World of Warships – Ship Happens

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I wasn’t planning on doing another World of Warships video today, but sometimes you watch a replay and your plans change. This was one of those times.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Notification Squad here. We’re moving out

  2. Good morning everyone.

  3. When’s the last time Jingles mixed up two completely different ships? Something’s not right here ?

  4. have a nice day

  5. jingles! its 4 am in freedom land! go to bed!.. or should that be me going to bed?

  6. last time I was this early, the British still had an empire

  7. Considering how he’s admiring the ship at the start and then missing shots, I think it might have been his first game in Musashi, and he’s just not used to the guns, btw.

  8. There are 9 official languages in South Africa these days ?. Yes it can be plenty confusing, just try singing the national anthem!

  9. You can speak afrikaans??? awesome…Afrikaans all the way!! 11 official languages here in RSA at the moment, and probably counting haha Geniet jou videos, hou so aan

    • Considering how bad his pronunciation of some Dutch stuff is I really don’t think he speaks a lot of it anymore. All my RSA family has very little issues speaking Dutch with an accent, and none of them flail at it like the average Brit would, while Jingles most certainly does.

  10. Alternative title for this video was – Yes, it’s a pretty ship

  11. Sawubona Jingles (Zulu)! I live in South Africa and we technically have 11 official languages! But the top four are Zulu, Xhosa, English and Afrikaans.

  12. We are so lucky you no longer live in South Africa, you might actually be dead by now if you didn’t go to Britain when you were young. There is some very nasty stuff going on over there right now.

  13. “There are white people living in South Africa…” don’t worry Jingles, their government is currently trying to change that.

    • Solac e
      Yes they are, take your ethnic cleansing denial crap elsewere

    • The south african government has announced it’s intentions to confiscate land from white people without compensation with a new constitutional amendment. Whytebio is right, and you are wrong.

    • It’ll go exactly the same way as Rhodesia did, and for exactly the same reasons. They let the absolute worst possible people take the reigns of an industrialized nation and they’re running it thoroughly into the ground, all in the name of “revenge”. Inb4 “UR A RAYSIS BIG0T!!@!!1@12”, that’s not a counter argument and doesn’t change the reality of what’s happening in South Africa at the moment.

    • Solac e “pointing out racist violence is bias”
      But denying it isn’t biased?

    • Are any of you South african, or live here? Just asking. I’m in joburg 😀

  14. This guy loves his ship

  15. @The Mighty Jingles.. Lauren Southern did a documentary about white farmers in south Africa.. You should definitely watch it…

    • I don’t think alt-right crazies should be given too much attention, best to just leave them in their little bubble and hope they don’t kill anyone.

  16. “Ozzie’s capped Bravo as well” oh Jingles…

  17. As a South African I can tell you that there are now 11 official languages here. And, as long as you speak English, it’s not really that confusing.

  18. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    I have a friend from south Africa. She is of Dutch extraction and speaks africaans

  19. Aleksandar Petrović

    That Kagaro was launching torpedoes to Musashi, but our hero was slowing down. If he moved forward, he would have torpedo shots to front of Musashi, and those usually don’t make big splash. Also he had shit low hit points, and he would be exposing himself to secondaries of Musashi, to front turrets of Musashi, and to batteries from Iowa (that was tailing the Musashi).

    Maas could not had any torpedoes if they were permanently destroyed. Long shot… Or he launched them at Iowa, north of him. Or he have some sort of campaign mission that requires guns hits?

  20. Greetings from South Africa! We have 11 official languages but its not necessary to know them all. I only speak two of them, English/Afrikaans neither of them well, and after 30 years that has been enough. All business is conducted in English anyway.
    PS. Its not all that bad here please don’t believe everything you see on the news 🙂

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