ?

    • Marc-Andre Heller

      hey flambass, sorry to bother you, but in the middle of your video is sth like a watermark, from maybe some tabs or sth

    • Yeah, it’s an easy mode with him

    • Can you give me exact min and sec when that happens?

    • Flambass you should try War Thunder Naval Forces. I was kind of surprised today… the last time I took a look at that game it was “meh”. Today, they just announced light cruisers… So there’s already Gunboats, Torpedo Boats, Destroyers and now Light Cruisers, submarines may be coming, you get to fly your own torpedo plane… It’s looks really promising, especially in the near future, so I’ll give it a try! The game looks more mature than when I last saw it.

  4. Howard Jones, best vocals ever in a rock band. 😉
    I’ve heard rumours that he will return to Killswitch Engage. Untill then, enjoy his voice on “Light the torch”.
    Search for him if you don’t know him 🙂

    • Yeaa, loved My Curse from Killswitch, dislike the screaming, but those parts when he really sings are so damn powerful 🙂

  5. how come you dont get your video striked to oblivion with copyrights man ? 😀

  6. flambass I want to become a fan-man. how do i go about this? can i follow your eurpean tour somehow?
    can i have half your flags please?

  7. Souverän.

  8. Background noise off…or music or whatever you call that

  9. trivium like em alot pull harder on my heart strings

  10. Classic Scharny Broadside ca:s Rng usually say FU you have torps use them not your guns 😉

  11. GG Flambass, can I ask where you got that skin from? is it a mission reward?

  12. Destroyer Inazuma

    Wow GG ! Nice teamwork

  13. I swear my first thought was “It’s an Albino Scharnhorst!”

  14. All that Remains, As I lay Dying and The Autumn Offering, softest to hardest, are good power metal bands that scream AND sing if you found Trivium and youre looking further than Shinedown, Killswitch Engage and Godsmack into the realm of screaming.

    edit – theres a super cute chick doing a cover of As I Lay Dying – The Sound of Truth (Guitar Cover) that i could stare at for 29 minutes straight i bet, if not to enjoy her face and the music, to figure out if she’s actually playing or not, lol.

    I pretty much dont listen to metal in my old age now, but when i do, I choose As I lay dying, on repeat every time. I grew up on punk, saw Korn, Slipknot, System of a Down, Linkin Park live, all the ones I was supposed to see when I could hack a mosh pit, but my wife doesnt like metal so i have to settle with anything classical or southern rock.

  15. About Maiden – My dad talked Bruce Dickinson out of joining the army and sticking to music .
    True story bro.

  16. i hope it turns up in th NA shop. I loved playing the shiney horse on my SEA acc! the 1 ship i really miss!

  17. Hentai in his ARP Myoko… *Everybody knows Takao was the waifu of the series*

  18. Dear God, that Budyonny… I was blinking rapidly as each successive salvo did nothing

  19. scharn <3 <3

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