World of Warships- Top 5 Frustrating As HELL Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over five ships that are incredibly frustrating to deal with, enjoy!

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0:48 5. Marceau
3:42 4. Napoli
7:09 3. Nahkimov
10:36 2. Nevsky
13:58 1. Gato


  1. Top 5 ripoff ships next week maybe? Aslo, could we have more irl sea-lord with “the funny petroleum powered movable metal mechanisms which one can sit in and transport oneself” in the future? Im a petrolhead lol.

  2. Number 1: Any Submarine
    Number 2: Any CV

    would be my guess

  3. I know it’s “only” a game but it would be great if a sub would be slower under water AND if the best sub killers would be DD’s and light cruisers. It’s ridiculous that you have to chase down a sub with ASW flights from BB’s. Might even consider adding corvettes and frigates as sub hunters.

    • USS Samuel B Robert coming when?

    • All great ideas! I also think a kind of snorkel, allowing the sub to be faster underwater, but more detectable, should be looked at. And, for God’s sakes, stop making us use our damage control to break a torpedo lock!

    • @xray86deltaactually snorkel should make a sub much slower. But it should allow sub to recharge underwater with a detection range between submerged and surfaced value. Also torp reload speed should at least be closer to a DD’s reload speed, say near 60 second range. I would also like to see sub’s underwater detection range increase according to its speed.

    • I’d also add that sonar should actually help detect the subs, instead of just “oh, it extends the range of your torpedo detection…”

  4. For me, it is without a doubt a Conqueror. You shoot it all the day long, then it presses funni button and you can start from scratch. And again. And again. And again two more damn times. Literally IMPOSSIBLE to kill unless you have strong team focus overloading the turboheal or Conq makes a mistake, eating cits/torps.
    Ah, it also burns you too. So, for me, when I see smart Conq, the only hope is to run away outside gun range, and try to play outside of it, using the only tiny drawback this floating 3D printer has.

  5. for the number 5 it depent for me, if i m closing in with a DD or a cruiser and not targeted first by the gun i prefer to fight a marceau than kleber, as marceau torp take longer to get ready and if you are in a DD in closing to it, often it torp won t be ready , where kleber one will be.

    for soviet CV, i guess it would have been better if they used bomber plane insted of skip bomber, main problem with those cv is that they can strike ( or start the attak) out of most AA range, bu if they had dive bomber they would have to be in the AA zone to star they run.
    so gato is worth than the new prenium sub?

    would love to see a Top 5 of ship you don t want to encounter as a sub and as a CV too ( for CV beside most USN ship XD)

  6. For me it is less about very specific ships, but more about more general lines or styles of play.

    5. Mid tier Russian BBs – especially if you are equal or lower tier – this things are stupidly tanky tier for tier. With icebreaker bows and stern armour, strong decks, relatively small superstructures. Seeing your AP bounce from stupid angles, and your HE shattering harmlessly is infuriating and gives you this impression of just… not being able to do anything.

    4. A competent torp-boater. Not essentially a bad thing, but just infuriating to deal with. A competent, stealth torp-boater, especially late in the match is a nightmare to deal with. You can counter him, you can dodge all the torps at all times, but that is all you will be able to do, forever. Because unless you are in a faster DD yourself, a good stealth torper will not let you catch him. It is a never-ending chase to see who gets bored first.

    3. Smolensk – my only specific ship on my personal hate list. This thing is stupid. Good range, insane rate of fire, insane amount of guns, stealthy, with smoke, and seemingly impossible to citadel. Sorry, but when 3 direct hits from Yamato fail do to anything of value on a broadside of a light cruiser, this is just broken.
    Most HE spammers are annoying to some degree, but none can put such a consistent stream of flame than this broken monstrosity, all the while remaining almost completely safe.

    2. Subs. I have hardly ever been killed by subs. But they are dangerous in right hands and insanely annoying to deal with – they are bunch of gimmicks that ignore the rules other ships follow. Basically the only way to deal with them is through cooldown abilities, and your own ability to detect them is unreliable. Basically – it is a stacking RNG fest within an already RNG-filled game. And unlike other RNG based mechanics, you have no real counterplay or ways of mitigating it – especially with himing torps around.

    1. Carriers. Old carriers were strong, but they had to rely on strictly limited pool of firepower. While that was unfair to them in comparison to other classes with unlimited primary attack options, new carriers are just a never ending stream of stupid. There is no viable counterplay – a carrier aircraft are balanced in such a way that unless you enter a full cloud of overlapping AA, they WILL drop you no matter what. And if they cycle the planes, they are unlikely to ever run out, unless carrier is parked very close to front line.
    On top of that, carriers get stupid amount of passive help – near-immunity to fires, automatic squadrons and anti-dub measures – so things that should be their natural counters, like sub or destroyer rushes… aren’t.

    • ? Mid tier Russian BBs strong decks?
      Both Izmal and Sinop have 26mm decks
      Izmal can be even citadeled through deck by 15″/381mm and 16″/406mm guns as it’s overmatched being 26mm + 20mm
      Piotr Vielky Has stronger deck, but it’s exposed in the rear and can be HE citadeled if it’s kiting

    • @arczer25 1 Fair enough. Though tiers 5,6,7 do not exactly work well with proper plunging fire unless you play around with Japanese, and I was talking from perspective of smaller ships mostly, where their upper belt and casemate armour basically stops everything below proper BB AP.

      That said, my most recent experiences are with German battlecruisers, and mid-tier they don’t seem to have very good AP, or I was hilariously unlucky bouncing perfect broadsides…

    • @HidesHisFace German BC’s have really poor penetration below tier 8, they can’t Citadel most battleship at their tiers, let alone Sinop with total 450mm of citadel protection

      Even with BB shells it’s possible to hit deck at ~12km, let alone anything small

      8″/203mm and below 10km Russian/US/Italian 6″/152mm AP can pen their upper belts when boardside
      When angled it’s possible to penetrate spots where secondaries sit
      Bow on ofc good luck

  7. Idea
    Do a video or several on kots, the ships they pick and the ones they ban. Not just WG but the teams that win.

  8. I think the Benham or Kamikaze should have made the list in place of the Napoli which isn’t all that hard to deal with in my opinion.

  9. Napoli is definitely a pain if they angle against you, That ship is a tank.
    But I would add Conde, In the hands of a good player you won’t find a more annoying ship that will farm you from a distance and there is nothing you can do except try go dark and move to another cap.

  10. For me it’s the Italian Battleships, their dispersion is shocking, it’s hard to hit anything however close you are

    • That’s not what he meant by frustrating in this video though but yeah those are frustrating to play. Colombo has been alright to me on the public test server (don’t have it on my actual account) but the fact that the line only becomes at least decent in like the last two tiers is dumb.

    • Try Ruggio

    • ​@Malte Mejlstrupnot even true, I had a LOT more fun with Vitorio Veneto than the Lepanto, that ship is RNG personified. CC is at least more consistent, and the angles on the Lepanto are awful that life boat rigth behind C turret is in a bad spot lol.

    • @3men2 I just see people say the tier IX is where it finally becomes decent but it does tend to be a personal thing. Like some people say FDG is good but I can’t get it to work at all yet Preussen is awesome to me.

  11. the nahkimov dropping its ordinance so far away also works against her. you can actually dodge them pretty reliably even in an FDG.
    let it come in from the side, then slam on the brakes and turn in, works 90% of the time.

  12. That list could have been a lot longer! I would certainly add the FDR!

  13. I would add Ragnar it a total beast vs dds and if well played can be a real annoyance

  14. Overall good list, but I will replace Nevsky with Minotaur. A good Minotaur who know when and where to smoke is really a super pain in the ass that to me is a lot harder to deal with then Nevsky

  15. I definitely agree with the Nahkimov on this list. I would actually include the tier 8 as well. When they show up I do whatever I can to avoid their planes. I have had tier 9 BBs reduced from 100% to 0% in two passes.

  16. Ha! I was going to mention the Napoli. So hard to kill and it can take on and kill any BB. I’ve never won a battle against one yet. My BB shells do little damage
    to it yet it can easily destroy me. Why this isn’t a BB is beyond me.

  17. In general, I find there’s too many undetectable and/or untouchable ships in WoWs these days. CVs, subs, DDs with low detectability ranges, etc. These types of difficult to touch ships should have limited torps/planes.

  18. A new tactic being employed by sub drivers is that they meet up and focus on one ship together. You MIGHT be able to dodge one salvo but you won’t dodge the other one. This is quite common now that the number of subs in each match is getting to be 4 subs on average these days and that sub speeds keep increasing.

  19. My frustration has been with some tiers in various tech lines. For example, if you look at the tier 9 German cruiser Roon, it’s actually weaker than the tier 8 Hipper. 200 HP lower on its AP and few torps. There are other tech lines where you see the same thing, the previous tiers made you think “wow, this is really going to be great at top tier,” only get there and realize that the lower tiers were actually more powerful/better.

  20. I didn’t know the Gato was THAT powerful. I’m close to getting one and have saved up for a while knowing a steel sub was going to exist.

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