World of Warships- Schröder First Impressions: The Worst Dockyard Ship Ever Released?

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the new Freemium Tier IX Dockyard Cruiser Schroder! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Ship Intro
3:31 Camo & Econ Bonus
4:54 Ship Armor
6:33 Ship Stats
10:11 Ship Consumables
10:50 Commander & Module Build
13:23 Gameplay Review


  1. afterall, WG always keeps the dockyard ships on the “Balanced” level, after all if you complete all the missions it’s a low cost ship, even if it’s an high tier one. Probably they will (sadly) always proceed in this kind of way, when they started with Puerto Rico, that was a nice ship at its era, they wanted to hype the attention up to this kind of… ship obtaining mechanic. That’s IMHO obviously. Thanks for the review anyway, complete as always. 🙂

    • ZF6 was also pretty good, though that might have been an accident. One of my favorite DDs, tbh.

    • @Gregory Folsom yeah ZF6 was one of the best if not the best one, i’m not a dd player, so I didn’t buy it, but seeing things like Hizen, D7P, Malborough… Eh.

    • @Francesco G. malBRUH was ass on paper tho. I nean I took one luck at that sigma and instantly closed my wallet

  2. the thing about that ship is it’s both floating and sunk until you get in battle.

  3. Another fun fact: tech tree Roon has 1.5 times main gun DPM (shell velocity is actually higher) than this mediocre (trying to put it nicely here) behemoth. In addition to that, Roon has longer range secondaries, torpedoes, and it’s free.

  4. I’m a bit disappointed, what are WG thinking? It should get Graf’s accuracy if it is advertised as a secondary ship :/. Napoli is fun when it works and it can shred things but the short range hurts.

    • They’re thinking the same as current german car industry – “we can afford to put out a mediocre car (ship), as long as it has a german badge, there will be fools to buy it.”

  5. WG discovered sarcasm… not sure if I am impressed or concerned.

  6. the drawcard is that it has better concealment than Agir, otherwise Agir is a better ship

  7. The free ships we get in the dockyard always seem to be better than the actual dockyard ships themselves.

  8. I’m going for the Renown,haven’t heard a lot of positivity about this one so it will be a pass for me!

  9. Dont forget french cruisers that have not only speedboost, but also reloadboost. This ship is obsolete before being released, and it demands a hell of a grind and even payment to advance the grind. Its ridiculous!

  10. As someone who playes only Ops or Coop, i’d buy this, thanks for reviewing it MtBatten

  11. They’ll bring secondaries back as a monthly subscribtion fee bruh – just like BMW did with heated seats.

  12. As accurate as Charlie Sheen (Rambo) in Hotshots – you need payed actors to make them secondaries seem accurate. (and nowhere near as badass though)

  13. Schroeder secondary dispersion is 291m vs 372m of all the other German CA. Comparing Schroeder secondary dispersion to other T9-10 CAs Schroeder is 5th of 45, and ‘Hitting DPM’ is third behind T10 Napoli & Napoli B

    I enjoy your videos, but isn’t it counter-intuitive to review a ‘secondary’ cruiser that you have built out as main gun? Yes, I understand your point that there is not a lot of options to improve it’s secondaries… but still, wouldn’t it be a fair review of it as a ‘secondary’ cruiser by testing it with a build for secondaries?

  14. Have both Agir and Siegfried. Agir is literally godly gift for 1M free xp.

    Although Siegfried for research points has huge caliber, I think Agir is better.

    Checked Admiral Schroder for its stats, it has even 15perc less torpedo protection. Good it has better concealment. But guns use different ammo than those on Agir, maybe it has different penetration value too.

    Agir ASW has 7km range w 2flights. With its torpedo protection beats some BBs too, so it can withstand some hits.

    I used rest of my doubs for renewing Battle pass, so no need to solve dockyard lure.

    Thank you for nailing it to wooden coffin.

  15. @Meganoob BG Shhhh………………………. DON’T GIVE WARGAMBLING ANY STUPID IDEAS!!!!!

  16. Well, I just got the Sigfried, and although the secondaries were nerfed I have to say they aren’t too bad, considering. Plus, the main guns are awesome, so I’m happy with it. The Schoder looks interesting, looking forward to giving it a try.

    • Schoder’s main batteries are the 305mm from WWI, which you can find on those tier3 German BBs. So before investing either time or money, think twice about the shell’s actual penetration and drop time

  17. Love my siegfried, one of my highest win rate ship at 64% but having its secondary buff would be amazing especially because it’s a research bureau ship. Im not sure if Schroder can replace that or be its equal.

  18. WG is not lying, accurate secondaries means they are looking authentic.

  19. The small amount of opinions about this ship gives me the point of view about this ship is; she was designed to be secondary accurate cruiser in the paper but the program this ship has been fed does not play that part well, her secondary accurate is like a shotgun like. IF you really want to “roast” this ship by performance i perhaps would say “WG really knows how to spend their time and resources to a ship that does not work as it was planned in paper.” yeah thats just my opinion. Great review by the way

  20. 15:51 I am quite new to this game. I hear some youtubers mention german AP Soviet AP ect. I am currently grinding the Japanese battleship line. Is there anything special about the Japanese AP?

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