World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 39

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Happy new year everyone!


  1. Αbout that carrier thingy. Why don’t you address the real life facts. Carriers ever since they were conceived they were inherent rulers of the sea. The ability to carry a destroyer’s/cruiser’s/battleship ammunition over 200 km and precisely drop them on the enemy was simply unrivaled. That’s why the battleship idea was scrapped after the end of the war. That’s why big things such as the Ratte and the maus, the o-ni and so on were useless ideas. They were big ol’ target practices. And of course that gets translated in-game on a 1:1 scale.

    • And as such, you cant have a gray lining between op and underpowered

    • +fokion leile Haha omg I did not pick up on that at all, sorry. I read it as a more “matter of fact” type of voice in my head. Woops.

    • Well i do think they have a place in wows, i just hope they manage to get the balancing right. yh they might have been leagues ahead when aviation picked up too, but i dont mind the diversity in game

    • +Palle Gantzhorn The game is designed to have four ship types present to balance each other out. I don’t mind that part at all, I just very much mind the execution of it.

    • +Business6 on that topic too, carrier is designed in a way as too : counter everything and be countered by everything. So removing them won’t shift the balance. Plus the RPS playstyle of the game has been long gone, with british bbs being so maneuverable and their HE so powerful, that dds usually have a hard time destroying a competent one. On the other hand, there have been released cruisers which specialize in setting fires from long range ( french ), which again, counter bbs. Afterwards, gunboats and destroyer hunters exist literally

  2. I will quit the game on 0.8.0 , not forever but at least until 0.8.5 or 0.8.6 hoping that the carrier thingy is over

    • A sentiment I’ve seen a *lot*

      The good news is that we do have some interesting games coming up that can help out with passing the time for people who just want to wait and see with Warships.

    • Just came back from a couple months break, but probably in wait an see mode at this point with CV rework. Going to try an tone down my play style during CV rework to wait an see how the CVS deploy their planes, an react accordingly.

    • Me too pal. Me too

  3. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Hey Biz, Thanks for the Upload!
    Regarding CVs:
    1. I really play a lot and i really kinda “love” WOWs because im into ships…(Ships…not CVs…thats like introducing CHoppers into WOT imo…a CV is just a platform, a moving arifield)…im forgiving the Game a lot of mistakes but CVs are mainly cancerous gameplay…the design to deal damage without risking the own ship (same with Stealthfire) just causes frustration and is unfun. On top of that a stealthshooting DD was mainly annoying. CVs have devstrikepotential without counterplay. And that is their role by design. Complete bullshit. to much stuff to list here what is broken about them.
    2. they are way too gamebreaking, but the playerbase that plays CVs is the smallest of all classes i think…so WHY not just remove them for good? You will loose the CV mains…but CV mains were most of the time sealclubbers. Other players might switch to different classes and hell, some might even COME BACK because CVS got removed…that would have been the least damage to the game imo.
    3. I wonder HOW MANY new players we lost because of sealclubbing CVs at low tiers…players that start with BBs because everyone knows BBs and the grind was a horrible experience just because of double CVs clubbers…by not removing those WG lost a TON of customers im sure!
    4. Since im in love with this game i carefully followed the cv rework…even if they adjust damagenumbers…what we are facing are 5 or more torpstrikes…one squad can still sink a full HP BB…and what we rarely had, we have to deal with unrepairable flooding now because so many torpstrikes follow each other. The flooding damage needs a rework then. maybe only a bit more then fire and make 2 possible flooding spots per ship…but nothing like this is planned. you will just flood to death. Not even talking about CVs acting together to sink one ship….because they will allow 2 in each tier afaik and are workign on up to 3.
    —>so MY approach, as a hardcore fan even, is that i will take at least a 3 month break and just watch streams…im not willing to play Guinea Pig for WG because i know how slow they handle stuff. It really hurts me to take a break, but i will, esp. because all hell will rush to the CVs and play them because “new stuff”.
    I hope the rework and playstyle is so boring that it will tone down to AT LEAST the CV level we have atm (we on EU have to face way more CVs then you over on NA sadly) if not, im gone…i hate it because i like the game and invested way too much money, but a game is a game and i want to ENJOY it…if i have more fun just watchign a stream…i will…

    • Amen Brother! #justremovecvs

    • That’s my whole issue with carriers as well: the player experience of being engaged by someone you can’t damage is incredibly poor even when you’re experienced with the game. It favors one player over the other in such an overwhelming manner that it’s frankly amazing they went through with carriers in the first place.

      This is all at odds with providing a more “complete” experience for naval warfare both via gameplay and historical aspects but I do believe carriers are impossible to balance. Can they be better? Absolutely. I can hold out for seeing if that’s achievable and something I can tolerate but, ultimately, carriers will always have too much offensive and defensive utility.

      As I’ve said on the stream this is a make or break moment for the game. That’s why they need to delay it further and make sure they get it as right as they can before going live.

    • Do I get extra credit for reading ALL of that?

    • AnTrAxX Slingshots

      sure +Prove Me Wrong

  4. new CVs are an improvement, no one denies that. once they have some data from the live servers they can tweak the numbers and it will be ok.
    im realy at an age where i dont even hear hyperventilating whining kiddies anymore, its just background noise now. +1 for getting older! 😉

    • You are so… dumb. Everyone is saying the numbers are all fucked up. SO why not try adjusting the numbers WHILE IN TESTING PHASE instead of releasing this broken fucking mess onto the live servers? Answer me this riddle.

    • It’s not about hyperventilating kids or whatever but keeping the game at a given level of balance so as to not destroy the player experience. They only have one chance to release this correctly and, as I continue to mention, there’s a *huge* difference between getting it 80% right and 90% right. There’s a serious chance of losing a lot of players permanently with this change if they don’t get it as right as they can before going live with it. I care about the future of the game and this patch is crossing the Rubicon. They have to do it right.

  5. Biz going hard body karate

  6. Alaska seems to reward die hard USN cruisers players who play close support. I hope everyone hates it. Like everyone ‘hated’ DM forever. Those were good days.

  7. there’s no such thing as overdoing the horn my man, keep up the great work!

  8. For CVs, my worry is that the AA remains broken. I am not able to get on the PTS, so I’m hoping that the devs have recognized it and are going to adjust it. My fear is that they merely adjust the DPS, and not the more fundamental problem of lack of range overlap between the heavy / medium / small guns. Some ships have their AA armament neutered to uselessness because the range band for their heavy AA is ludicrously thin.

    I expect that 0.8.0 will feature weak AA, so as to ‘buff’ the number of people playing the ‘OP’ CV class. I too share your worry about how long it might take to bring this problem into line and the business pressure WG HQ will place on the devs NOT to bring AA and CVs into balance.

    I do want to thank you for teaching me how to properly rush and dev strike in a ship with heavy guns. Last night I took out my New Mexico into ranked sprint and engaged in a massive brawl with myself, another New Mexico and a DD against a Bayern, a Warspite, a New Mexico, a Leander, and an enemy destroyer. The enemy destroyer had smoked his team’s advance into the Cap so we couldn’t see the full weight of the enemy bearing down on us. I had slowed and angled to the smoke clouds. My fellow NM had also slowed and angled to my right towards the smoke clouds.

    The destroyer appeared, I took half his health with my front turrets….and then the three enemy BBs charged us (two bow on, one crossing our T). I accelerated (to avoid the sure torps coming from the DD and the Leander), and used my rear turrets to dev strike the Leander as he sat broadside in his smoke. At this point, myself and the New Mexico are in secondary range…and both of the charging BBs focus on my team mate. I extend a little to get on the other side of them so I can engage their broadside with my guns while their guns are facing the other way. The Bayern races past me before my guns reloaded (right into torps from our friendly DD who is racing in to help). I unload my broadside into the side of the New Mexico…but don’t get him killed outright. My friendly New Mexico hits him hard as well, and out destroyer finishing him off with his guns.

    Meanwhile, I’m pushing after the T-crossing New Mexico. He keeps trying to hit my belt, I hit his broadside with my front turrets. I turn to keep angled as he tries to turn around me….and when my front turrets reload I don’t have the gun depression to get the citadel shot we are so close. I instead take out one of his rear turrets. My turn takes me around to his rear…and we BOTH head into the torp spread my friendly DD sent because he didn’t expect me to survive. I’m still over half health when I eat one of his torps. I repair the flood.

    The enemy BB tries to reverse his turn, but this means his turrets are still facing away and he gives a great broadside to my 12 gun salvo that obliterates his citadel and removes him from the game.

    So much fun!

    • Haha that’s rad, I felt like I was there! Congrats on a kick ass fight my dude 😀

    • Usually ranked isn’t so fun. I think it’s the first multiple battleship brawl I’ve been in for months. Five BBs in secondary range of each other…plus torpedoes. It was bonkers. I doubted that they were really going to push into us…but then the smoke cleared and the behemoths were charging…so it was, full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes!

      I felt bad for our friendly destroyer. I ate one of his torps and it was mostly my fault (I had pretty much tunnel-visioned by that point).

      Also, I’ve been blasting the horn after kills…because ‘Praise the Horn’ is a lot of fun. I’m not usually skilled enough to predict kills though. 😉

    • +dclark142002 Nah, it was your friendly DD’s choice to not wait and see what happens, don’t worry about that. And you’ll get better with the horn–I rebound the horn to spacebar to make it easier to inflict psychological warfare 😀

    • That’s a great idea! Plus, my four year old son will love it being easier to press. He likes to listen to the horns when the ship is in port. 🙂

  9. There were ships and I giggled. Hopefully we will still be giggling after the rework hits……..

  10. mikasa night. let me know. that sounds like a hoot. 🙂

  11. I would join in on that Mikasa match.

  12. I’ve been playing this game for three years and I love it dearly, but like others, I’ve plan to take a three to four month break to see how things shake out. If this was in Beta, I wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig and take my lumps like I did back then, but after buying ships and crates and all the time I put into this game, to me, it shows how much disrespect Wargaming has for it’s player base. I’ve now bought Civ 6, Galactic Civilizations 3 and Mutant Year Zero and Stellaris so I have a lot to keep me busy. I dearly hope that Wargaming fixes the CV rework because I do want to continue playing but not what the new CV rework has been shown so far.

  13. you used co-op to grind snow flakes!?! such a scrub move and you should feel bad! oh wait… i did it too,

  14. I keep hearing the same song over n over. I want off the Wargaming Elevator before it reaches the bottom.

  15. Just make a carrier only queue where it’s CV vs CV only.

  16. cv rework needs to happen, having a match being decided before it even starts because of the cvs skill gap differences is retarded. even though it’s a big change it can’t be worse than the current state of cvs right now

  17. This whole video is an overextension (cough, cough) . . .
    jk – great work as always Biz.

  18. Let me know when you choose to do a “Mikasa Night.” I am all down for it.

  19. I have saved my FXP for what seems like ages. Now I am not sure. Perhaps wait and see. As for the CVs limit the amount of aircraft, work on the AA. In the lower tiers where the AA is pretty much non-existent even less aircraft.

  20. Hey Biz!
    Sorry if you’ve answered this before, I looked through a few video comments sections but didn’t see, within the aslain modpack, which mod do you use to display remaining ship health in the ship silhouettes?

    Love your stuff man, great work!

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